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Sep 6, 2007


Yesterday, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s new iPods lineup - Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic & iPod Touch.
First of all, thanks to Engadget for the awesome liveblogging they did so that I could follow the conference. ;-)

First on the list was the announcement by Stevie that you can now make &… buy customized ringtones directly from iTunes for $ 0.99!
You can purchase 30s segment from any song you want. "Our ringtones are going to cost just $.99 in addition to the song." - Steve
If this is not theft, then I don’t know what it is. Making you buy 30s bits of a song! Anyone can make a ringtone from an mp3 song using free software! I wonder how many people will be stupid enough to fall into this trap…

Next was iPod Shuffle in new flavours…
iPod Shuffle
1GB (240 songs)
Colours - Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Red
Battery Life - 12hrs

iPod Nano
2-inch colour display
320 by 240 pixels
Battery Life for Audio/Video - 24/5hrs

4GB (1,000 songs)
Silver only - £99/$149

8GB (2,000 songs)
Silver, Blue, Green, Black and Red - £129/$199
The new Nano features a bigger screen & a fatter body to allow you to view clips, play games, etc. The UI has also been updated & you can now browse your library in cover flow with the clickwheel.

iPod Classic
80GB (20,000 songs)
2.5-inch colour display
140 grams
103.5 x 61.8 x 10.5 mm
320 by 240 pixels
Battery Life for Audio/Video - 30/5hrs

160GB (40,000 songs)
2.5-inch colour display
162 grams
110 x 61.8 x 13.5 mm
320 by 240 pixels
Battery Life for Audio/Video - 40/7hrs
The iPod Classic is almost the same as the old iPod Video, except that there’s a massive 160 GB model with a whooping 40 hours of audio playback. 30 GB version has been discontinued. As with the iPod Nano, iPod Classic features a new UI & Cover flow.

iPod Touch - the phone-less iPhone
Revolutionary multi-touch interface
3.5-inch colour display
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
Safari, YouTube, iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store
8mm thin
Battery Life for Audio/Video - 20/4.5hrs

8GB - £199/$299
16GB - £269/$399

No more “One more thing…” by Steve. "But... we're not done yet. Far from it." This is THE PERFECT IPOD everyone was waiting for. Basically it’s the same thing as the iPhone, without the GSM & the EDGE but… with the WiFi! Yeah, it’s got Safari built-in for browsing via WiFi & the YouTube app.

Same multi-touch screen, some of the apps have been removed but Apple has added yet another thing - the iTunes WiFi music store. The iTunes WiFi music store allows you to purchase music directly from your iPod Touch with WiFi! So they’ve finally beaten Microsoft to the WiFi music store. (Zune had a totally crippled WiFi)iPod Touch comes with only 16 GB of flash memory… yeah, for such a unique device 16 GB is not enough, but the 32 GB flash is not too far away either…

One more thing… iPhone 4GB won’t be sold anymore & iPhone 8GB price has been reduced to $ 399.
It’s a safe bet that the next 3G iPhone (the international version shipped for Europe) will have 16 GB flash memory. :D

Great job Steve!

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Chervine said...

The Ipod Touch seems coool! with wifi brwosing...Is it available? what about the price?

carrotmadman6 said...

iPod Touch
8GB - $299
16 GB - $399

Yeah, it's available for purchase in the US & UK. :D

reem said...

this is very similar to the iphne but i really wanna see the new nano ipod

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