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Dec 5, 2010


This is a rant post.


Quick recap

At the start of November, the ICT minister announced an Open Access Policy on SAFE, an end to Mauritius Telecom's exclusivity & cheap access to SAFE by other ISP's.
Following this OAP, MT decided to preemptively strike its competitors. They decreased their Internet prices while not being mandated by the government to do so. (Curiously, this decrease was announced by the ICT Minister).
I precise this is totally unrelated to the 16% to 24% price decrease written in the budget, to be applied in early 2011.
(Read the above sentence once again).

Which turned out to be as follows:

  • ADSL Home 256K 3GB – Rs 499 to Rs 399
  • ADSL Home 512K – Rs 848 to Rs 759
  • ADSL Home 1M (n/a to public) – Rs 1549 to Rs 1353
  • My.T 1M+TV – Rs 1699 to Rs 999
  • My.T 2M+TV – Rs 2999 to Rs 1699
  • My.T 4M+TV – Rs 2999

2 offers were scrapped - ADSL Home 1Mbps & My.T 512kbps (no TV - having only free channels).
ADSL 1M users could easily migrate to My.T 1M or 2M - because no one will keep paying Rs 1353 for something being offered at Rs 999. But for My.T 512K (no TV), there was to be neither a speed double nor a price decrease...


Pwned by Orange Mauritius

I'm an ADSL 128K (Rs 750+VAT = Rs 848) user since 2007. A My.T 256K (Rs 848) user since 2008. In 2009, when my 256K connection was doubled, old My.T users were given a choice - pay same price (Rs 848) for no new TV channels or pay Rs 999 for up to 15 channels (around 10 new channels). A 3-month trial was given for users to make up their minds. Most people were not interested in the new channels & they chose to keep the same price.

Back to present day, on the 1st December, like all Internet users, I was eagerly awaiting for my speed double. With the arrival of Eassy, I knew that a speed double was not far off & I was very excited to see my predictions come true.
By morning, when my speed still hadn't doubled, an idea cropped in my head - MT had mentioned nothing about 512K connections with no TV. "What if..." I shrugged it off thinking that maybe they'll take a few days to flick the double speed switch.
In the afternoon, as ominous rumours reached me, the dark side of Orange Mauritius started to reveal itself. & at night, checking previous comments on my blog, my gut disappeared as I discovered that the writing was already there since the day before, which I had chosen to completely ignore.
In disbelief, I realised that there would be no speed double for me. I have been screwed by Orange.

At first it was incomprehension, denial, followed by intense frustration, disgust, anger & finally a feeling hopelessness that still endures... Some may consider this as underhanded business practices, while for me that was daylight robbery.


Why did they do this?

Let's look again at the new price tier.
ADSL 512K - Rs 759
My.T 1M+TV - Rs 999
My.T 2M+TV - Rs 1699
My.T 4M+TV - Rs 2999

With Eassy, Mauritius Telecom now have excess bandwidth on their hands & they were looking at ways to cash on their investment. How to provide faster connections while keeping a huge profit margin?
The answer was devilishly simple enough – My.T. The latter being an Internet+TV+VOIP offer, MT can demand a much higher price for such a service (while knowing that 99% of users actually don’t want any TV channels). & how to get more users on My.T? Scrap all ADSL offers… resulting in what we’re currently witnessing as the mass exodus of ADSL users to My.T (conversion fees required mind you!). For ADSL 1M (already non-existent, cos only available to 512K users who had their speeds doubled last year), they practically forced everyone to My.T 1M by reducing the price from Rs 1549 to Rs 1353, while My.T 1M+TV is at Rs 999. Worthless by default.
Make no mistake, MT can provide 1Mbps & even 2Mbps ADSL, but they won’t do that because everyone will use cheaper ADSL then. If the 1M offer was still available, to fit in that price tier, it would be priced around Rs 850 (& the 2M at 1350) – making it extremely attractive to all users.
& how about My.T 512K (no TV). For a long time, these users have been a pain in the ass for MT – enjoying My.T (2Mbps local speed) while paying less & opting out of TV channels. & on the 1st of Dec, finally they’ve been able to axe these users. No speed double & neither a price decrease for them. What would the majority do? Yes, move to the very attractive 1M+TV offer, which is coincidentally much more expensive…

MT have no interest in making broadband available to most users. What they want is money. & they can go to any length - cheating & overselling their offers to be able to suck your blood.


What to do?

My.T 512K (no TV) users are long time Internet (broadband) subscribers & here’s how MT have decided to reward them. These users have 3 options:
- 1. Upgrade to My.T 1M+TV for Rs 999. As a promo, they’ll pay only Rs 848 for the first 3 months. For that they have to go to an MT shop & fill a modification form. Yes, in 2010, you have to go & fill a form. Why? Probably because of a revised contract with new terms & conditions…
- 2. Downgrade to ADSL Home 512K for Rs 759. For that, they’ll have to return their Livebox & they’ll get a Beetel modem with Wifi instead. No more 2Mbps local speed.
- 3. Keep the status quo. Keep your My.T 512K & still pay Rs 848. No price decrease, no speed double. Keep getting screwed.

There’s another category of subscribers to My.T 512K (no TV) – people who can’t receive the IPTV because they are so far away from their DSLAM that ADSL2 barely works. They can receive 2Mbps, but no more than that to sustain the IPTV which requires between 2-3Mbps (& here’s how we do know that ADSL 2Mbps is actually possible). One wonders why on earth such subscribers were deemed eligible for My.T when MT knew they couldn’t have TV… However, now MT won’t offer these deals because they can be sued for overselling.
For these subscribers (all of us actually), MT could have proposed 1Mbps/2Mbps ADSL offers, but unfortunately they are no charity organisation (they are a profitable business that reaps in Rs 1.5 billion in profits every year). Until these users have FTTC, they have two options – downgrade to ADSL 512K or keep paying the same price (Rs 848). Still getting screwed.


What will I do?

My line is eligible for all My.T offers. Do I want a 1Mbps connection? Yes. Do I really really need a 1Mbps connection? The answer is honestly… let’s find out.

My Internet usage can be divided into three categories:
- Browsing.
- Downloading.
- Streaming live matches.

Will 1Mbps offer me faster browsing speeds? Definitely. 512K may not be qualified as “broadband,” but the speed is fast enough for me. The wait time is acceptable. & with some content locally cached, I can get up to 2Mbps.
I download only 2 things – movies & Top Gear. Since I had 128K, downloading taught me one virtue – patience (downloading 100MB every 2 hours). With 512K, I can wait 8 hours to download a Top Gear episode. That’s not a problem for me.
MBC never show matches I want to watch, so my only option is to watch the online live streams. Even on my 512K, I can barely buffer 200Kbps streams. Only 175Kbps & 150Kbps crappy streams work. 1Mbps could solve this problem with slightly better streams (500Kbps?)… Still, I can live with text-only live updates, as I've been doing for the past 2 years.

So far, I don’t really need a 1Mbps connection.

Let’s see what’s being offered as value-added services. My.T 1M is an Internet+TV+VOIP offer.
Internet (My.T Surf) – 1Mbps will be fast & with Eassy, I’ve noticed that slowdowns are less frequent. The local infrastructure has slightly improved. & there’s no Fair Usage Policy. It wasn’t applied on the first place, so that's a moot point.
VOIP (My.T Talk) – I don’t use that.
TV (My.T Watch) – 18 channels, which the majority of subscribers choose to conveniently ignore.
News – CNN, CCTV F, NDTV Profit, Orange Sports Info.
Kids – Gulli, Boing, Boomerang.
Music – MCM Top, Hungama.
Films – France 2, TCM
Other – France O, France 5, Liberty TV, Fashion TV, Motors TV.
Already available on MBC DVB-T (redundant) - France 24, NDTV Good Times.

Is it worth an extra Rs 151? If that included the Bollywood bouquet (StarPlus, NDTV Imagine, StarOne, Imagine Showbiz, Headlines Today – priced at Rs 250), I could have considered it. But the channels really aren’t worth it, especially with no Sports channel. Plus the image quality is horrendous! As your local connection varies, the stream bandwidth decreases & it becomes pixelised. Fast-action scenes always have dropped frames.
Since I do not have any satellite TV subscription (they are way too expensive), I wouldn't know how the quality of the image compares. But I do know that their content is infinitely better than what's offered by My.T.
Video On Demand? Same thing. Horrible quality. I can download movies with much better quality (& not in French).

So, the value-added services for My.T are useless for me.

I bet at this point, someone will come along & say - "Dude, get a life. It's just Rs 151. Stop being so fussy!"

Well, it isn't. 2 years ago, I would agree, but not now.
For the past 3 years, I've been paying my Internet connection at around Rs 848, which means that total bill is usually below Rs 1000.
Should I upgrade to My.T, that would mean the bill would be a minimum of Rs 1100 per month. Unacceptable, given that the cost of living is increasing every day while our salaries is near stagnant. Price hike in vegetable oil, hike in plastic bags, hike in rice, increase in bus fares. With the 10% increase in electricity tariffs, that will cause a snowball effect increasing the price of every single commodity.
& now an increase in the price of Internet? That is the last straw.

So what I'm gonna do? Probably play the waiting game (for a further decrease?).
As I've mentioned before, there is to be a 16% to 24% decrease in the price of International Private Leased Circuit and Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network at the start of 2011 (could be anywhere between January 2011 & March 2011).
I do not know what this means, but most probably there will be a mandatory decrease in the price of Internet. & thus a decrease in the price of all Internet offers across all ISPs. However, will MT apply that decrease?

On the 1st of December 2010, with the speed double, that meant a 41% decrease for My.T 1M & 43% decrease for My.T 2M. But for ADSL 512K, it was only 10%. & 1Mbps ADSL was scrapped. See what they did there... A masterstroke.
With the forthcoming price decrease, MT would have been forced to lower the prices of all connections including ADSL 1M & My.T 512K (no TV). They moved fast & erased both of these offers, forcing all subscribers to My.T. & now if ever there’ll be a decrease, the only offer that is eligible is ADSL 512K.
My.T? “But we’ve already applied a massive 43% decrease, much more than the government mandated.

Their evil scheme has succeeded. They’ve managed to keep their high profit margin. For me, MT’s strategy is clear – they will never decrease prices, only the speeds will double. & with ADSL out of the equation, subscribers are constrained to pay for services they never wanted on the first place.


One more thing

Another proof of the wickedness of Orange Mauritius.
The cat's out of the bag. As you all probably don't know, while most My.T logins are tethered to their DSLAM (they work in only one region), some logins work everywhere. & it's the login that defines the sync speed (international bandwidth) you get. Means you can use  a 1Mbps login to get 1Mbps on a 512K connection. Except...


On Friday, I got this 1Mbps login. The only thing I did was test its speed. & then I logged out.

The next day, I tried it again.

Mot_de_passe_erroneAs I thought it wouldn't get any worse, MT are now actively blacklisting 512K connections (or logins from being used on such connections). While some 2Mbps & 4Mbps logins keep working perfectly with 1Mbps users...



I’ll keep my My.T 512k at Rs 848 & wait to see what happens in January. If there’s no decrease, I’’ll downgrade to much slower ADSL 512K… It’s not only a question of money. Upgrading to My.T 1M+TV would mean victory for MT, a success for their vile ploy.
Mauritius Telecom wants to make money. Hence, that’s why they are canvassing me to pay more to get a price decrease (yeah, where’s the logic in that?). While all I want is an affordable Internet-only broadband connection. How hard can it be?

Rant over.


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Yashvin Awootar said...

I’’ll downgrade to much slower ADSL 512K… It’s not only a question of money. Upgrading to My.T 1M+TV would mean victory for MT, a success for their vile ploy.

Whenever you look back, you will see me behind you :=), especially when you said that the ADSL model has wifi too. There's no reason for me to stick to myT in that case.

jens said...

Everyone has been screwed, especially us only Internet users. pfft

Moreover, some channels proposed by My.T are available freely on the internet either by mms links or by installing proper software.

MCM POP, france 24, CCTV(available on sopcast i think),CNN

and yet making us pay for free tv channels available on the net.

I also, will wait for January.
If there is no price decrease, i will be forced to move to my.T 1 MB given that i have ADSL Home 1mbps and that the price is much much higher than the MY.T 1 mbps..

pfftt Totally screwed..

carrotmadman6 said...

There's no reason why you should stick to ADSL 1Mbps. I don't think they'll reintroduce that offer. Move to My.T 1Mbps while the promo is still effective (until 10th Jan).

jens said...

The problem is that while making the eligibility test..
i'm only eligible to My.T 1MB and 2MB and i live in 4-Bornes.
I found this quite confusing given that some parts of 4-Bornes are eligible to 4MB.

And given that there is actually around 5 neighbours who have my.T, i think will not enjoy a good internet connection.

With my actual connection I've been receiving around 850 kpbs downstream and i'm quite afraid to move to my.T given the number of users complaining about slow speeds etc...

Anonymous said...

u can jion our group,

there are hundreds of people who has been screwed all over gain!

Orange Mauritius Fail said...

We are not sparing Orange Mauritius. Zot couyone nou! You wrote one post, we are going for 1 rant a day with our blog & fan page! Complete denigration of this useless ISP! Like & share our page and let us denigrate Orange Mauritius with 1 rant a day! Forever or until they do something worthwhile.

Umberto said...

Thanks carrot for exposing some bitter facts about MT. You deserve all the accolades for that :)

As for me, the Orange called me twice last Friday and expecting a move from my 512K ADSL line. But I won't budge at all. Let's wait for a few weeks till I'm sure MT is not duping anyone.
I heard the IT minister revealing on radio last Friday that he will have a meeting with MT's board for better options. After all, I'm sure he's aware of the unpopular offers.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how is it possible for myT users going to adsl obtain beetle + wifi whereas current adsl users don't get the wifi beetle and must pay Rs 2000+vat to get it

carrotmadman6 said...

Only way to know is make a survey among neighbours... Try to stream some live matches. :)

Thanks for the info.

It's a commenter who mentioned this on the last post. I can't confirm if it's true.

Anonymous said...

Everyone just keep damaging there livebox!! would be nice for them to keep replacing them!!

Upgrading section sks at MT!! they should really learn how to maintain and keep connection alive.

Waiting to see what come next. MT has been collecting loads of money from us, and how in this world would not like getting that. So this will continue...

Antish__ said...


the old beetel has been replaced with the wifi one...News confirmed-

COncerning the my,t logins-MT does not blacklist the 2mb or 4mb logins ..only apply for adsl users!

I tried my 1mb my.t login with my cousin and his speed doubled from 512kbps to 1..He has myt too.

carrotmadman6 said...

Try to use the 1M login again another day. If it's not blacklisted, then MT is probably monitoring multiple logins at the same time...

Tushal said...

@Antish--> No.1 mb/2mb/4mb logins DO NOT work on rubbish 512kbps lines. This I can confirm you.

Ish-1 said...

Just like you people I've been cheated by MT and of course I won't remain silent! I wrote a mail to ICTA some days ago but I am still waiting for their reply/call.Guess that I will have to call them by myself! However if nothing comes out of it,I'm determined to take further action like forwarding my mail to some private radio! But alone it is difficult! What if some of you do the same?? We paid myt for so many years,without any delay...I have myt for more than 3 years and this is how they thank customers like me/us,just to have some 100rs more! BTW i don't use their tnt decoder,image quality is just shit!lol

carrotmadman6 said...

We are with you. Some of us have already mailed all of the concerned parties (ICTA, ACIM, CPU, etc).

Inf said...

Excellent article (or rant, I should say)! And a balanced one that proposes solutions at that.

I'm swaying between keeping my current ADSL Home 1Mbps and switching to MyT 1Mbps. People in my area have MyT and they report good service. So it's tempting. I also dunno if I will wait for budget price-cut or move now.

What I am not liking is paying for TV which I will certainly never watch.

Btw, with 1Mbps, streams above 200Kbps hardly work. I use 150k ones too.

Also, ADSL Home 1Mbps was never offered as a package. It was only an upgrade for previous 512k Home Users.

Antish_ said...


dude they are working fine on 512 kbps lines..i have tested it myself!!!

carrotmadman6 said...

ADSL 1Mbps was never a package... Interesting. This (double) confirms that MT will never offer more than ADSL 512K.

1Mbps ADSL = Rs 1360.
1Mbps My.T = Rs 999.
The choice is obvious. Budget price cut won't have any effect on this.

jens said...

guys what if we ADSL users move to my.T and in january with the mention 16% to 24% price fall, the speed of ADSL gets double with ADSL being upgraded to ADSL2.
As i know, the beetle modem supplied to adsl users is an ADSL2+ one.

carrotmadman6 said...

Won't happen. MT would be losing money then (1Mbps at 759!!!). :p

Tushal said...

Preparing a petition to be send to ICTA(useless I know), MT, MYT(double useless), ACIM, ICP, Ministry of Consumer's protection, Competition Commission.

If you want to help, drop a word at Carrot's blog itself or get in touch with him.


Tushal said...

Forgot to add The defi media group(Radio Plus to be precise.)

jens said...

For the existing my.T users without the my.T watch package i don't think that they will double the speed as if they do so, they will be forced to provide 2 packages :
1 with my.T watch.
1 without my.T watch.

As any subscribers who had no choice but to take the tv option, obviously will change their the one with no tv option.

Besides what about people who don't need the my.T Talk?

Tushal said...

Who in their sound mind would want rubbish and useless channels which they will NEVER watch? Guess, 99.9% of myT users don't want those stupid channels.

carrotmadman6 said...

There are no existing My.T (no TV) users. They just went extinct 5 days ago.
Anyone who lives (like me) are officially ignored by MT.

jens said...

Just look at the offers of Orange France, much better.
Suitable for all kind of users.
Even their tv option has around 120 channels!

Inf said...

Orange France = more customers = more investments.

Regarding the 1Mbps ADSL Home, I am saying it was never offered as a package since I never saw it mentioned on Orange's ADSL Home page.

Ish-1 said...

Well I'll be phoning ICTA tomorrow just to know what's going on.When I phoned on 8902 some days ago,the guy talking to me was ashame ,lol! He could not talk properly,guess that he knew that this was not fair! I just hope one day ISPs like free,alice or anything apart MT come here! It will be fun to see MT at this moment!

jens said...

Since i'm making a lost of around Rs 400 will my adsl 1 mbps connection, i have no other choice than to move to my.T.

So Do i need to go to an orange shop or can i simply fill in the online application form?

Will the online way take more time for me to get the my.T service?

carrotmadman6 said...

Do it at the shop. You only need to fill in a conversion form.

jens said...

ok, thanks for the prompt reply.

Shiw Liang said...

Poor me who has been using My.T...I regret a lot :(

Tushal said...

Oh come on STUPID THING. .WORK WORK. . @Orangemauritius .
It's frustrating to use internet at such an hour. (20hr).

Angry Customer said...

Hi all... I'm now an angry customer... I've been told by Orange that I'm not eligible for MyT (even though some neighbours who live further away from the DSLAM have it) GRRR... I'm going to download with a revenge now... 24/24!!!

Angry Customer said...

BTW, does anyone know if by using Tor , does this affect the way MT 'tracks' us? I've been using Tor with Firefox for a few days, and I'm getting very stable download speeds.

jens said...

someone just said that tv channels offered by my.T was rubbish !!! on explik ou cas on Radio +

g.i said...

Great post Carrot. Keep going!

Anonymous said...

MyT and adsl users just do a ping will be astonished of how crappy our broadband is..Even if I'm getting a speed upgrade I will definitely stand up to thrash orange anytime

Anonymous said...

myt lor radio +

Inf said...

@Jens: Whoever said that deserves a pat on the back!
@Anonymous: Thanks for the recording

harrish from Pamplemusses said...

very deceit this Myt package....

Am getting on 0.40k/s on download and 0.17k/s on upload on 08/12/10 at 7.50pm.

Test at speednet server at Antananarivo.

Anonymous said...

i dont know for others but i have 2 friends who have myT since a long time and i can tell that FUP was applied as his speed was greatly decreased even when surfing after heavy downloading. i was an ADSL 512k customer since jan 2007 and my bandwidth was doubled. now i have ADSL 1M and i am a heavy downloader 24 sur 24 since without any decrease in speed problem since 2007. At that time FUP was applied to myT customers (mayb to some as in this article i read that FUP was never applied - MT fer 2 liziE)

Those who have myT 1M can they comfirm that FUP is being applied or not being applied so that they can help me to take a decision to switch over or not. Thanks. By the way great article carrotmadman6

@carrotmadman6 even with 1 megabit, streaming 200kb sucks a great time. so dont consider streaming above 200kb. it will b a great pain in the arse. either way we r all screwed. long live cyber island


Inf said...

@Anonymous / Aatish:

I have MyT friends on 1Mbps and 512K, and they never got any speed decrease due to FUP and they're heavy downloaders. Some with usages > 70GB a month.

Inf said...

A cleaner version of the RadioPlus recording with Sarat.

I tried minimizing the background noise, while making voices clearer. See if it's better:

Credits to Anonymous above for the original recording.

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks Inf for the cleaner version.

Mr Sarat Lallah, CEO of Mauritius Telecom/Orange Mauritius on Radio Plus, Explik Ou Cas -
"Nou ena My.T 1 mega. Nou ena My.T 2 mega. & nou ena My.T 3 mega."


Anonymous said...

@ antish

old beetle for adsl cannot be exchange for a wifi beetle. must pay for it. got a mail today from MT

Tushal said...

@Anonymous / Aatish:
I'm the greatest example of heavy downloading user. :D Well, there are a fix period of time where my surfing speed is low. But overall, my download speed is more or less the same. And I do more than 150gb per month.

@Carrot--> He must be the worst CEO over for a company. He does not even know what services his company provide. And no Mr Sarat Lallah. ADSL is NOT internet.

@Inf--> I was waiting for this. Thanks a lot. :)

jens said...

@tushal 150gb per month?
what do you download? lol.

with my ADSL 1mbps, i never went beyond 60GB

Tushal said...

@Jens--> Tv shows, music, movies, applications, games. My record is 167gb in 1 month. I will try to beat that record in February 2011. Expecting to do a 250gb download in 1 month.

Oie Orange found out a way to prevent heavy downloaders from downloading at night. As soon as I put up something to download, my livebox goes blink. #WTF

jens said...

@tushal buy a router and try to see if you get the problem again

btw Orange abroad provides their customers with a livebox v2.
with Wireless N and 4 ethernet ports.

When will orange Mauritius provide this?

Anonymous said...

@ Mauritius Tech. - what Good news????

@tushal - very stupid being a high downloader as in same time you will be a high electricity consumer. More expense on new cds or expandable memory.My advise just stop it as you are now just a slave of your pc and room. --- la vie est belle , enjoy it... Be more social ... Downloading 167gb need lots of time .

Angry Customer said...

@Tushal... 150GB... LOL... I average 2 GB per day on my 512 kb ADSL connection...

@Anonymous... downloading takes only 20 minutes of my day!! Just look for the links on any file sharing website, and put them in Jdownloader.. job done! Let the program and PC do the work...try it!

@all... the sad thing is that MT does not have a 1M package for ADSL users, though our lines are perfectly able to manage this speed... So, Mr Lallah, pena boku offres lor zot etagere! Maybe he was talking truthfully when he said MyT 3M.. :D It doesn't reach 4M...

Inf said...

@Tushal: 150GB takes time if you have a 1Mbps connection. If you got like, 20Mbps, it's fast. ISPs usually put a 300GB a month on their connections. Now imagine how much you can possibly download, if 300GB is the cap! :s

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE SPOT ON, thats exactly how i feel also. it sucks bad.
i say all subscribers should temporarily downgrade to adsl 256 smallest package till its enough to screw them back a little. If 20,000 people do that till june 2011, they will feel some 50m deficit. I know it's hard. Wat say?

Anonymous said...

following post of "inf" "Radio+ Record"

As lala make mention of : lot you people do a lot of download and almost at the same time are downloading the same multimedia files!!
being in MT one can see that almost all the time all the heavy downloaders are downloading exactly the same files, same movies, same music, same game patch etc.

Proxy and local hosting solve a bit of the issue but still most of the file being downloaded by heavy downloaders are neither "proxy file" and neither locally hosted.

see what the person "vince" said here in his 5-10 last posts:

Tushal said...

@Anonymous who said

"""@tushal - very stupid being a high downloader as in same time you will be a high electricity consumer. More expense on new cds or expandable memory.My advise just stop it as you are now just a slave of your pc and room. --- la vie est belle , enjoy it... Be more social ... Downloading 167gb need lots of time .""

Are you the one paying my electricity bills or the one who buy me boxes of 1000 dvd every few months? No. Then please STFU.

If I'm downloading 150GB per month it does not mean that I sit and watch my pc downloading the 150GB you m*ron. Most of the time, I'm at Uni and my pc is downloading. Just to piss you off. I will DOWNLOAD more and more and will share the results here.

@Inf--> That's my monthly data usage. Includes 100 if not 1000 of movies, tv shows, games. Currently I'm re downloading COD blackops.

carrotmadman6 said...

As long as our upload speeds are 384kbps (1Mbps for FTTC), local sharing is out of question... were offering Akamai hosting. But they removed the offer now... :(

Stop being an idiot. :p

Anonymous said...

@ Tushal , so you are student. That why u are thinking just like a kid.
Am a business man who trade in IT items from Singapore & Hong kong .I have lot of contacts in these highly developed countries. But i never met such a stupid like u.
Will Mauritius be like Singapore with such a guy like you just downloading the whole of internet contents ??? I dont think??
The singaporean people are more broadminded .........
Believe me friend.....

Angry Customer said...

Hong Kong... LOL ... Most of file sharing websites are stored on servers found in... Hong Kong :D ... And most uploaders are found in those highly developed countries!

Inf said...

@Anonymous who's flaming @Tushal:

I'll ask a simple question: If international users weren't heavy downloaders, would they need a 20Mbps connection? Would they need FTTH? A good old 512K would be sufficient for casual browsing, no?

The thing with "heavy-downloading" is that nowadays, you have perfectly legal "heavy-downloads" possible. What if tomorrow we have a new HD-movie streaming service in Mauritius? You'd be downloading 5GB+ per movie, and hence be a heavy downloader. Netflix? Youtube's HD 1080p videos? 500kbps football streams?

Drek said...

I don't want to fan the flames of that tussle between heavy and casual internet users.
Let me tell you something...
I've worked for The Scene for a little while in my early 20s (yes, we Mauritians do exist and my stint was short thanks to our island's 'blazing' internet speeds!) and from there you'll have a good picture of where the release leeching (btw, they're never meant to be released to the wild, but oh well) come from: 3rd world countries! Examples: the Latin Americas, the Philippines, Eastern Europe, Malaysia, India (yes peeps, they're among the league of biggest movie rippers, uploaders AND downloaders), etc. Mauritius also comes along somewhere in that list... So, where does that movie downloading mentality come from? I think you all should know it.

@Angry Customer,
To correct you, only a small fraction of uploaders come from those highly developed countries.

You're right. Has Tushal ever been to Singapore? If not, he won't know understand a thing about your reply :) With all that leeching, we Mauritians are so (pathetically) shallow thinkers! Yes we are! Hehe, am not pinpointing anyone.

Anonymous said...

The discussion has become a little muddled. I see the following issues:

a) The MyT-TV customers having no choice but to upgrade to MyT+TV at an increased cost in order to benefit from the speed doubling of MyT+TV packages.

b) The quality of service of the connection to international servers.

c) No price cuts across the MyT and ADSL-only range of products as outlined by the Government in what I assume was an effort to democratise Internet access by lowering the cost of the entry-level product.

On a), I think it is a good business decision, as the company clearly wants to generate further income from value-added services such as VoD. It will, however, be interesting to see what concessions, if any, are made to those unable to receive the TV channels. Mauritian consumers are very value-concious and I don't think those paying for TV but not receiving it will be too impressed.

I can't really comment on (b) as I am not a MT/Orange broadband customer. I have heard of many individuals complaining though, the majority not even technically inclined or heavy downloaders. To be fair to MT, there are many reasons why a connection may not be as fast as the client wishes or expects it to be. I hope the QoS improves.

Point (c) is an interesting one. MT is a business whose priority is, like all other businesses, to generate profit and value for its shareholders. Wanting to protect its profit margins as the market opens and its monopoly on SAFE ends is not an issue. The concern, however, is that many can not afford the cheapest MyT/ADSL package. While MT is not a charity, it is important for all in a society to have Internet access, the impact of this can not be underestimated. The government clearly believes this given the price cuts it proposed, so I hope it can seek some kind of concession from MT on this issue.

"a 16% to 24% decrease in the price of International Private Leased Circuit and Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network at the start of 2011"

These reductions will not have any effect on the cost of residential lines. IPLC is a private point-to-point line for organisations (usually connecting offices around the world) and IP-VPN is used for similar purposes.

@Angry Customer - Using Tor will anonymise the connection. In theory, the connection through the Tor network will incur increased overhead due to encryption and increased routing path length, so should be slower. Having said that, when in Mauritius, I proxy my internet connection using SSH to a European server and I find that this gives an improvement in the connection stability. MT won't have any issue with it.

@jens - There are a number of variables that impact on the speed of service that can be provided. It is not improbable that a customer may not be able to receive the 4Mbit service, but his or her neighbour can. Perhaps the two are connected to different exchanges or one line is of better quality. ADSL is more dark magic than science at times!

Inf said...

@Drek: Your answer is informative for me. I didn't know there were Mauritians sceners. Anyway, the movie-downloading mentality may be bad, but when you consider the cost of movies, it's not very tempting to go and buy them. Maybe legal digital downloads will offer good price/quality balance, who knows.

To continue the discussion, I'm not a heavy downloader, but I do want my streams and casual downloads to go faster. I'm streaming 480p from Youtube, and I'm shown the darned spinner every few seconds. Same with 360p, very often. So I'd like an affordable connection that'll allow me to use modern services without lag.

To comment on part (C), I'd say that the cheapest offer is not cheap enough. For some reason, ADSL 128k was scrapped. I believe that if it was still available, and priced at Rs. 100 a month (or less if possible), it'll be a viable option for people who can't afford the higher packages.

At the opposite end, you have to consider the users who can afford even the highest-cost packages, but want options such as Pure Internet and Internet + TV.

At the moment, neither group is satisfied. One is claiming the cost is too high, one is paying for services they don't use...

carrotmadman6 said...

(a) The issue is simple. We all want an Internet-only package. The majority of subscribers don't want any of those value-added services. & I clearly don't see that as a good business decision when MT is forcing them down our throats...

(b) The QoS has slightly improved with Eassy & all. But the main reason of the nightly slowdowns is the (old) local infrastructure. Until everyone are connected to FTTC, these complaints won't end.

(c) Ceding 40% control of MT to FT seems to have something to do with this profit-only mentality... (Heard a rumour that some years ago, FT once vetoed a price decrease...)

Btw, thanks for bursting my bubble... Budget decision means nothing. :(

@Derek @Anonymous (business man)
Someone explain to me what's wrong in downloading movies/tv shows when we're being shown French cam-rips at the cinema?
Downloading movies = being shallow thinkers, less broadminded?
*scratches head*

Angry Customer said...

@all... one big reason to download English movies... they are NOT played in cinemas in Mauritius... There are only French movies in our cinemas...

2nd reason... we cant wait so much to watch the French version of the film... It takes more than a month for a movie to be released in our cinemas

3rd reason to download.. tell me where we can get legit source in Mauriius of anime serials and some of the most popular TV shows (for eg HIMYM)???

harrish said...

MT is a profit organisation.
So its only aimed is to get maximum profit out of its investment.
Maybe now it has the capacity to give 1mb myt users more speed to 2mb or more but it will do that next time when there is pressure from Govt or some authorities. Or they can just add some rubbish channels to close the mouth of myt users.
But if the message we are sending are just within the forum , not getting to the MT higher grade then i think nothing will improve.
We must get value service for our money??
1. speed 1mb minimum is reasonable but need to rise at least to 2mb as to adapt our new IT environment.
2. give quality IPTV channel tv . Parabole maurice and Canal plus has now reduce their package price drastically ( < RS400/-minimum).
3. give us free local call access as offer on other orange reunion-

Anonymous said...

See this...:P

Mauritian downloading same stuff at the same time.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous who's downloading no problem

The IP addresses starting with 197...... are also mauritians I think

Note: Use Utorrent :P

jens said...

@ Reunion , orange provide even the new livebox...


Anonymous said...

@ jens Where will the old livebox stock go then??

Ya ya 3rd world countries :P

Inf said...


Actually I read an article quite some time back. An Israeli ISP saw that most of its users were torrenting the same things, as you point out.

So they got the idea of installing a caching server so that users don't have to use international bandwidth. So if one person had downloaded something and you wanted it, you could get it off the cache. They did this by modifying torrents you downloaded, and added their own tracker to the file. Not very transparent, but it worked.


But I don't know how long this will last before copyright lobbies sue it for seeding copyrighted content.

Oh and do check Orange Reunion's offers for Internet + TV [ ]

8Mbps for 60 Eur = approx Rs. 2400. Mauritius: 4Mbps, Rs. 2900.

jens said...

I was just hoping that they start to provide the new livebox which came out since 2009.

I mean, once i get My.T i will need to figure out how to make my netgear router act a switch to bridge or cascade it with the livebox.

It would be just great to have atleast 4 ethernet ports and a good wifi.

Mesh&Stir said...

again I post.

solve almost all of the bandwidth bottleneck issue, like anonymous downloading no problem!!

Most of internet user in mauritius are really unaware of possibilities for sharing and acquire data.
why always accusing MT?! And at the end on the day sharing you monthly income to them voluntarily for an unsatisfied service.

Tushal said...

@Anonymous--> If only me or Mauritians downloaded or were such heavy data users. I don't think that websites like warez-bb would had more than 1 million users. Oh wait. Perhaps all the population of Mauritius is registered there.
I don't care you work as a whatever or even if you were the Prime Minister of Mauritius. What you are affects me in no way.I may be a "KID" but at least, I don't blame others for downloading and wasting their bandwidth. Oh wait, perhaps you're jealous because you can't download shit.

carrotmadman6 said...

Until you actually provide further details on how to actually set-up & access your "mesh" network, I don't think a blown-up Contact page will help anyone...
Hints - post pics (of your antenna setup), screenshots, software used, etc.

Anonymous said...

the livebox 1.1 isnt even available to mauritians...big lol if u r waiting for the livebox 2

MeshandStir said...

@ carrot go to and read

unless u are like most Mauritian and like to be spoonfed and always waiting for improvement to come instead of doing it.

I know its very hard for many to click on a URL and read. Why do you offer the option for "comment as" URL?
!!! Wait for details!!! Wait for Hints!! Those will always be stuck some level down.

Open up your eyes guys

carrotmadman6 said...

I'm gonna repeat what I've said. While it's not a problem for me, for the majority of users, you do have to spoon-feed them if you want this mesh network to work. A link page isn't enough.
For example, once they find that they have to buy something, they'll probably stop reading right there. You'll have to convince them of the advantages (sharing in several Mbits/s) for them to take note & say - let's try this. In short, do a tutorial. :)

Anonymous said...

@mesh- mo prefer mo sopcast la mmm...streaming 835 kbps on a 1 mbps my.t connection not a big deal..without buffering..It works perfectly well.It just takes time to look for peers

MeshandStir said...

Then better ignore them.

Following this forum since it start, im just seeing the exact same issue I myself encounter which make me search for a solution and set up a link among friends and families and have an upload bandwidth of not less than 1.5MB/s, a BIG "M" AND A BIG "B". We are all link together when one need something (pdf manual, music, movie, game etc) one just need to check in our datapool before starting his download. We all have internet access but most of our files already downloaded are accessible to everyone in the link. Actually the datastore is centralise. A NAS is used for the purpose which also host a wordpress for info among us, doing dns services etc.

Everybody use the internet which also means we will never stop paying a subscription to an ISP for our whole life. Something which MT, ICTA and the Government are well aware of and which they capitalize on. People like tushal and others are their confirmation of their good feasibility and investment study.

Unfortunate for us, we only have 128 kb up! Which is the main issue for sharing.
Like the guy downloading no problem, some local MYT ip's in the list are surely within 500Mtrs from his house.
No meeting, no collaboration, no plan and selfishness make everyone of us waste time and money and some out there are enjoying this situation. Dont be astonished if VAT goes to 18% in next budget.

Citizens of mauritius are arrogant. The youngs even worst must add stupid to it and also the saying of Dyer Wayne : "The highest form of ignorance...."

40 years back It was not so, It was collaboration among almost everyone ...
We are moving in a worst direction and our youngs are neither improving!

MeshandStir said...

To spoonfeed some: we are all buying every month 1000 rs which is 12000 rs yearly

Drek said...

Ah, am back and read a few of your replies.

I think some of you mistook my 'shallow thinkers' comment as if I've got a negative impression of Mauritians - as a whole. Nopes, that's far from what I meant but I'll leave this debate for another day.

It's only when you travel and live abroad that you'll realise there's more in this world out there.

Once you come back - home, you want to ditch your satellite dish (and I've done it last year! I used to watch 30-45 minutes only everyday. So why gratuitously feed the devil's business?) and watch original version movies (think about watching Pulp Fiction in French... or even the Matrix trilogy! Yuck! Know what I'm saying?). Taking my case, I've never set foot in a Mauritian cinema Hall since then (that's some 5 years back). Anyway, everyone downloads a movie at some point and so begins the addiction... it's not only Mauritians but millions of guys out there, even in the so-called 'developed nations' :)

So, there's no point in blaming anyone.

carrotmadman6 said...

Sadly, there are not enough Internet users (no friends, no relatives) in my area for me to setup a local mesh network.
What's the max range you've reached?

I think the only way is to use Akamai's local cache. However, Akamai CDN resellers outside of US/EU are near impossible to find.
So that leaves us with MT's hosting... I've used that a few times to download shows, except upload speed is massively slow. :(

A movie purist, eh? ;)
Even I don't download indiscriminately. Only the best ones, when available at the best quality (I never download cam-rips unless I've already seen the film at the cinema). :)

Anonymous said...


Back then when i was in college in 2005 i really wanted to implement this network. But due to lack of money and time i could not afford. i am glad that you succeeded in implementing this. Congrats.

But the big problem is that mauritians are not willing to share. They expect to get everything free. Me too. LOL. But you have to give something to get something. Many of them will not want to invest as there will be a need for many access points and routers, cablings and even electricity. (they can pay a monthly fee of 200rs to access the internet those who dont have adsl or myT and to compensate the costs of hardware. for that there must be someone or a group willing to do the initial investment. There many things that i want to tell but dont have much time need to go to revise. can i add you in skype?? My skype: darksifer

@ others

The link Mesh&Stir gave above, does contain everything that you need to know to implement mesh network. go and read.

Thank you


MeshandStir said...

@ Carrot - 300 mtrs in line of sight per hop and antenna within ICTA regulations with some other expensive equipment can reach further and stays within regulations

@ Atish

The contact page is for contact for sure.

Its here for sharing, thats the reason of the website. Just do your first investment and get in touch for any help. You must at least be 2 to start a small network the share with friends willing to invest.

As you said electricity seems to be an issue for some but today all router consume very little electricity.
Lot of people out there when need a hub or switch just get out and buy one without thinking of the electrical consumption and features!! That a big mistakes, same for servers and nasses. The right investment must be done at the very beginning.

a good link for selection of devices:

Inf said...

@MeshandStir: The mesh network idea is good, the speed is great and the freedom you get is priceless.

Since it requires purchasing equipment, many people won't be interested. Also, your mesh network is impractical if your friends are far from where you live. So unless you have continuous mesh nodes from you to them, you can't share with them.

The cost-free solution, imho, is simply linking you and your friends via VPN and sharing your download folders. Not very practical in Mauritius considering the low upload speed, but it'll work if you're very patient.

Now, if only ISP (without S) decided to boost upload speeds too...

MeshandStir said...

one more "Wayne" example!

anyway, good luck guyz.

Hope we'll all find a better way for file sharing.

Sharing on the internet in mauritius in 99 were much more easier than today. Files were smaller, bandwidth even worst but filesharing were easier.

Anonymous said...


sorry for late replay. any routers can be connected to each other. so your netgear can be connected with the myt livebox. You just need to configure your netgear configuration. By the way for every devices i use Static IP Address. Adapt the seetings below if required to your needs. But you can use the basic setting below.

1. Connection
- Connect MyT livebox Ethernet port Red to Netgear Ethernet Port 1
- Connect Netgear Ethernet Port 2 to PC

2. MyT livebox
- No configuration is needed

3. Netgear Configuration
- in browser
- Enter username and password [Default is admin as username and password as password]
- Go to LAN IP Setup
- Enter as IP Address (Optional but its nice to have MyT as and Netgear as LOL
- Under Section "User Router as DHCP Server"
- Enter as Starting IP Address
- Enter as Ending IP Address
- Under Section "Setup - Basic Settings"
- Choose "NO" for Does Your Internet Connection Require A Login?
- Account Name and Domain Name remains Blank
- Use as IP Address
- as subnet mask
- as gateway IP Address
- Primary and Secondary DNS:

3. PC Configuration
- Choose What ethernet adapter you are using
- IP Address:
- Subnet :
- Gateway and Primary and secondary DNS:

Note: 1st time browser will take time to load page. only first time

Save Settings

If needed, reboot everything (Usually not required)

Aatish or skype:darksifer

jens said...

thanks Aatish.

will try it immediately when i get my.T!
hopefully next week.

Anonymous said...

jens, is your router a router only or modem router?

if modem router then the setting from aatish is no good at all!!!

send your model.
also if its a modem router consider staying with the netgear instead of the livebox as the latter is more prone to attenuation and other variations affecting you phone line mainly with a 1mb connection!!

jens said...

its a modem router, Netgear DG834G

i think i just need to disable DHCP on the router ,to let it act as a switch.

I came across a tutorial, maybe it can help :

Anonymous said...

yep exact, just disable the dhcp server else you would have had a conflicting situation with 2 dhcp server on the network.

The dg 834 is one of the most stable adsl modem and most user friendly which clearly mirror the ceo of its brand company afterall.

Being the owner of a DG you will be very disapointed with your livebox. trust me.
The DG also allow site to site and client to site vpn which can be very useful in some situation. But only with the modem in use.


Anonymous said...

i got a DG834, all my devices connect through the netgear to get access to the internet. i got a PS3 (wired), 2 iphones (wireless), 2 PCs(wired) and 1 laptop(wireless) connected to the netgear and the myT livebox is useless for my devices as connection is very limited. i disabled the wireless of the livebox. i enable the dhcp on Netgear as i dont need a static ip on the iphones and laptop and on 1 pc which my cousin use and i wanted to keep it simple for him when he connects to the network.


jens said...

Has anyone recently moved from adsl to my.t?

Do the my.T guys telephone you before coming to install the decodeur, livebox etc.. and does your adsl line get cancel on the eve?

btw i got an appointment card from orange, does anyone know what TD No means?

They are supposed to come on Monday.

carrotmadman6 said...

Yes, they'll phone you before coming. No, they'll take your modem & give you the livebox & your line gets upgraded.

TD no. is your telephone number. :)

jens said...

TD No: is not my phone number :/

i wonder what it is.

it begins with 459.

I just hope that they come exactly on Monday else, i won't be able to go out.

carrotmadman6 said...

If it's not your telephone number, must be your Customer Acc. number?

jens said...


just got my.T 2Mb today.
However, there's a problem.
My download is limited to 1mbps
Votre Bande
Passante Votre Bande Passante 973.789 Kbps (121.724 Ko/sec) 973.789 Kbps (121.724 Ko/sec)

Atténuation Terminaison locale : 42.5 (dB)
Terminaison distante : 24.0 (dB)
Marge SNR Terminaison locale : 12 (dB)
Terminaison distante : 15 (dB)

However, i'm getting the 2mbps locally.

wtf, each time i upgrade my connection stays the same. What do i do?

carrotmadman6 said...

File a complaint against those idiots!

jens said...

phone them without fully explaining the problem, they told me that i will get only 1mb because of my line attenuation.
pfft i don't think its a valid reason.

I just hope that they have wrongly configured my line.

carrotmadman6 said...

Indeed, your line attenuation is high - 42.5 dB. My.T limit is 42dB.
If you're paying for 2Mbps & they can't provide 2Mbps, then they must downgrade you to 1Mbps offer. Otherwise, that's theft.

jens said...

yes! but the local speed is around 2mbps.

Anonymous said...

@jens-your attenuatin is indeed too high for 2mb but wtf you are getting 2mbps locally so why those bastards cant provide the same speed internationally!!!

SEE MY Stats:

Etat de la ligne ADSL Opérationelle
Standard ADSL G992_5_A
Débit montant 632 Kb/s (Intlv[LP0])
Débit descendant 6136 Kb/s (Intlv[LP0])
Atténuation Terminaison locale : 25.5 (dB)
Terminaison distante : 8.7 (dB)
Marge SNR Terminaison locale : 28 (dB)
Terminaison distante : 1 (dB)
Nombre de HEC 0
Logiciel 0xe200314
Compteur 15 min ES 0
Erreurs de CRC 0
Compteur 1 jour ES 0

jens said...

I just phone the customer care to-day.
Got a different answer , lol

It seems that an error occured due to the upgrade of 1st december and with new subscribers.
it seems my although my line has change to 2mbps, the settings have stayed to 1mbps.

It seems , i'm the only one experiencing this kind of problem everytime my connection is upgraded.
My download speed is just stucked on 1mbps.

jens said...


finally my my.T 2mb works.

Download Speed: 1876 kbps (234.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 304 kbps (38 KB/sec transfer rate)

My.T was fast to react on this issue! lol.
i'm starting to have a good impression lol

Anonymous said...

wa man!!
the decrease in International Private Leased Circuit and Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network won't a bit concern us!!!!
its a vpn system that enable workers from big companies login securely in their company's databases(working from home)!!
so nope it don't really means that there will be a decrease for us!!

carrotmadman6 said...

That's what I initially thought - this would have no effect on Internet prices.

But then I found this on the budget 2006-2007:
I am pleased to announce that the cost of International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC) on SAFE will be reduced by at least 25 percent as from 1st July 2006. This should also trigger a reduction in the tariffs on services from internet providers including ADSL.
Indeed, there was price decrease in Dec 2006. So will we have price decrease (again?). I have no idea... :|

Umberto said...

Hi everyone!

It's been a month already and MT has failed in its attempts to convince me in spending a few extra hundred hard earned rupees on MyT 1Mbps.

That sounds like the end of the story for me this year & I'll have to 'contemplate' surfing with my good old 512Kbps ADSL Home for another year. :)

Deadly said...

Orange/MT are the best we have in our island.

I believe people should stop bitching about this. If you don't like it and you're not happy, you can always unsubscribe. Simple as nothing.

Akhil said...

@carrotmadman6 : Concerning the category of people who cannot receive IPTV, actually I'm among them. Today I phoned on 8902 to inquire why my speed hasn't been doubled and I was told that for the time being I am not eligible for it but that fiber optic cables were being installed throughout the island (I'm no techy, so I can't see the relationship or maybe there's none and they were just fooling me) and that when my region would have been covered, I would be contacted by MT asking whether I want to carry on with the upgrade (512K to 1M). Then I'll have to pay Rs 999 instead of Rs 848 and I'll also start to have the IPTV with its 18 additional channels. I don't mind paying the extra Rs 151 (contrarily to what it seems to be for you) but let's forget that. I only want to have your opinion concerning the fiber optics thing. Do you think this is true or can be true?

carrotmadman6 said...

Yes, they are indeed installing FTTC throughout the island, giving priority to regions with lower speeds.
Once it's installed, you'll get much faster speeds & then you'll have your speed double + TV channels.

Check the previous post for comments by FTTC-connected users.

jens said...

To get the 2mbps local speed, i have to switch on the my.T decoder and let a channel play.
Does anyone experience the same issue?
else the speed is < 650kpbs.

carrotmadman6 said...

Huh? First time I've come across this... :S

Anonymous said...

Fiber optic cables? Wish they would replace those decades old asbestos cement water pipes littering our underground
CWA needs the money, not MT haha :P

Mike said...

Myt vod content starts (very slowly) to improve. After fresh new bollywood movies; we've got at least 1 recent hollywood VOD: The karate kid(2010) which was launched at the same time on MYT, 24/24video(Orange france vod), and Canalplay(Canal+ most recent vod movies). Just hope they won't stop here. One thing is that they have to increase the rental delay from 24h to 48hrs as on every vod platform. BTW, who'se that guy who selects the rest of myt vod content? Shit soft-core porn movies, and 60's Louis de funes movies? What's that sh*t?

Still about TV, they've announced the launch of Orange Cinema Series "Before the end of 2010" during Orange Expo 2010 as their second package after the Bouquet Bollywood. Still waiting, but nothing. The so-called "Core" tv channels all suck. I'm sure no one wants to move from Canalsat or DSTV to Myt for the tv content; if at least they've got TF1/M6.

Zorro said...

Damn that local internet connection.
Even our local Ton Paulo sarcastically poked fun at MT during his press conference yesterday.

OrangeFTL said...

I wonder if you guys notice how horrid the connection is between around 6pm until near midnight. Everyday except sometimes week ends.
It feels that the moment people get home and online the connection goes down the drain.
I'm on 1Mbps MyT, my latency (looks like people dont bother about that) goes up and down and sometimes times out making online gaming impossible, even using tunneling services.
The bandwidth itself is unacceptably low, streaming a 360p youtube video (which actually only contained music so around 250Kbps max) was impossible as well and I'm the only one connected with nothing else going on in the background.

Essentially I have to stay up past midnight to use something I'm paying for.

carrotmadman6 said...

Everyone suffers from the same problems - which have been compounded because people are now using more bandwidth on their faster connections.
Actually, it gets worse on week-ends. It's slow during the whole day!

Unknown said...

Hmm online Gaming?

Those who are good multiplayer gamers join our Facebook group: [MU]Real Mauritian Gamers

C u :)

Xbox LIVE Gamer said...

Hello Everyone,

Ive been watching complaints and rants about the internet connections in Mauritius on many forums and blogs but finally i decided to make a post myself. And for a so called "cyber island" we are still very much lagging behind. MT / Orange / FT, often hide behind commercial talks and advertising and you all know we never get what we pay for and this should really stop once and for all!

As a MY T 1MBPS subscriber, I agree the connection speeds and latencies are horrid during peak times! This often made me lose multiplayer matches on FPS games, how can i freaking accept to have 300 KBPS in peak times!!! and latencies going up to 600 ms! (tested on many servers worldwide) While in OFF-peak times i have FULL 1 MBPS speeds! (and 250 ms to Paris at about 3 to 4 a.m) I can say im a pro at Halo games and COD MW2 and Black Ops but im being ridiculised and beaten by other people from other countries in Mauritius night times just because their connection and latencies are superior which often made me want to phone 8902 (My T hotline) and insult the crap out of them! And just like you OrangeFTL, I have to stay up past midnight to use something I'm paying for apparently for 24/7 broadband as stated on its website and term and conditions.

They have apparently tried to fix my problem of slow speeds and bad latencies after i rang the 8902 so many times weekly for about 5 months, by linking me to another exchange / deleting my profile and re-creating etc.. no results! but we all know the local infrastructure is the main reason of this slow down at peak times.

Ive been thinking lately of:

1) Contacting Associations that protect consumers

2) Contact people that I know from radios and newspapers...this all has to stop!

And i think the current Orange Expo 2011 will be the good opportunity to show off the lies from Orange.


If we all suffer from the same problems and this is TRUE, then we should join up and do something...this makes me think of the Nomad forum that was almost destroyed a few years ago by people comments on it. I was there too :)

Bhoopendre said...

After several complaints someone came and cut some cables from the main telephone box outside my house. Furthermore he reduced my bandwidth because he also thought that this was the source of the problem. Indeed, I have 220-240KB almost all the day on my 2mbps connection. Except during peak times where it falls to 160, which is still very satisfactory. However the TV signal skips a lot. Someone has the same problem? I always thought that DSL tv would be more stable than satellite which drops during rainfall, but it seems to be the same.

Anonymous said...

hi man, let me present myself, my name is joachim stephen, system engineer and IT trainer @ GIT(US and American) Institute.The only thing i didn't approved in your post is (VOIP) which is "i don't use that"..please have some search for the mean of VOIP man then you will see how important this is if you got a server with wondows server 2008 r2 on it.

Anonymous said...

**windows** not wondows sorry for mistyping.

carrotmadman6 said...

What I meant was the Sezam VOIP service. If you have My.T, you don't need to buy prepaid cards.

Anonymous said...

@ carrotmadman6..a ok man ya here its the way a very good post which may help many internet users in Mauritius..thx man

Anonymous said...

guys i have just installed my myT! where do i find the wepkey for wifi??? there's only the serial number and MAC add and no other important info down on the modem! HELP PLEASE!

carrotmadman6 said...

Open (User: admin | Password: admin)

Go to Réseau sans fil -> Sécurité -> WEP -> Configuration WEP

Anonymous said...


Can tell me how to channel on the decorder of My.T...
Like Canal +....

michaelko999 said...

is myt start rolling the new livebox 2 with wireless n ?

hahahahahahaha said...

Umberto said...

Am I dreaming? No, it's just as simple as this: Mauritius (auto-proclaimed 'Cyber-Island') has a lot of catching up to do with Jamaica!

Just came across this website...

Oh God I envy them...
(Jamaican $1000 is roughly the equivalent of US $12)

Farzaadmexx said...

hi there, nice site you have for mauritius, sad to discover it just now...
fact is that i agree with you they are profit minded, great cyber island future...
need to do 1consistent survey over mauritius to proove them wrong ;)

Neejlumpstar said...

My.T 1M
When i download,MyT television channels doesn't play well???

carrotmadman6 said...

That shouldn't happen because the TV channels have dedicated bandwidth (5-6Mbps) for them & the other for your Internet connectivity. That means that either your connection isn't very good or they are not giving you enough bandwidth.

guessWho said...

Finally my soooo old MyT 512 just got an upgrade.
Just saw that i'm downloading at 1Mbps.. (On non-Akamai sites)
Just wanted to let you know

guessWho said...

Been talking too fast. It was only for a day or two. Back to 512K with no explanation of why or how or when. Great. I love Orange.

qad said...

Anybody to share his username and password for myT 2mb or 4mb?

Adarsh R15 said...

heyy me also i am facing this prob with myT 1M. i phoned them teeling this problem and the tell me it is obviously normal....

Akshay Bhujun said...

Pli mari enkor ... MO ti fini remove MYT but zon ress charge mo bill pendant pres 6 mois !
Et lorla mo ti en Vacance dehor, mo ban grandparent ki pa kon lire iin bzn paye zot !
Zot dire 1 mbs selment kan to testE to vitess kumadir KOurpa !
Kan to sonnE to dir zot ... banla dir.. Only certificated and secured Webpages are quicker !
B ki kuyonad... moins ki 50% Webpages on the net are certified ... b kaV ? nou payE et nou pa ggn service ki bzn ggnE????
Bzn Amene enkor Ban Telecomunication COmpanies dans Maurice . . . LErla zot Monopoly Strategy pou crumble !
SInn nou pou payE mm !

Collard Klyde said...

my page facebook does not work well

Izaadmooneer said...

ti tend dir sa pou vine dans moris sa non ?? ar sa gouvernment pilon l ?

Khal23 said...

MT profit is more than 1.5 milliard...b normal li pu fair bel profit...p kokin just waiting for bharat telecom adsl @ rs280....then bizin largue MT...

Xzone said...

Can you share any username and password for 4M login !! or email me on !

Ashfaq said...

Got a new router from Orange :)

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