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Feb 26, 2009

Orange ADSL Prices PRECISION: These new offers are only for Orange ADSL users, not My.T
No official announcements have been made by Orange concerning My.T or Orange ADSL. However, Mr Krishna Oolun from ICTA has confirmed that My.T prices will also decrease very soon…

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Feb 25, 2009

Transformers 2 - Return Of The Fallen -  Decepticon The much-awaited trailer was finally released a week ago on the Internet, after its launch on Friday the 13th, in the movie Friday the 13th. It turned out to be an extended version of the teaser TV spot.

I would suggest you download the highest-res trailer instead of the YouTube video which misses most of the intricate details.
Watch: YouTube link | Yahoo! Movies
Yahoo Movies download link for HD: 480p (46MB) | 720p (104MB) | 1080p (156MB)
Apple Trailers HD: 480p (42MB) | 720p (93MB) | 1080p (170MB)
Rapidshare download link: 480p | 720p | 1080p

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Feb 23, 2009

iPhone 3G prepay I may be very late in noticing this… but I just checked Orange’s iPhone page today & I saw this…

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Feb 22, 2009

These photos were taken in Feb 2007 when my camera was still alive...


  The rest of the pics is on my Flickr Photostream.

The Facts Behind
The pilgrimage to Ganga Talao is a prelude to Maha Shivratree, the great night of Shiva. In 1897, Pandit Shri Gosagne dreamt that Pari Talao lake in Mauritius had a unique connection to the Ganges. The very first pilgrimage started the following year from Maheswarnath temple, Triolet. Pari Talao became Ganga Talao in 1972 when water from Ganges was offered here. The Shivling at Ganga Talao is also considered to be 13th Jyotirling of Shiva.

You can read the rest of the story on
This year, around 300,000 people were expected turn up at Ganga Talao mostly by car, but also walking with their kanwars from all over the island.

Photos of Ganga Talao taken last Sunday. Sorry for the really low quality images. I used my 1MP phone camera, which can't even focus...
To avoid the traffic jams, I went to Ganga Talao last Sunday itself - it was crowded, but not that over-crowded.

There was a huge mist all over the place!














It's only when I don't have a camera that I get the most opportunities to take photos... :(






Image(513) An Indian painter was restoring the worn off copper paint using the Fire Services huge hydraulic platform.

The Lolcat

I didn't see any monkeys, but I instead met this lolcat... :P



What I didn't like:
- Have you seen the toilets? I'm amazed that none of these thousands of pilgrims complained about the deplorable state of the toilets!
- If you offer fruits as offerings, take it back after you complete your prayers. It will be most probably dumped, so take it back & share it.

Coverage from other Mauritian Bloggers:
Priscus - Ganga Talao Part1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4
IslandCrisis - Maha Shivratree 2009 in Mauritius
Asheshr – Maha Shivratree 2009
Alomoris – Maha Shivratree
Yashvin – Kanwars, a potential danger?
Sozzz – Ganga Talao - The Pious Journey
& a photo gallery from L’Express.

I wish you all a pious Maha Shivratree! :)

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Feb 20, 2009

OMNIAHD3D A few months ago, the best spec-ed S60 device was the N97... If the N97 was sold today, it would have been an instant winner, but by the time it launches in June, it risks being totally obsolete. The reason is that the best smartphone to date was shown at MWC…

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Feb 19, 2009

Nokia-N86-8MP-indigo_02_lowres Nokia launched a new Nseries at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - the Nokia N86 8MP.

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Feb 17, 2009

FireShot capture #55 - 'The Media Guru I The Mauritian Tech Blog' - www_themediaguru_co_cc After aeons of enduring that old template, I finally decided to take the plunge & go for a new look....

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Feb 12, 2009

The Revenge of the Fallens

Concept art for Devastator & The Fallen has been released by ACToys. Although the final rendering in the movie may be different, it gives an overall idea of what to expect.

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Feb 11, 2009

Before Before


(ok, ok - that's just Hide Desktop Icons)

Much after…
Much After

Doesn't this look much better?

Who hasn't had his desktop cluttered with so many things until even the desktop wallpaper was invisible.
Adding everything to a folder? That's what I did until I got more folders & sub-folders (& their sub-folders) on the desktop than on my Windows folder!!

I already gave up trying to sort them, instead preferring to hide everything... until I saw Fences on gHacks (& LifeHacker)!
Fences has solved a long-standing paradox - how to clean your desktop while keeping everything easily at hand?

Fences fence

Fences is quite simple in function - sort everything according to the file type into Fences - which is just a resizable & movable transparent box. & because it's scrollable, everything is still there...

Fences Layout.

When starting Fences, you can choose to auto-sort everything or do a manual sort.
In addition to the custom layouts, there are predefined layouts.


Double-click on the Desktop? That’s the Quick-Hide Fences function. You also can hand-pick which Fence & even which icon to exclude from the Hide.
I must also point out that the Show Desktop shortcut doesn't hide the Fences.


From the company that brought us Windowblinds, Fences promises to be another hit desktop mod! It just needs a little polishing to make it near-perfect.... I discovered a couple of bugs & I hope they release it as a free version… :)

More on:
Stardock Fences
Download here.

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Feb 8, 2009

shutterb_org is an online word processor which I discovered on RWW. Pretty boring stuff you’d say until you discover it comes with a… twist! :D

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Feb 6, 2009


An unidentified site has sprung alive with unprecedented footage of something coming out of the sea...

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Feb 5, 2009


The plot outline for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has been revealed thanks to someone who participated to a survey. But rest assured, the text is hidden!

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Feb 1, 2009

Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen - Teaser Trailer

Here it is… The best teaser trailer ever! Take your time, I know you’ll want to re-watch it again & again…
YouTube link for HD.
Download link for 720p mp4 (7.75MB).

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