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Sep 17, 2007 have recently launched an online S60 theme creator - just pick the elements and graphics you want and a signed .SIS is made-to-order. It’s quite similar to (which I’ll test later).

Here’s the link to Mobile9’s online theme creator:

The first step is to select your phone model (Nokia 7610 for me). For an online theme creator, it supports a surprisingly large number of models, from S60 v1 OS7 to S60 3rd Edition devices.

Next step is to upload a background picture. Note that the background covers the entire phone screen. It’s best to resize your selected picture to 176x208 before uploading. Don’t overdo yourself in choosing your favourite wallpaper, often simple (& abstract) backgrounds give fantastic results.

You can also choose an alternate picture for the Menu Background, but it’s advised to keep the same background picture or the same colour.
Next thing is to choose the text colour, clock, battery & grid theme. “Analouge” Clock!!! Maybe this is why it’s called BETA!
For text, black is always best, unless you have a very dark background.

You have very large choice for Clock, Signal/Battery & Grid. Choose any you want.

Hmmm… Almost done, the name’s Green Leaf.
File size: 154 kb

When I saw that filesize was only 154 kb, I knew that there would be no Nseries Icon pack. So all icons are still default ones - which isn’t good at all for me on my 7610, coz I hate those pixelised icons!
The Grid theme I chose (Grey-white gradient) definitely looks stunning. Note that this Grid theme also applies to the Gallery & the pop-out Options menus.
There’s no background for screens (Message above) & progress-bar screens - it reverts to the default white.

So not bad for a 1st theme, considering that it was made in less than 10 min & required only a single background picture. I hope that Mobile9 add an icon pack feature in the final version.

Download Green Leaf theme here.
(Other 3rd party customizations I’ve used are Smart Settings for the Start menu, Nfont.gdr font & a custom logo.)
& if you are looking for making uber-customized themes, here’s the PRO software by Nokia, Carbide.UI S60 Theme Studio (download here).


UPDATE: The site is now offline.

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Yashvin said...

rs47? to rich taaaa!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for mentioning mobile9's online theme creator. Glad to see that your overall experience with the theme creator is fairly good.

Recently, there is an update on the theme creator, now you can add color filter to the Active Screen so as to make the text much more visible. You can now customise Menu & Submenu Background and the Caller ID Background as well. You might want to try them out and let us know what is your thoughts on the update.

We have noted your comments about the icons and the clock. We will look into adding those to the theme creator for the coming release. Hopefully you will be able to follow up with them as well.


carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks for the updates. I'll try them out soon. :D

Shankar said...

hi this is shankar has been disconnceted for creating themes for nokia 7610 plz check it ....

carrotmadman6 said...

Indeed, mobile9 have removed the tool. :(

Anonymous said...

I have your problem, and i try anytimes, but show (404 page not found!)
what i have make?

aziz_viper said...

hey the link for mobile9 online theme creator is not opening...can you please tell me why?

carrotmadman6 said...

The site is dead.

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