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Mar 15, 2012


Bharat Telecom Limited is finally launching its Fibre-to-the-home service in Mauritius…

Unfortunately, as was initially announced by the Minister of ICT, it will not be 10Mbps for Rs 280, but 2Mbps for Rs 280 (VAT excluded).


In the previous post, we discussed on how could it be possible for BTL to cover Mauritius with FTTH in such a short period of time. Today, we learnt that they have an ace up their sleeves…




Here’s the press release:



“Bharat Telecom Ltd (BTL) is a private limited company incorporated in August 2010 in Mauritius to provide FTTH (Fibre to the Home) service to Mauritian households”. IPTV and High Speed Broadband Internet are some of the services that the company will introduce on this platform.
BTL believes that its digital infrastructure described by the term GEPON (Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network) will act as a carrier backbone for many other service providers both existing and start-up enterprises in the Gaming and WebTV business.

Mr Baljinder Sharma, Director at Bharat Telecom Ltd states, “BTL has the vision to connect every home and office in the country with a fibre network”.

Mr Anil Gujjalu, Chief Operating Officer of Bharat Telecom says that the work has been ongoing since year 2011 and we have now reached the deployment phase which means that shortly houses and offices will be connected through 100Mbps fibre optic cables thus assuring the availability of high speed Internet and other value added services at very affordable prices.

“As previously announced, the basic bundle comprising of some 40 IPTV channels and a 2Mbps Internet connectivity will be available at a monthly subscription of around Rs280”. This is the start up package that we propose to introduce on commercial basis within the next six to eight weeks depending on the time it takes to get tariffs approved from the regulatory authority.

“We know that many Mauritians have put on hold their Internet connection plans and we would like to re-assure them that the service will soon be available in certain areas in the Plaine Wilhems region”. Dr Choudhari, whose company is responsible for technology advisory and infrastructure roll out adds that the project had some initial delay but our objective is to provide on-demand fibre connection to large majority of homes over the next eighteen months. Fibre
connections are presently being tested in three locations and several more will be put to test starting next week particularly in Quatre Bornes and Rose Hill.

“Along with high speed Internet connection, we will also be offering a wide range of interactive TV channels through IPTV [Internet Protocol TV]” informs Mr Gujjalu. We should be revolutionising the market shortly with our technology.

Dr Choudhari explains that the technology being brought to the houses from the main Network Operation Centre located at Ebene through a core network of 10 Gbps underground Fibre optic cable estimated to be about 200km. The aerial network that is utilizing CEB poles will be approximately 2,700km consisting of both 24 core and 1 core fibre.

Interestingly, BTL will, for the first time also launch a new method of fibre laying known as HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) that drills underground without any need for road excavation. The HDD machine has already been imported in Mauritius and will be seen working on the roads from next week onwards after permission from Road Development Authority has been obtained.

The Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) will consist of an Optical Network Unit (ONU) with a Wi-Fi connection and a Set-Top Box (STB) which will cater for IPTV and Internet Access.

Dr Choudhari informs that this FTTH technology is very environmental friendly and the quantity of materials to be used when the whole Mauritius is connected is as low as 80 Tons, including all equipment and cables and the power requirement will be less than 20kw for the whole island-wide network.

“The deployment plan is very much on track and we expect some 70% of the population to be covered within the coming 12 coming months after the commercial launch” states Mr Gujjalu. The remaining part of the island will be covered by year 2013.

Mr Sharma concludes by saying that we have very high hopes from this project in line with the hopes of the citizens of the country. Based on our experience and customer feedback in Mauritius we propose to enter five more African countries in the next 18-24 months.

Mr Sharma puts on record the proactive support and collaboration BTL has received from the Ministry of IT and Telecommunications, the regulatory authority, the Central Electricity Board and the Board of Investment for which he is extremely thankful.



Key things to note:

  • BTL will be using the CEB network to deliver the last mile to the customer. Under an Infrastruc­ture Sharing Partnership agreement, BTL will be paying a fee of Rs 5/subscriber for the first 6 months, which will then increase to Rs 15/subscriber to the CEB for the first 2 years and hereafter increased at a rate of 4%/year.
  • BTL will get its Internet bandwidth from satellite connection and submarine cables.
  • The fibre optic backbone will be installed through a process called Horizontal Directional Drilling.
  • There will be a basic bundle of 2Mbps+40 TV Channels for Rs 280/month (VAT excluded). Will probably have to pay for installation on CEB poles.
  • Users will get an Optical Network Unit + Set-top box.
  • In total, there will be 5 POPs (Point of Presence, more commonly known as the exchange) - Port-Louis, Rose-Hill, Quatre-Bornes, Moka & Plaisance. According to BTL, these POPs will be enough to serve the whole island.
  • Currently, only the Plaine Wilhems is covered. 70% of the population to be covered within 1 year. The rest of the island by 2013.
  • Services will be offered beginning May 2012 with Corporate (up to 1 Gbps) and Residential (Between 2 Mbps up to 100 Mbps) packages.

I love competition. :)

Post will be updated when BTL will be officially launched tomorrow. It will be a soft launch, FTTH services will be available to the public after 6-8 weeks.


Update: It was just a demo session of the FTTH technology. No further announcements have been made except that they'll be providing free WiFi on UOM & CTI premises as from Monday. So we don't know anything about higher speed offers or whether they will have a data cap. Well, in 2 months, we'll know. :)

Bharat Telecom Optical Network Unit


Update - Oct 1st 2012:

BTL have finally launched their service - Bees. Meh.



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Sun said...

Simply #WIN

Yashvin Awootar said...

So, with CEB included in this deal, things are going to go fast. Very fast.
I just hope it won't be a nomad like experience, else I will need to create another blog, just for bharat ;)Awaiting the time when it will come to Triolet but for now, let's see how MT reacts.

Inf said...

I like the idea of using CEB's poles and horizontal drilling to avoid digging up roads again.

2Mbps + 40 channels for Rs. 280 is very reasonable at current market prices!

One thing that I find missing from this article is this: is the connections BTL offer uncapped, unmetered, unmonitored i.e. free as in freedom Internet connection?

Hopefully we'll know soon enough.

Yan said...

I wonder what the latency will be (satellite connection doesn't sound great) ...

Vishan said...

zot pu fourni internet par câbles sous-marins oci.

YNK said...

Key questions are...

i) Will the 2mbps connection be unlimited?
ii) Will the customer have to pay for the cable from the Point of Presence to his house?
iii) Will BTL only use a satellite connection to connect to the international network ? If only a satellite connection is used, I doubt that they would be able to cater for all users with a latency 2 times as much as Orange's present network.iv) What are the other packages that will be available?
BTW, latest article in Le Mauricien :

carrotmadman6 said...

 i) & iv) They haven't revealed anything yet. One reason may be because they have to gain approval from ICTA for their prices. & the actual launch is 2 months away!

ii) I suppose yes. It will be similar to applying for a phone line.

iii) They will also be using submarine cables and will probably balance the load between satellite and cable.

YNK said...

So, I guess they will have to use the same submarine cables as Orange and the other ISPs... anyway, let's wait and see ! :)

YNK said...

Another interesting info i've found in Defi Plus is the agreement between BT and the CEB. BT will pay a monthly fee of Rs15 (for the first 2 years and increasing at a rate of no more than 4% afterwards) to the CEB for each user connected to the network. 

carrotmadman6 said...

 I.e. the customer will pay... :p

YNK said...

Nothing mentioned about who will pay that fee.. it's just an agreement between BT and CEB... But we have no idea if this is included or not in the Rs 280 + VAT fee for BT's basic package. However Rs15 is not a big deal... This would bring the final fee to Rs350 VAT included. 

Mike said...

This is good news for the consumer. It will be interesting to see how the network deployment is achieved on a timely basis. Another question is regarding competition, will the other ISPs react and cut tariffs? Whatever happens, BTL have created a buzz on the island.

TMG said...

The best reaction I can foresee is a lowering of MT's prices on the 'Orange ADSL' front (simple because what strikes the most with BTL is the very affordable price) in a few months' time. How much? Anything that qualifies as a price drop :D

I've heard (from one source of mine) the company is not too happy these days with the poor feedback they receive for its MyT offers. They're perfectly aware of the very flexible & almost limitless (compared to ADSL/ADSL2+) speeds available with bundled internet, TV and phone services over fibre optic. A reaction is anticipated for sure... if they care.

guest said...

Even if consumer Pays, no big deal compared to Pocket Cutting tariffs from  MT

Vishan said...

pa finne dire narien ki ban chaine television zot offert??

carrotmadman6 said...

40 parmi sa ban chaines la -

Arshaad Waresh said...

Bharat Telecom has nothing to do with BSNL. The "Bharat" telecom with "Bharat Sanchar Nigham limited" is a mere coincidence. BTL shareholders are as follows:
80 % des actions sont détenues par Veenus Siroya, homme d’affaires indien basé aux Emirats arabes unis
20 % des actions sont détenues par Baljinder Sharma et Black River Ventures, entreprises appartenant à Baljinder Sharma. "  Source: defimedia 

Arshaad Waresh said...

Rumors are going saying that the following channels will be available: 

carrotmadman6 said...

 Alright. Thanks for sharing the article, hadn't read it.

Naif Sheik Hoossain said...

If we get those channels myt is dead! :)

Vishan said...

 Mari top sa ban chaines la.

TMG said...

 Where did you get that list?
It looks too good to me... AXN, Discovery, Nat Geo, ESPN (ESPN!!!), Ten Sports (used to watch CL games when I was working in India), HBO (omg), Zee Channels, Star Sports, Star Movies, etc... way too good. It won't come on the cheap.

Romeo PIerre said...

My T fine l'ere pou RIP now. Dominere fer morisien paye cher apre minis P dir Cyber Island. Kan internet enkor Kb. 

Anonymous said...

MyT will definitely lose many clients and I'm suspecting probably they will lower their cost so as to compete but they can also put contract for new users-in case u will not leave them n go to Bharat telecom

Vishan said...

Lion 2 pu operational dan 2 semaine. mo esperer orange augment vitesse aster

Akshay Bhujun said...

Orange pou souffer !
Libon Pou bANla !
l [ ] l

lycanwrath said...

We are now in JUuly, anyone has info on the services/regions/packages being offered or not by BTL?

carrotmadman6 said...

BTL just started their trials with customers in Quatre-Bornes.

Hopefully, it'll be launched in another 6-8 weeks. :)

lycanwrath said...

Thx for the reply carrotman6, wish for BTL services to come sooner than later :), but still it would be nice to get some feedback from those Quatre Bornes testers...

lycanwrath said...

Ok, I got some info that a company at Ebene is going to get 10mb speed from BTL as from next week. News is promising indeed as it shows connection is getting UP at Ebene.

lycanwrath said...

More info on the channels: The subscriber to the network will get a basic package for US$10 per
month which will give him or her a 2 mbps connection and 40 TV channels
(a mixture of free-to-air and paid). The top end package will be US$200
per month, providing a mix of high-end bandwidth and a wider selection
of premium content. The current content package includes Fox, HBO, Zee
TV and UTV:”We will show most Indian news channels and soaps, Hollywood,
French programmes and Bollywood.”

Hope their will be a choice to get the minimum of Indian news channels and soaps, as this stinks imo :)

carrotmadman6 said...

Nice. :)

Fou said...

Some positive news on the internet competition here:

orphy said...


à ce jour, sait-on si des chaînes de la TNT française voir de parabole/canalsat seront dispo sur l'offre de Bharat ?

carrotmadman6 said...

 Non, on ne sait rien pour l'instant.

orphy said...

Merci pour votre réponse.
Sinon, une question, je sais pas si vous pourrez me répondre ...  La télévision par ADSL de My.T est elle bonne avec 1méga où faut il monter à 2mega pour éviter les bug/bloquage d'image/son ?

carrotmadman6 said...

En théorie, le débit Internet doit n'avoir aucun effet sur la TV, mais plusieurs personnes se sont plaints de bloquage d'images lorsqu'elles téléchargent en même temps. Donc, c'est mieux d'avoir 2 méga.

orphy said...

Merci pour toutes ses précisions.  Il est regrettable je trouve d'avoir ses quelques parasites avec du 1méga, je me souvient qu'il y a 3ans de cela quand j'étais à Maurice, le 512 semblait plutôt bien fonctionner pour la TV même avec du dl à côté mais visiblement, avec un upgrade du débit, c'est l'effet inverse qui se produit lol

carrotmadman6 said...

 Alright. Thanks for sharing the article, hadn't read it.

Vishan6787 said...

matloo mari cher sa...

Guest65485 said...


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