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Mar 16, 2010

Day 2 with the Nikon L20. Camera. Focus. Shoot!


I still haven’t read the manual. So today, I just let my geek-spirit guide myself…


In yesterday’s post, I declared my first-hand experience with the L20 to be unpleasant.


106 photos later, I realised I was totally wrong.


Most of the photos came out noisy & blurry because the light level was too low. The Nikon L20 was never made for night-time shots, & definitely not without flash.


Today, I discovered something… I have an AWESOME daytime camera. :D


Battery life is excellent. Much better than my previous camera. I've been using the included alkaline batteries. Although there is no battery life indicator, the batteries are showing no signs of failure.


The different Scene modes largely make up for the lack of manual controls… including one Close-Up mode which was extensively used throughout this post…


Because I only had a 128MB MMC card, I couldn’t take many photos in 10MP, so most of the photos featured here were taken at 5MP (& resized to 1024x768 so that I can upload it).


I’ve figured out the problem with the LCD screen not showing the actual photo taken. Because the L20 has a slow processor, whenever it takes a photo, it cannot render the entire photo to display on the screen. Instead, it shows a pixelised thumbnail – which makes the photo appear blurry.


Zoom sucks a little less as it’s correctly compensated by the motion detection.


Panorama mode superimposes an outline of the previous photo on the screen – but the actual panorama should be processed using software on your PC.


The L20 seems to have a problem with magenta colours… Even though I’m using standard colour, the above photo appears over-saturated.


The last word? Nature photography FTW! xD


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Yashvin said...

I like the pharse "The camera does not make the photographer" :P

Li pas si mal after all... Dommage tone tire foto zis nature. to bisin rode bane zoli creatures ki marcher dans nature la si :P

No battery indicator? to sure? Imper probleme sa :S
Anyway, happy clicking!

carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah, the battery level indicator only shows up when the battery is low. :s

nav said...

The camera definitely picks up the vibrant colours well! I think as well as a few DSLRs!

Chaya said...

Nice and beautiful pics. I love Fleur Genda :P

morinn said...

I like the vibrant colours and the flower macro shots, especially the "gendas". I can almost smell them. ;)

Lovlie said...

Really nice pictures! Enjoy your new camera!

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