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Mar 17, 2008

What happens when you tell 3 buffoons (Alan Clarksmarsh, Jamesy Dimmock and Handy Hammond), who know nothing about gardening, to try their hand at remaking a garden? Yeah, you get Top Garden Ground Gear Force!

Garden Gear
Tonight, Sport Relief will be bursting on to your TV with a whole evening of rictus grinning jollity designed to raise lots of lovely cash for charity.

And Top Gear will be doing its bit as our boys attempt to bring back popular garden makeover show Ground Force, all in the name of a worthy cause.
You might remember Ground Force as the programme in which a bunch of blokes with regional accents pitched up at someone's house and covertly redesigned their shabby garden while they were out.

Well Jeremy, Richard and James decided it was high time it came back. After all, when it comes to gardening, how hard can it be?

As it turns out, slightly harder than you might imagine. Their location for this one-off special was the garden of a British sporting legend, and their self-nominated horticultural designer was one-time art school student Handy Hammond, who had come up with some lovely water colour plans to transform a featureless lawn into a restful haven in which a busy gold medallist could relax.

Unfortunately, Jeremy and James had rather different ideas about how the makeover should progress. Ones that mainly involved concrete, explosives, and a shed.
Nonetheless, with our sports star out of the house and genuinely unaware of what was in store, the boys knuckled down to transform the garden in just one day.

The results were, erm, dramatic. Find out what happens when three perma-arguing car blokes try their hand at gardening on BBC2 at 10pm tonight.

It's worth it for the secret sports star's reaction alone.

Check out the preview on Final Gear!

A Top Gear charity special, combining Sport Relief & Ground Force that promises to make you go ROFL!!! :P

Here are the Rapidshare links:
Filesize: 350MB
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Zoo article on the Special:

Update: How hard can it be to make a cop car?
For the next season of Top Gear, Jeremy & Co. have decided to make their own supercopcar or copsupercar?
More here.

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Kavish Koomar said...

That was just an awesome show!!!

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