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Jun 28, 2007


The most hyped movie in Bollywood, Aap Kaa Surroor - The Moviee - The Real Luv Story is scheduled for worldwide (including Mauritius) release tomorrow, on the 29th of June. In fact, by sheer coincidence, the most hyped product of the year, Apple’s iPhone will also be on sale tomorrow. And the most hyped Hollywood movie of the year, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, premiered today in Japan… Is it really coincidence??
AKS - The Moviee will star Himesh Reshammiya, music director turned singer turned actor & now turned TV host (in a Zee TV show, Aap Kaa Himesh). Anyway, describing AKS as the most hyped movie will be an understatement… I’ve never seen so many ads, promos & trailers for a single film (over 25 if you watch B4U Music). It’s one of the most expensive Bollywood films & the movie’s songs are chartbusters…
But will it really live up to ever-increasing expectations. It remains to be seen how the box-office will react. It can be the greatest hit of the year while it can also be the biggest flop… From the different promos I’ve seen, I can guess that it will definitely be a hit & will (hopefully) silence Himesh Reshammiya’s critics…

Himesh has also been marked for the month on B4U Music. So don’t miss him on Hadak, Full Volume, Special, iLike & Bajao.

For the time being, watch these:

There are loads of promos & trailers, & I couldn’t include all of them. You can search for them on YouTube or see them at IndiaFm.

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