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Mar 26, 2008

With the BBC having snagged the F1 2009 Season broadcast rights, the inevitable question of who will present the show crops up… & obviously, if you are speaking of anything dealing by far with cars, then that’s Top Gear territory.

According to this report by TimesOnline, it's Richard Hammond (Hamster) that is hot favourite to become BBC’s F1 commentator. Actually, the BBC is looking to revamping the entire F1 show by giving it a new look… & why not with Team Top Gear.

Top Gear having more viewers than F1 should re-spark interest into the automotive sport, because Hamster won’t be doing the commentary alone… Jeremy Clarkson & James May won’t refrain from doing inside specials…

& they do indeed have quite a lot of racing “experience.”

A copsupercar - How hard can it be?
How would you like to transform this…

Into this:

Well, bet it on Top Gear to give a shot at building a copsupercar for the next season of Top Gear.

Sun columnist Jeremy Clarkson and the gang plan to build a super patrol car to help cops crack down on crime.

Explaining what Jezza, James May and Richard Hammond have in mind, a source said: “We looked at cops’ cars and they don’t feel equipped enough for the job.

“The Top Gear lads have got some ideas so we’re going to put them to the test in the new series.

“It won’t exactly be Robocop, but it will be better than PC Plod’s Pandas.”

[via Autoblog]

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