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Jun 2, 2012



Good partner for camera phone. Make your photography better!




The package with the very weird descriptions.



Since some time I’ve wanted a mobile tripod holder because my makeshift polystyrene solution wasn’t very practical. So I went ahead on eBay and bought this.

It’s a mini tripod paired with a mobile phone holder. The same $1 tripods with 360º rotation, extensible legs and which can’t support the weight of your point-&-shoot.



The mobile phone holder consists of a spring-loaded clamp and a bracket for holding the phone. There are rubber pads inside for better grip.



The bracket when retracted is 7.2 cm and when fully extended is 8.8 cm. The clamp has minimum extension of 4.6cm and maximum extension of 6.3 cm. So whatever phone you’ll be using must be less than 6 cm in width. Both the N900 (59.8 mm) and N9 (61.2 mm) fitted in tightly.



Yes, the plastic is cheap. The mini tripod is useless. But with the holder being just a screw-on (with a 1/4-20 UNC thread), you can use your own tripod with it. & at $4 (Rs 120), it’s definitely a steal.


Score - 7/10



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Yashvin Awootar said...

So, as from today, we will see more timelapse, longer exposures and hopefully, more timed shots with Mr CM in front of the camera :P

carrotmadman6 said...

 More timelapse, yes! Longer exposures, no! :p

& Mr CM is always behind the scenes! New actors, maybe... ;)

Metalking said...

Will definitely buy one

Mohamed Istanbule said...

I want this product what his company manufactured and where I find .. I'm from Libya

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