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Aug 23, 2007

Nokia, the world’s largest mobile device manufacturer, and Microsoft Corp., a global leader in online communications and communities, have joined together to provide customers with a new suite of Windows Live™ services specifically designed for Nokia devices.

Starting today, Nokia customers in 11 countries with compatible S60 devices can download the new suite enabling access to Windows Live Hotmail®, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Contacts and Windows Live Spaces. Starting next year, customers who purchase compatible Nokia Series 40 handsets will also have access to these popular Windows Live services.

Nokia and Microsoft are empowering the “mobile lifestyle” by providing mobile customers with easy access to their world of online relationships, information and interests. By enabling access to Windows Live services on both the Nokia S60 and Series 40 platforms using standard Web services protocols, our mutual customers will have the power to seamlessly move between contacts, e-mail, messenger, phone calls, text messaging, camera, gallery and browsing, all in an integrated way.

“By taking advantage of the extensive and agile distribution network that Nokia has, we have the opportunity to bring the power of Windows Live services to Nokia devices, thus ensuring our customers can take their most important online information with them on the go,” said Jari Pasanen, vice president, Strategy and Technology, Nokia Multimedia.

Nokia customers who own the Nokia N73, N80 Internet Edition, N95, N76 and the N93i can get the Windows Live services via the Download! application in the following countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, U.K., Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Initially the service will be available as a free trial, and then customers in select markets wanting to continue using the service may be asked to pay a monthly fee.

“The availability of Windows Live services for Nokia’s devices demonstrates our commitment to delivering great mobile experiences and extending people’s online lives — taking them from the PC to the device,” said Steve Berkowitz, senior vice president of the Online Services Business at Microsoft. “The alliance will enable a much broader group of consumers to experience the benefits Windows Live has to offer, easily connecting them to the information and people that matter most from virtually anywhere.”

Today’s announcement builds on the existing cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft, which integrated Microsoft’s Live Search for Mobile into the Nokia Mobile Search application. Nokia also plans to extend this service onto the Series 40 platform to enhance the search experience across a greater range of devices.

Windows Live Services can be download from your Nseries via the Download! app:
Windows Live includes:
- Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Messenger provides a dynamic way to talk with your friends, whether you're on your device or PC. While chatting, you can also share pictures or voice clips from your phone. Create new contacts and easily synchronise them between your device and PC. If you're already a Hotmail or Messenger user, all of your existing buddies will appear the moment you sign in.

- Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Hotmail is an online email service that makes it easy to stay connected to the people closest to you. Log in to your Hotmail account from the Messaging folder on your Nokia device and synchronize emails with your PC. You can also create emails directly from your Windows Live contacts tab or from Messenger while online. And with Contact Integration, all your hotmail contacts are accessible straight away from your device's phone book.

- Windows Live Spaces
Now, photo sharing is possible while you're on-the-go with your Nokia device. Upload photos from your Gallery or right after you shoot them. Share your point of view, while you're in the action.

- Live Search
Windows Live Search gives you fast, easy access to content on the web, on maps or local directories. Your search results are seamlessly linked to your device's Phone, Map, Contacts and Browser applications. When you add new bookmarks from your search, they are automatically added to your browser's bookmark folder. Access Windows Live Search from your Contacts menu, the Messenger menu, or the Nokia Mobile Search application.

More Info:
Microsoft Press Release here.
Nokia’s Windows Live Preview

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Yashvin said...

ya, thats nice...

gonna download n try...

Chervine said...


Seems that what people say that Wimdows Monopoly is true ! After PC now mobile !!!

carrotmadman6 said...

It's only available for download in EU. However when it'll be uploaded to Symbian forums, i'll post the links here.

Yes, that's true that in mobile OS market, Symbian has 73% market share, Linux has 17% and Windows Mobile only... 6%!
Microsoft have realised that they will never be able to catch up to Symbian, so instead they are providing 3rd party services for Symbian.

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