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Jul 26, 2010


I’ve got another Nokia device from WOMWorld to trial. This time, it’s an Eseries, a Nokia E72.



Unlike last time, DHL delivered the package without any delay.



Inside was this very handy gadget - a universal travel adaptor power plug. Needless for me since we have both EU & UK plug sockets in Mauritius. :)


This is called a box.



Which when you open it up reveals a Zodium Black Nokia E72!


The box contents included the massive 1500 mAh BP-4L battery, 2 micro-USB cables (CA-101D & a shorter one), strap, pouch, cloth and the WH-205 headset.



Also included was the manual & the AC-8 charger. Inside the phone, a 4 GB microSD card was found. I don’t like the strap, nor the pouch & neither the headset (which feels really cheap).



Luckily, I also got this BH-214 Bluetooth headset to try out.



So that’s it. Now, first impressions. The E72 is light, it’s thin & the body feels solid. It’s quite a pretty device, but after having used the N97, the screen (2.36-inch) does feel tiny. The QWERTY keyboard is very unfriendly for me because I have large fingers & I’m more used to the standard keypad layout.

The first thing I did was find Coreplayer, installed it & then I watched Top Gear (the original hdtv rip, no resized re-encode). It was awesome (both the episode & the watching experience). I loved it. :)
The proper reviews will be here in a few days, which I’ll try to make shorter than the N97 ones.

Btw, watching a car travelling at 417km/h is bloody brilliant! Watch it -

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Yashvin said...

1 question : DHL delivers directly at home isnt it?

VAT or anything? What about the previous nokia? did you need to pay vat or go to the post office?

Euh, that makes a lot of questions finally :-D

carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah, it's a home delivery & I had nothing to pay. :)

Tushal said...

Ah.The E72. :p

Bruno said...

For how much time can you try the phone? How do you return it? How do they trace you back if you don't? (for e.g. if you sent it to an office address or a po box ...)

carrotmadman6 said...

Between 2-3 weeks.
DHL picks it up. :)

Anonymous said...

hey hey wom is sending a N97 mini for trial. hope to receive it quickly

carrotmadman6 said...

Got mine in a record 6 days (week-end included)!
So you'll get yours probably by Friday! :D

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