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Aug 9, 2009



Live-action film adaptation by Zack Snyder of popular comics Watchmen.

The Watchmen

Watchmen, in its director's cut version is exactly what I had expected from a film adaptation. The story sticks religiously to the original scenario, the same angles, the same shots, the same panels! Almost as if the comics are brought to life.

Watchmen Antartica

Once you add the film extras, Tales of the Black Freighter and Under the Hood, it's a perfect homage to Watchmen, which in its time was a radical departure from other superhero comics.

Watchmen Moon

However, the only diversion from the original story is that there is no alien invasion engineered by Ozymandias, the common enemy being Dr Manhattan. Many things are left unexplained - what exactly is Dr Manhattan's machine, his energy, how is it detonated in the world's cities?

Nite Owl

As I had long suspected, Nite Owl is indeed a copycat of Batman, similar technologies (Archie, owl siren, night vision, cave-like hideout), similar suits & even has an owl version of the batarang! :P
If you've liked the comics, you'll absolutely love the film. ;)
Rating - 7.5/10




A film which started on a doomsday prediction from the past turns into an alien rescue mission. You could see right through the special effects - the plane & train crash instead of terrifying you, makes you say "duh." It was a good story, but the under-par acting from Nicholas Cage & the lack of a final plot wrap-up ruined it. Knowing is a watch-once-&-forget-it sci-fi movie.
Rating - 6.5/10


Fast and Furious 4

Fast and Furious

The story of Fast and Furious is situated in between 2Fast2Furious & Tokyo Drift, with (one of my least favourite actors) Vin Diesel back. The story looks like a rerun of 2Fast2Furious - Dom & Brian participate in a race where the winner will form part of a drug smuggling ring between US & Mexico. To be frank, I didn't like the movie. The cars weren't that exciting & the races were boring, especially those tunnel scenes that had too much CGI. Of all films in the Fast and Furious series, this one is the worst. :|
Rating - 6/10




After watching this movie, I can confirm that there is nothing exceptional in it. It's an average story with somewhat irritating acting & lines. All the hype can be attributed to tweens with pea-sized brains, hooked on Miley Cyrus's songs. Best moment in the film was the final vampire battle, which turned out to be a one-and-a-half-minute duel.
Only positive thing is that they used Linkin Park's Leave Out All The Rest in the ending credits. :)
Rating - 4/10 (Twilight S.U.C.K.S!)


Dragonball Evolution

Dragonball Evolution

If you are a Dragonball fan, stay away from this movie! & if you are not a Dragonball fan, make as if you never ever heard of it!
This movie slaughters the very essence of the Dragonball saga, right from the story to the characters. Piccolo would have looked scarier wearing a Halloween mask (or even a surgical mask) rather than that horrible make-up bought off eBay. Goku's transformation into Ozaru almost made me puke. :'(


The post-credits ending sealed my conviction that this was the worst movie I've seen this year! :|
Rating - 2/10 (2's only for the cute chicks)


Banlieue 13 Ultimatum

Banlieue 13 Ultimatum

Banlieue 13 is the best French film I've seen and B13-U comes very close to replicating its success. Again it features the same free-running & the martial arts action. You'll love it for the action, but the big let-down was the story - it's almost the same as the last one. The authorities want to destroy district B13 & the good guys convince the bad guys to stop it. 
Rating - 7/10

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Bruno said...

:D I like noir comics with ambiguous moral :)

WTF is this Dragonball masquarade ... Goku pe trap Chi Chi dans film la alor ki dans manga li pas ti conner ki ete mariage, li ti croir manger ca pffffff

Sun said...

Havent watched Watchmen and Knowing yet. As for twilight, the chicks would give it 11/10... i still dont know why... but they would.. :)

As for the rest.. Agree with the ratings..!

carrotmadman6 said...

The chicks were too pale for my liking & their acting sucked. :)

For Watchment, download the comics first (Widescreen version). ;)

jens said...

The dragonball film was just crap!!!
just look at this fan made clip and compare it with the film..


I didn't quite understand the watchmen movie, i found it weird :)
Knowing was good to watch.

carrotmadman6 said...

If you didn't read the comics, Watchmen would actually be very weird. :P

jens said...

sorry i mistyped the link..
click on muy username to get it

Tushal said...

watchmen and the twilight...Besides those 2 movies, I have seen the others.KNowing is a really good one.And b13 is as good as the first one..

carrotmadman6 said...

No, it's ok.

To EVERYONE, watch this vid:
ROFL!!! xD

Rite$h said...

Watched twilight but the girls were too pale, but it was a nice movie to watch one time, thou my girl friends are so excited about it they just keep blah blah about the movie all day long ;)

FF4 though disappointed me, the FF1 & 2 were better

Keshav said...

Watchmen - 6.5/10
The plot was really awful in my opinion but Rorsach's character is what stood out for me.
Knowing - 6/10
Christian propaganda? Noah's ark undertone? What started brilliantly ended in the most unwanted fashion.
Fast and Furious - 6/10
Definitely the worst of the quadrilogy, i mean the characters were as thick as paper.
Twilight - 5/10
What a borefest! I was nearly asleep halfway through the movie. The story moves too slowly.

Anonymous said...

Ppl who made Twilight need to be thrown in a pool of starved sharks... Ppl who like Twilight need to have the same fate...

I didn't like Watchmen at first when I saw it, mainly because of the soft porn. I didnt see the need for it, but then I havent read the comics. But if you forget that, the movie itself is amazing. Great concept and very original and different, compared to Superman and Batman!

Keshav said...

Chicks tend to dig Twilight for some very elusive reasons. They get all jumpy and excited when they see Pattison. It would be safe to say that Twilight is to chicks what Die Hard is to dudes. :P

Keshav said... LMFAO :P

carrotmadman6 said...

Link isn't working. :S

Keshav said...

The form does not allow copy-pasting.
Here it is.

carrotmadman6 said...

Hahaha!!! Too good! xD

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