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Dec 31, 2008


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Dec 29, 2008


Season 12 was pretty good, but still didn't manage to come near S10 which was the most hilarious of all.
Here are the highlights of each episode as from E03. I've already blogged about E01 here & E02 here.

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Dec 28, 2008


The good thing about holidays is that you get to watch movies which you missed during the year. :)
& I've been watching (or eating) lots of them. Here are some short reviews...
As usual, Spoiler Warning if you haven't seen those flicks.

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Dec 24, 2008


The legendary Audi R8... here it is in all its beauty.

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Dec 20, 2008


I’ll get straight to the point that concerns most Internet users. The whole PDF can be downloaded on the Ministry of Finance site or direct link here.

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Dec 19, 2008


Why it sucks? Oh, take a look at these offers…

FireShot capture #38 - 'iPhone 3G' - www_orange_mu_iphone_offer_php


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Dec 17, 2008

Apple Orange Banana_Rotten

Yep, the French Competition Council (Le Conseil de la Concurrence) has temporarily suspended the iPhone exclusivity with Orange, deeming it uncompetitive. This comes as a blow to Orange who had negotiated a 5-year contract to for exclusive access to the iPhone.

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Puppy Linux is a super-lightweight Linux distro aimed at older computers with low specs or those which can’t run fully-fledged OSes. So how does this mini-Linux fare as a LiveCD?

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Dec 13, 2008


If you have gone on Adobe & tried to download any of CS4 suites like the Adobe CS4 Master Collection or the Design Premium, you must have been disappointed to find that you can only try it by ordering a trial DVD. The trials are no more available for download… or are they?

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Dec 12, 2008


Great news! The supercar of the year 2007, the Audi R8 & the legendary 5-time champion Audi R8 Le Mans Racer, are coming to Mauritius!
The two R8s will be showcased at the new Audi Zentrum at RĂ©duit as from the 15th to the 30th December 2008.

So if you are a petrolhead, then this is an once-a-lifetime opportunity not to miss! Grab your camera & roll on! & if you are not a petrolhead, just go there as well!

Update: Exclusive Photos of the Audi R8 (click here)

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Dec 6, 2008


If you think that S60 is a boring out-dated interface, then check this pic…

The first thought that springs to mind is – that’s an iPhone! Actually, this prototype looks better than the iPhone. The UI is awesomer! Threaded messaging, widgets on standby…

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Dec 5, 2008


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Dec 2, 2008


This is truly the industry’s best kept secret - the Nokia N97. Everyone knew there was an Nseries touchscreen in the making, but NO ONE had any idea of the specs or the form factor… & here comes the N97. The best way to describe this device would be exactly what Jonas Geust, VP of Nokia Nseries has stated:

“From the desktop to the laptop and now to your pocket, the Nokia N97 is the most powerful, multi-sensory mobile computer in existence”

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