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Apr 5, 2009



Woohoo! Received a freebie from!!!

Got it by converting 30,000 RapidPoints earned from remote-uploading TV shows, movies & of course, Top Gear. ;)
Took around 1 month for the package to ship, directly from Switzerland. Yes, is in Scheiwz, not Deutschland.


Standard box, made in China. Nothing interesting, until a thing caught my eye.


PC & Mac compatible? No, there’s something much worst...




Getting back to the plasma, here's the orb switched off...


& tadaa!!!


This is awesome.


Just like lightning.


Touching the orb with one finger concentrates the arcs.


Multitouch splits them evenly.

The Physics Behind

Plasma-lamp_2 Would you believe it that Nikola Tesla invented this thing… Wow! (He also invented teleportation in The Prestige)
The principle is pretty simple. The Argon-Neon gas mixture at low pressure is ionized with a very large electric field of several kV, which causes electric discharges in form of emission of photons. & when you hover your finger over it, the electric field is distorted by the capacitance of your body – this is very smiliar to the iPhone’s capacitive technology. Read the following sites for more:
- Wikipedia – Plasma Lamp
- PLASMA LAMPS - A simplified explanation with pictures of how these light-effect lamps work
- Plasma "Globe" Construction


But there are drawbacks. Plasma balls have health hazards – continued operation produces ozone gas, which is harmful to health – remember the peculiar smell near photocopy machines? Yeah, that’s ozone.
& there’s build-up of static charge… which is lethal for electronics. Yeah, it’s a paradox that a static-inducing device is meant to be USB-powered.


I'll be honest... Nothing beats the sheer awesomeness of the plasma arc – an incredible piece of technology, but in fact… totally useless. I'm already regretting ordering this. The reason why I started earning points was to get the top reward - a 10MP camera at 150k points... However removed the camera, & I decided to drop it, thus converting the points I had earned so far into this plasma ball.
Guess what now? just added back a 10MP camera at 150k... :(

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morinn said...

Lucky you! I think this will encourage people to upload files on rapidshare.

carrotmadman6 said...

I don't upload... I just don't have the patience to wait hours to download stuff & then re-up it. ;)

It's remote uploading - copying (via server to server transfer) other people's uploads on your acc & then passing it off as you own. LOL :P

Yashvin said...

WOW! A gift from rapidshare, The Rapidshare!

haha, RS knew its marketing strategy by removing the camera n putting it again!

carrotmadman6 said...

Yes... if I had continued on earning points, I would have probably reached 150k in Sep/Oct. :|

morinn said...

@ carrotmadman, that's a really ingenious trick. :P

priscus said...

trop joli ... kuma ban boul cyrstal ki predict future

jens said...

lol..transfer some points to my account :)

carrotmadman6 said...

Unfortunately, you can't transfer points on Collector Accs. ;)

Sun said...

ohh.... i want one too...

Muzzammil said...

its a bit living up on others people hard work. Bourik travail, cheval manzer!!
anyway, nice plasma ball. was thinking of buying 1 myself.

carrotmadman6 said...

Looking for fresh links & remote uploading them is 'hard work' as well... ;)

Bruno said...

:) sans etre indistret ... how much does one such thing cost? li bien joli :D do I need to post something on the (detailed) physics of the device?

carrotmadman6 said...

The plasma ball is around $12. Really cheap! :)

Yea, feel free to post on it on your blog, coz I'm sure many readers will be curious to know how it works.
& I haven't found a really good explanation on the Internet either. :)

Anonymous said...

I convert points for another account..xD..I'm more interested with downloads..xD

carrotmadman6 said...

I only collect points for creating new accs now. Getting rewards wastes too much time. :)
& I don't even need to upload stuff - my Top Gear uploads are pretty self-sustaining. :P

jens said...

btw how do you remote upload?

rs to ts
MU to RS
or FTP to RS?

i have only 1040 points left after extending my counter for one month

carrotmadman6 said...

Using Rapidleech servers - :)

Mido said...

wow thank you

Anonymous said...

Plasma balls only produce a very small amount of OZONE. Ozone is dangerous in big amounts!

James said...

ozone occurs as a product of electrical storms ans even with air pollution where ozone functions to destroy pollutants. Ozone is not harmful in the doses produced by plasma balls. Ozone in higher doses has been shown to destroy cancer- especially combined with ozonated water. Ozone is O3 which rapidly transitiones back to pure oxygen over a short period of time. Ozone is a strong oxidizer but unless it burns you it isn't doint anything harmful. I the body it becomes pure oxygen, increasing the oxygenation of the blood and destoying harmful pathogens. In fact it is so medically effective in such a broad spectrum of uses that mainstream medicine ignores it in favor of over priced and not effective pharmaceuticals(that is big pharma).

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