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Jun 19, 2007


Need for Speed: ProStreet will be the next NFS game, announced by EA on the 30th of May.
Need for Speed: ProStreet will take the NFS series in a totally new direction. Instead of an arcade style of gameplay which has dominated the series, ProStreet will move closer to racing simulation.
Unlike its predecessors, all racing in ProStreet will take place on closed tracks, thus making it the first game in the series not animating illegal racing behaviour, hence there will not be any cops in the game. In the same spirit of realism, performance tuning will take up a large part of gameplay.
For example, even the smallest adjustment of the shape of a car's body will impact its performance. Autosculpt is back from Carbon, but with much greater detail. According to an EA employee, there will be thousands of aftermarket upgrades, visual and performance, from real performance brands.

ProStreet will feature next-generation graphics aiming for a more photo-realistic feel, and advanced physics. It will also be the first Need for Speed game to include damage modelling since 2000’s Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. The new damage system is said to be very accurate "A collision with any object in the game world may render a car useless, or damage”. Offical release date for America is set to October 31, 2007.

In short: no more cops, no civil vehicles in drags, harder drifts, no free roam, advanced “vinyling” & permanent damage for your vehicle. Photo-realistic graphics only for HD (Xbox 360 & PS3). I’ve also heard that u can’t restart races & there’s no Lamborghinis & Audi R8… :(

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