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Dec 15, 2010


You can now test your download & upload speeds on by connecting to a server based in Mauritius, located in Port Louis. Alternative link -


& as expected, I got 2Mbps, as that is the local speed for all My.T 512K, 1Mbps & 2Mbps connections.


4Mbps subscribers will get 4Mbps.


& ADSL 512K users will get the above.

The reason is quite obvious why that server was setup… & I can already foresee legions of less tech-savvy users thinking, “Why is the speed test showing 2Mbps when I have a 1Mbps connection?”


Advice - use the Antananarivo server to know your actual international speed.


In other news, I just got this…




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Sleepoholic said...

and in other related news, water is wet...just waiting for emtel to make its move then I'll change ISP

Anonymous said...

All important servers are found abroad in US ,UK and other far countries etc. Is there any server in MAuritius from where we can download to get the maximum speed ie 2mb.
Or the nearest server abroad????

carrotmadman6 said...

Yes, there is. & it's detailed here in this post. ;)

Aryan Kaif said...

Funny letter indeed from MyT Team. They sent me too.

Kurt Avish said...

Got this with Emtel Wimax for the PL server

No local speed pref for Emtel :( But for a 512kbps connection I think it's fair.

Deadly said...


i've got ADSL 512K and this is my result:

ADSL & My.T do not use 2 different technologies nowadays.

carrotmadman6 said...

Interesting. Were you previously a MyT user?

Deadly said...

@carrot No. Never had MyT.

Inf said...

Told you folks! Orange would try to convert you to higher-fee packages! :D

Kooshal Mahadeo said...

Thanks for the link back carrotmadman6. (;

Umberto said...


How did you get those mind-boggling DL/UL figures?
These look too good for a 512K line!

OrangeFTL said...

The reason MT setup a Speedtest server is to try to spin the popularity of Speedtest their way.
What happens when you log on speedtest now, it picks the closest server - MT's so obviously you'll get the best connection since your packets don't leave MT's network.
So when you complain about speed during peak time and MT tells you that it's not them that it's whatever server that you're connecting to that's the issue, you do a speedtest which reveals good speed so you believe MT/Orange.

People should know better than that. Btw think about why all our 'international' packets transit through France before reaching their destination.

You did mention to test against Antanarivo - Why would Madagascar that is physically closer to us have a higher latency/ping/response time than a server in Paris. Try a visual route/tracert and you'll understand.

Looks to me like France Telecom is making MT/orange transit through their gateways which obviously means we HAVE to pay them a fee instead of allowing direct links to happen.

Taking the cake however is the fact that connection between ISP's locally (think Emtel 3G/Wimax, MyT/Adsl) also suffer from the same issue of transiting through France. No peering, I hear that's in the talks but let me tell you that it hurts businesses that are trying to make more use of the internet in their processes.

carrotmadman6 said...

No, it's more likely due to how SAFE was built. But the LION cable was suppose to remedy that by interconnecting the islands. Clearly, it has has no effect.

OrangeFTL said...

Don't you think it's fishy that a company part owned by FT HAS to transit through their servers even for traffic between local ISPs.

I'd believe the tale of the SAFE design theory if the above wasn't true.

Plus who in their right mind would design a cable that requires all traffic of it's peers to transit through 1 hub at the extremity of the cable before being redirected elsewhere.

So fishy I feel like the little mermaid

Anonymous said...

Actually, in doing a deal with FT to transit all its international traffic, they are probably saving a fortune on not having to make agreements with gateways across the world, but piggybacking on FT's already significant traffic volume and achieving cheaper rates

Christ said...

Can anyone confirm it is a deal between MT and FT? cheaper rates? I think that MT had just confirm increased earnings for last year. I cant see why when I'm trying to access a server hosted in Reunion island I get a ping of >1500ms as the packet travels to Paris and back to Reunion Island when it should go directly there,what was the purpose of the LION cable...

carrotmadman6 said...

It certainly beats the point of having LION if all traffic goes through France. :|

Christ said...

Yeah, but even the SAFE cable do have a dedicate line between Reunion Island and Mauritius ! If i'm not mistaken the LION cable was inaugurated by the Prime Minister himself and all the blabla that comes with it. Seems that in reality we (the customers and tax payers) are not really benefiting from these, I would really like to ask this to the Ministry of IT or its time we make our voice heard through the local media.

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