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Sep 13, 2010


Received this surprise package from WOMWorld today…



What it contained was this bag… commonly known as "sac dipain” in Mauritius. :P



Cyan-red 3D glasses… ?




A t-shirt.



& this invitation to attend the virtual event for Nokia World 2010, starting tomorrow. 3d glasses… Hmmm, I bet it’s going to be streamed in 3D! Alas, at that time (12 pm, local), I will be probably sleeping in some lecture room…

Although the corporate situation isn’t quite right at Nokia right now, for Nokia World, I would expect the N8 to be fully demoed in its production version. Nokia will probably announce its NFC payment system – Swipe. & we’ll see the E7 (qwerty N8 with 8MP camera). Or a preview of the Meego-powered N9… ;)

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Yashvin said...

to faire mwa zaloux la!

kylemaniaa said...

That blue T-Shirt looks cool!

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