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Dec 10, 2011


The process is in fact quite simple. To activate the new interface of Twitter (dubbed New New-Twitter), you need to sign-in on the new Twitter clients for iPhone or Android.

Oh wait… How do you get one of these apps if you do not own an iPhone/Android? One way is to install the app on the Android SDK Emulator, but there’s a much easier way – Bluestacks.



Step BlueStacks App Player for Windows (117MB), which is an Android emulator for Windows. Follow the instructions & install it.



Step 2. – get the new Twitter 3.0 app for Android. For that we need the Twitter 3.0 apk, which I found here. Use any of the following download links:



Step 3. – The problem with BlueStacks is that it only allows you to install apps available from its own website or apps which you already have on your Android device. Fortunately, while searching on xda-developers, I found this thread which explains how to install .apks on BlueStacks.

How to install apks from the computer (WARNING: Apps installed this way CANNOT be removed):
1) Right-click on the .apk file and click on "Open with..."
2) Click on "Browse..."
3) Navigate to "C:\Program Files\BlueStacks" or for 64-bit computers, "C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks"
4) Double-click on "HD-ApkHandler.exe"
5) Click on "Ok"
Bluestacks will install the .apk file and notify you when its done.



Step 4. – Enter your login details in the Twitter app & launch it. You can post a few tweets & use it for a few minutes where you’ll notice that BlueStacks has inverted scrolling!


Now go back to, logout & then sign-in again. If you’re lucky, the new Twitter design should appear! If not, cross your fingers & wait for a few hours… :)


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Guest said...

not working

carrotmadman6 said...

It can take more than a few hours if Twitter servers are overloaded. Mine got enabled the next day.

Keep using the Android client for a while.

vbsudharsan said...

I got it in my 5th try! try again again! try restarting bluestacks everytime! that helped me! :)

vbsudharsan said...

Best trick I've ever read! thats really great! I had Blue stacks, but never did I think about this! :)

Rajeev said...

It not working man, anyway i tried many times more than 10

sweeneydavidf said...

Ive got the iPhone twitter client, used it for days, and I still dont have the twitter redesign on my mac.

Guest said...

i got it on my Android but still not work on web , im using google chrome

Lord Blizzard said...

Rajeev  sweeneydavidf @12f5bb82771d8b16944714e5fcf69a9e @abb249055208c7af4d35568e422dfd63 Any progress guys?

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