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May 15, 2007

Linkin Park’s latest album has been released today, on the 15th May. This album marks the beginning of a new era for Linkin Park since they have brought a drastic change to their trademark nu-metal style, which may not appeal to many of their fans.

Minutes To Midnight is a combination of Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Nu-Metal & Rap.
What I’ve Done & Bleed It Out are the only nu-metal tracks you’ll get to hear in this album.

Leave Out All the Rest, Shadow of the Day, Valentine’s Day, In Pieces & The Little Things Give You Away are all rock ballads in the style of Alternative Rock bands (U2).

Hands Held High & In Between are all rap tracks with a solo performance for Mike Shinoda in In Between.

No More Sorrow sounds a bit like Metallica.

I would recommend Leave Out All the Rest, Bleed It Out, Shadow of the Day & What I’ve Done. With Leave Out All the Rest & Shadow of the Day, Chester proves that he’s one of the best vocalist of this decade.

Review by Rock Sound Magazine:

"Forget everything you know about Linkin Park; 'Minutes To Midnight' will comfortably, and irreversibly, shatter all your preconceived notions of what the 12-legged rap/rock hybrid juggernaut are capable of achieving.

Gone are the clinical, nu-metal stylings that defined 'Hybrid Theory' and 'Meteora', in their place a tangible sense of growth and maturity. They've even found time to make it sound like they're having a blast at the same time. The links to the past are there - 'Bleed It Out' and 'What I've Done' are more relaxed takes on the Linkin Park of yore, but whilst hey're worth their weight in platinum sales, they're far from the most exciting tracks on offer.

'Given Up' grooves like a [expletive] and 'No More Sorrow' is possibly the heaviest track the band have ever recorded, with its Metallica-strength paean to vengeance and retribution. But between the fragile tenderness of 'In Between' and 'Leave Out All The Rest', the emo-tastic 'Valentine's Day' ("My insides all turn to ash..."), the expansive, multi-tiered vistas of 'Shadow Of The Day' and the jarring 'Hands Held High', the six-piece have expanded their lyrical and musical horizons and have never sounded more relevant.

Linkin Park have finally grown up. Have you?


Track Listing:
1. Wake - 1:40
2. Given Up - 3:10
3. Leave Out All the Rest - 3:18
4. Bleed It Out - 2:54
5. Shadow of the Day - 4:50
6. What I've Done” - 3:25
7. Hands Held High - 3:53
8. No More Sorrow - 3:38
9. Valentine's Day - 3:15
10. In Between - 3:14
11. In Pieces - 3:37
12. The Little Things Give You Away - 6:23

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Unknown said...

I like this album.

Devil Angel
Evil Will rise.

Anonymous said...

many will love this album! :) Although change will cause some fans to abandon the band (Heard of the Avril Lavigne new album for example? I have... and regret it...)

Anyway, its a big change but i still like them since i also listen to alternrock and pop rock...

and... erm, hey, in between is not rap! lol

carrotmadman6 said...

Well, In Between is not exactly rap(like Jay-Z) but i couldn't find a genre for it.
It's a sort of slow-rap/rock song.

At first i hated this album, but now after countless hearings, i like it but i miss the lack of nu-metal tracks...

Thx for comments.

putra said...

i love this band so much. thanks for sharing

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