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Apr 12, 2009


Yesterday morning, an article on L'Express caught my eye. (Click on image to view full-size)
& as soon as I read it, I suspected the following trick might be the one these “genuine forgers” were using...

Stignote It has its roots in mathematics... but is actually very simple.

Ok, I messed it up on my first try... here’s the trick as was explained to me. (the previous method should work equally well).
You need to first start off by slicing a fine 1-2mm strip off the MIDDLE of the note. Join the two sides of the note using adhesive tape.
Now, using a second note, slice another thin strip in the middle, this time increasing its length by 1-2mm... & join together the two notes, with the previous strip from the first note in the middle.
& the same thing with the 3rd note... joining them using adhesive tape or glue... Continue on until you’ll reach a point, whereby the thin strip has expanded into a new note!
Obviously, the “scars” will be visible... but the other trick consists of folding the note into half when paying... Whoever notices it will think that probably the note was torn & so was taped back together. ;)

Disadvantages compared to printing:
- You need a large amount of notes! & enormous patience & dexterity.
- Notes should be consistent. Gluing a strip of a brand new note to an old blackened note won't work.
- As for the serial numbers… well, the length of the strip should be adjusted accordingly. :P

Frankly, all that hard work to get a single note isn't worth it. :)


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Sun said...

uhh.. I didnt quite understand.. if u cut and glue it.. wont this leave a lot of obvious "scars" on the new note?

Anonymous said...

Love the cat picture..xD

Shah said...


It won't - a note is quite thick and you can iron the one sheet and make it slide slightly into another strip while applying the glue.

How many of you actually look @ your notes?

I never knew what was the Rs.50 until a friend asked me to send him some pictures and I looked @ it on the screen.

Plastic Money FTW. But I'd definitely root for a stignote carrot-style. (that's how he rolls!)

carrotmadman6 said...

Post updated...
Messed it up on my first try. :$

Sleepoholic said...

what the point in doing this???

carrotmadman6 said...

To extract a new note from existing notes! ;)

Yep, it's uber-lame coz you need a large amount of notes. :|

Yashvin said...

hey, be careful...

They might be interested with you, specially since you have put the "secret de fabrication" on the net, lol.

carrotmadman6 said...

It's probable we both got the "secret de fabrication" from the same source. :)

priscus said...

does it rally really work

carrotmadman6 said...

I'm not in a position to confirm that. ;)

Bruno said...

Is it legal ... I understand that bank notes are a property of the state and destroying/damaging them should be an offense ... ?

Kurt Avish said...


carrotmadman6 said...

Obviously, it's totally illegal. ;)


Anonymous said...

clarkson on a rs25 note? ur jokin! here's worth more...cheers

TheArchitect said...

that sucks as an idean bro~!!! figure sumthg smarte. and bank of mauritius ur kiddg? fake US or euro notes... ur gonna get much more... bon couraz:P

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