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Oct 28, 2008


Today's the day when Light triumphs over darkness & I would like to wish all Mauritians a happy & pious Deepavali.
The significance of Sanskrit word Deepavali is quite straight-forward – Deep meaning lamps & avali meaning row, hence Deepavali – row of lamps.

There are many legends associated with Deepavali – the return of Rama to Ayodhya, the Killing of Narakasura & the birth of Goddess Lakshmi – but it’s essentially centred around performing the Lakshmi Puja. You can find more info on Wikipedia.

Om asato ma sadgamaya,
Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya,
Mrityor ma amritam gamaya.

Lead us from Falsehood to Truth; from Darkness to Light; from Death to Immortality.


I just posted this so that it could be included in the Blog Light Day initiative by Avish from IslandCrisis, but I’ll be editing this later today to add more things… so do check back tonight or tomorrow! :P

So once again I wish the whole of Mauritius, a happy Deepavali – wear your new clothes, eat lots of cakes (& don’t forget to share!), light loads of lamps & burst all your firecrackers! :D


The Photos...

HPIM0389 (by carrotmadman6)

Remixing the milk & ingredients - that's what the cakes look like before going through D-Day...

HPIM0399 (by carrotmadman6)

Boiling the traditional patate (or sweet potato)...

HPIM0400 (by carrotmadman6)

HPIM0403 (by carrotmadman6)

Setting up the electric lights... Frak with Global Warming & energy saving! :P

HPIM0414 (by carrotmadman6)

Lighting up the Deeya. :)


Deep Avali - the row of lamps...

HPIM0420 (by carrotmadman6)

Feng Shui, anyone?


Cakes BSOD...

HPIM0412 (by carrotmadman6)



Gato batate, tekwa, halwa dholl, gato zamberique, ladoo, barfi, gulab jamun, tekwa batate, jalebi. All home-made... :P

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Joyshan said...

kool mine here

Kurt Avish said...

Shooting your on... :D

Happy Divali.

Anonymous said...

Happpy Divali bro

Anonymous said...

happy diwali.....

Yashvin said...

Bon appetit a tous!

Anonymous said...

Happy Diwali carrot! Love the feng shui type candle though :) It's too pretty. Did you decorate them yourself or did your mom/sis do it for you?

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks! Actually, my mom did it. But these floating candles are quite common trend in Mauritius! :P

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