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May 21, 2007


The Optimus Maximus is up for pre-order for $1564.37. Oh, and it's officially back to 113 keys (that's $13.84 per key, in case you didn't feel like busting out your HP financial calc). Remember, only 200 are being made during the first round, so if you want to be among the early batch to get theirs this December, now may be your only chance -- unless they're already sold out, that is.

The Optimus Maximus is simply… the mother of all keyboards. It’s as if you have a “touchscreen” keyboard. To be more precise, since each key is an OLED display, you are actually “touching the screen.”

The possibilities are infinite: you can change the font of your keyboard, remove that slow QWERTY layout, use different setups with various software - convert it into a music keyboard, hotlink your actions visually on the keyboard for Warcraft, add that precious Nitrous logo next to your keypad for NFS, add your own pause-play-forward controls for WMP,…

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