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Mar 30, 2008

Blogger in Draft

I’ve just noticed the new “Add a Gadget” function on Blogger in Draft.

Add a Gadget - Basic
Well, it turned out it was more than just another new function… the whole “Add a Page Element” feature has been revamped into the more stylish (& better-looking) Add a Gadget. But rest assured, your Basic Page Elements features are still there - that's the first thing that comes up in the Basic Tab.
However, there are quite a few new Gadgets as well - Blog List (feed of your blogroll), Slideshow, Subscription Links & Search Box.

Add a Gadget - Most Popular
Nevertheless, the most interesting thing about this new function is the availability of over 40,357 gadgets!!! Which means that you no longer need to search for widgets to add to your blog anymore – everything is here & it’s listed by categories (News, Tools, Technology, etc.).

Add a Gadget - Your Own
& you can even add your own Gadgets as well…

Add a Gadget - Featured
Check it out now on Blogger in Draft. & actually, this should have been labelled widgets instead of Gadgets, because Gadgets are more synonymous with Windows Sidebar Gadgets. (& most of the gadgets seems to have been lifted off from iGoogle’s Gadgets database!)

Some of the gadgets on BloggerBuster...

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Mar 26, 2008

With the BBC having snagged the F1 2009 Season broadcast rights, the inevitable question of who will present the show crops up… & obviously, if you are speaking of anything dealing by far with cars, then that’s Top Gear territory.

According to this report by TimesOnline, it's Richard Hammond (Hamster) that is hot favourite to become BBC’s F1 commentator. Actually, the BBC is looking to revamping the entire F1 show by giving it a new look… & why not with Team Top Gear.

Top Gear having more viewers than F1 should re-spark interest into the automotive sport, because Hamster won’t be doing the commentary alone… Jeremy Clarkson & James May won’t refrain from doing inside specials…

& they do indeed have quite a lot of racing “experience.”

A copsupercar - How hard can it be?
How would you like to transform this…

Into this:

Well, bet it on Top Gear to give a shot at building a copsupercar for the next season of Top Gear.

Sun columnist Jeremy Clarkson and the gang plan to build a super patrol car to help cops crack down on crime.

Explaining what Jezza, James May and Richard Hammond have in mind, a source said: “We looked at cops’ cars and they don’t feel equipped enough for the job.

“The Top Gear lads have got some ideas so we’re going to put them to the test in the new series.

“It won’t exactly be Robocop, but it will be better than PC Plod’s Pandas.”

[via Autoblog]

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Mar 24, 2008

Trailer-fest for the most anticipated movies of 2008

Iron Man
The Theatrical Trailer

The new Iron Man trailer

Transformers action all over again… & btw Tony Stark’s car is an Audi R8.
More on Wiki.


A 10-min trailer about a cleaner robot? Well, this is Pixar!
More on Wiki.

The Dark Knight
The Teaser

The Trailer

The Joker v/s Bruce Wayne.
More on Wiki.

The Incredible Hulk

The Abomination… is really an abomination!
More on Wiki.

Hellboy II - The Golden Army

More on Wiki.

X-Files 2

More on Wiki.

The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian

More on Wiki.

2008 sounds fun…
PS: Indiana Jones - The Kingdom of the Crystall Skull Trailer here.

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Mar 23, 2008

Apple Safari Logo
Apple has released a final version of Safari 3.1 for Windows. Is it really faster than Firefox?

About Apple Safari
Yes, actually it is… the start-up is lightning fast - less than 2 seconds. You’d think that it’s memory resident, but actually Safari is a very small app (3.28MB) & so is the installation (18MB).

Apple Safari
The interface is basic, with the graphite Apple theme, just like iTunes. Safari has excellent CSS support, mainly due to its Webkit platform (also used by Nokia). All fonts rendered on Safari have extra font-smoothing, making it look rather blurred.

Safari History HijackSafari Loading Bar
The progress bar is located on the address bar itself, with the Aqua animation. However, I was really surprised when Safari displayed links when I used it for the first time. Well, it turned out Safari imported my address history from Firefox… without my permission!

Safari RSS FeedsSafari RSS Feeds
Safari has a built-in RSS Feed Reader that pops up when you click the blue RSS icon on the Address bar. The Reader itself isn’t that bad either, but I still prefer Google Reader.

Safari DownloadSafari Notification
Apple has included some OS X animations with the notification tab that slides out from upwards. & the download bar is very similar to the one found in Firefox.

The Verdict:

Safari Sucks
Oh yes, it does! In more common terms, while Firefox is the equivalent of Adobe Photoshop CS3 where you can loads of plugins & do loads of stuff… Safari is like Microsoft Paint - basic & stripped-down.
Safari is indeed very fast, pages are loaded quicker than usual, but it’s really too prehistoric. You can’t use Add-Ons on it, it takes as much memory as Firefox (100MB+), there are no plugins, it crashes on YouTube & when you press Back, it reloads the previous page completely. Safari is just like the browser I’d expect to find on a mobile phone.

Apple Software Update
Even then Apple has decided to force it down on users who use Apple Software Update. Safari is enabled by default! Even Mozilla's CEO has labelled Safari as malware.

Safari is completely ill-suited for Windows users. It’s just another piece of bloatware from Apple… I wonder how Apple found it to be the World’s Best Browser… in MacLand maybe?

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Mar 19, 2008

Nokia N82 Black
Nokia have officially revealed the black Nokia N82… with the slick layout of the new lineage of Nseries. Nokia is actually on the path to “Applelization” of its devices - revamping the models into a more trendy & minimalistic design.

Nokia N82 Black
The Nokia N82 Black is just a black edition of the previously released silver N82. So it is still the same medium-range Nseries device:
- S60 3rd Edition OS 9.2
- 2.4” QVGA TFT screen
- 128MB RAM
- MicroSD (2GB included)
- Bluetooth 2.0
- WLAN 802.11b/g with UPnP
- Micro USB 2.0
- 5MP Carl Zeiss Camera with Xenon flash
- 30fps VGA MPEG4 recording
- Stereo Speakers & FM Radio (3.5mm jack)
- Nokia Battery (BP-6MT) 1050mAh

Nokia N82 Black
Remember the N82 was first leaked back in May 2007… Since then, nothing much has changed, it has the same small keypad (beware fat fingers), but its greatest strength is its Xenon flash… making it a perfect device for users looking for a great camera at a relatively low price. & yeah, the 1050mA battery is enough to power you up for up to 2 days on normal use (unlike the N96!)

The full specs on Nokia

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Mar 18, 2008

The Mist
Of all the horror movies I’ve come across this year, The Mist stands out… not only because it is a monster movie, but it’s also a great film!

The Mist
The Mist is the cinematographic adaptation of the popular novel by Stephen King… the King of horror novels!

The Mist
The film starts off with a mist that invades a town. & of course within the Mist… there are.... creatures…

The Mist
The protagonists are trapped in a supermarket, faced with the dilemma of whether to venture out in the unknown Mist or wait for the “things” to get them…

The Mist
& just like in a many other horror & doomsday movies, there are always characters that reveal the darkest face of humanity - people who can do anything in desperation (a very recurrent theme)… characterized here by a cynical Biblist intent on achieving expiation.

The Mist
Even then The Mist ends in a very tragic way… unlike the cliff-hanger in the book.

The Mist
Genre: Horror.
Cast: Thomas Jane, Andre Braugher, Laurie Holden, Amin Joseph, Frances Sternhagen, Alexa Davalos, Sam Witwer, Jeff DeMunn, Brian Libby, Marcia Gay Harden, Toby Jones.
Director: Frank Darabont.
MPAA Rating: R for violence, terror and gore, and language.
IMDB: 7.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 69%
Metacritic: 58/100

& btw, The Mist was the second movie released by aXXo after I Am Legend… when he made his return to The Scene.

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Mar 17, 2008

What happens when you tell 3 buffoons (Alan Clarksmarsh, Jamesy Dimmock and Handy Hammond), who know nothing about gardening, to try their hand at remaking a garden? Yeah, you get Top Garden Ground Gear Force!

Garden Gear
Tonight, Sport Relief will be bursting on to your TV with a whole evening of rictus grinning jollity designed to raise lots of lovely cash for charity.

And Top Gear will be doing its bit as our boys attempt to bring back popular garden makeover show Ground Force, all in the name of a worthy cause.
You might remember Ground Force as the programme in which a bunch of blokes with regional accents pitched up at someone's house and covertly redesigned their shabby garden while they were out.

Well Jeremy, Richard and James decided it was high time it came back. After all, when it comes to gardening, how hard can it be?

As it turns out, slightly harder than you might imagine. Their location for this one-off special was the garden of a British sporting legend, and their self-nominated horticultural designer was one-time art school student Handy Hammond, who had come up with some lovely water colour plans to transform a featureless lawn into a restful haven in which a busy gold medallist could relax.

Unfortunately, Jeremy and James had rather different ideas about how the makeover should progress. Ones that mainly involved concrete, explosives, and a shed.
Nonetheless, with our sports star out of the house and genuinely unaware of what was in store, the boys knuckled down to transform the garden in just one day.

The results were, erm, dramatic. Find out what happens when three perma-arguing car blokes try their hand at gardening on BBC2 at 10pm tonight.

It's worth it for the secret sports star's reaction alone.

Check out the preview on Final Gear!

A Top Gear charity special, combining Sport Relief & Ground Force that promises to make you go ROFL!!! :P

Here are the Rapidshare links:
Filesize: 350MB
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Zoo article on the Special:

Update: How hard can it be to make a cop car?
For the next season of Top Gear, Jeremy & Co. have decided to make their own supercopcar or copsupercar?
More here.

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Mar 14, 2008

After having brought to you the news that Atif Aslam would be perfoming at the 40th Independence Day Celebrations, then the videos of his songs… & finally… the man himself LIVE in Mauritius!

UPDATE: Atif Aslam's 18th October Concert - Read more HERE!!!

I wasn’t there at the concert, nor did I watch on TV because Atif’s show started at around 1.30 am (& I regret it). Nevertheless here are a few photos & videos of the 12th March 2008 All-Night Concert featuring Atif Aslam!

The Photos:
Presenters Guillaume & Subashni (from Radioplus) & Mahen Gowressoo (Minister of Arts & Culture) in the background!

The Videos: Great thanks to melodyfakir1203 for the upload!

Woh Lamhe

Atif started off with his signature song… perhaps his most popular…

Birthday Surprise!

The 12th March, along with being Mauritius’ Indepedence Day was also Atif Aslam’s 25th Birthday! Happy Birthday Atif! (Video uploaded by adish938)


Mahiya Ve

Meri Kahani


Tere Bin


The fireworks display on Montagne Signaux!

Thanks to for this video.

Grabbed all these photos from the Atif’s forums: Official Forum
PS: Sorry for the low quality of videos, but I couldn’t make a TV-Rip of the whole concert! :(

Photos of Atif Aslam at Radio One.

Interview from L’Express Samedi
ATIF ASLAM - "My girlfriend should have brains”
Atif Aslam a été le clou du concert organisé dans le cadre des célébrations du 40e anniversaire de l’indépendance. Charismatique, il ne faisait qu’un avec son public. Accessible, le jeune chanteur qui a fêté ses 25 ans chez nous le 12 mars, nous parle de sa carrière et de ses aspirations.

Troisième visite à l’île Maurice mais première scène…
En effet, c’est ma troisième visite à Maurice mais c’est la première fois que je donne un concert. Les deux premières fois, j’étais venu pour le tournage de clips. J’aime vraiment Maurice pour l’hospitalité de ses habitants, leur chaleur et le fait que ma musique est appréciée ici. Mais je n’ai pas eu le temps de visiter le pays puisque je demeure toujours à l’hôtel.

Comment avez-vous vécu le fait de célébrer votre anniversaire loin de votre famille et de vos proches?
C’est une expérience différente mais je ne suis jamais à la maison pour mes anniversaires. Je suis généralement à l’étranger. J’ai fêté un joyeux anniversaire en compagnie du public mauricien.

Votre morceau Doorie veut dire «distance» en français, de qui vouliez-vous garder vos distances ?
(Sourire). Il ne faut pas prendre ce titre au pied de la lettre. Mais c’est une chanson qui me tient très à coeur.

Vous vivez aujourd’hui de la chanson mais qu’en est-il de votre première passion, le cricket…
Quand j’ai voulu intégrer une équipe professionnelle de cricket, mes parents tenaient à ce que je me concentre sur mes études. Cela fait cinq ans que je chante en temps que professionnel mais j’aime toujours autant le cricket. Je pratique ce sport régulièrement.

Vous êtes aussi un chanteur play-back à Bollywood. Est-ce une étape essentielle pour se faire connaître en tant qu’artiste ?
Si vous êtes un chanteur de rock, vous faites du rock et si vous êtes chanteur play-back, vous faites du play-back. Ce sont deux styles différents mais je trouve qu’on peut conjuguer les deux. On doit expérimenter les deux mondes.

Où en êtes-vous au niveau de votre carrière?
Je fais ce que j’aime : la musique. Je jouerais peut-être dans un film si j’ai un bon script.

Qu’est-ce qu’un bon script pour vous?
Un script avec une écriture intelligente, un sens de direction entre autres qualités.

Pensez-vous à des réalisateurs en particulier pour votre premier saut au cinéma?
Non, je ne vise personne en particulier.

Et quel serait le rôle le mieux adapté pour vous?
Un tueur en série sûrement mais pas du tout un amoureux. Ou alors j’aimerais endosser le rôle d’un musicien, prolifique ou accompli.

Votre dernier album sorti en janvier 2008 s’intitule Mere Kahani, quelles en sont vos chansons préférées?
La chanson Chor Gayai par exemple mais Doorie demeure l’une de mes chansons préférées.

D’où puisez-vous l’inspiration?
De la nature.

Vos groupes préférés…
Coldplay, U2, Foo Fighters… J’ai aussi un énorme respect pour A.R Rahman.

Avez-vous une petite amie?
Non, je suis à la recherche d’une.

Quel doit être son profil?
She must be versatile, beautiful and should have brains.
But brains is the priority.

Atif Aslam - Roi de Coeur - from Le Matinal [scanned]

Atif Aslam on News On Sunday (14-20 March 2008):

Aadat Live

Doorie Live

Thanks to ashdasa108

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