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Jul 9, 2008


Just got this lovely little mail from evil dear Orange

FUP for more reliable BS broadband services.

We know that you enjoy surfing and downloading music, movies and pictures. But we also know that this can get a little frustrating at times, as heavy users on our network can reduce the internet speed at your end.

Heavy users download very large files 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, leaving less bandwidth for the rest of you. And we think it’s unfair that you should not be getting good speeds when you surf the internet because of a very small number of users. To make sure everyone is getting the best quality connection speeds from us, we have set up monitoring tools to identify those few very heavy users and to manage their bandwidth.

That’s why we have introduced the Fair Usage Policy. We know the majority of customers usage will always fall well within this policy, but this will also help us address any excessive usage, so you always get the most reliable broadband services.

How would you qualify as a heavy user? Well, if you continuously download large files, then there is a great chance that you are a heavy user. For example, if you are an ADSL 512K customer and you download over 4,000 music tracks per month or more than 28 movies per month and keep on doing this type of download every month, then you would qualify as a heavy user. This type of download is a large amount by any normal standard of usage. Below is an indicative of FUP thresholds for other ADSL packages:

Indicative thresholds ADSL Home
No of MP3s
OR No of movies

Click here for more information about the Fair Usage Policy and our new Orange ADSL Terms & Conditions.

For any questions, call us free of charge* on 8900 or visit
*from any Orange mobile or MT fixed line

No… this is no warning mail, but just an “awareness” campaign by Orange. For once, they’ve officially confirmed the capped limits, but no idea of what they’ll do once you go beyond those limits.

Considering an average MP3 at 5MB & a movie at 700MB (hence a Scene released dvd-rip LOL), here are the limits:

128k – 10GB

512k – 20GB

PS. I’m waiting for Orange to send me that warning letter now… or else… will they cap me without any warning? smile_whatchutalkingabout

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Shah said...

Man, you're fuc***. And the thing is - we all are!
Monitoring tools??? Shouldn't there be more transparency - like should we know what they are logging? Isn't data mining illegal?

"if you are an ADSL 512K customer and you download over 4,000 music tracks per month or more than 28 movies per month "

WTC @ music and movies?!!! So are they condoning the download of movies and songs provided the number you download is low?

Maybe we should use what this guy had said, make him an icon in the fight against orange banging ways:

Carphone Warehouse’s Charles Dunstone (TalkTalk ISP) said:

Our position is very clear. We are the conduit that gives users access to the internet. We do not control the internet, nor do we control what our users do on the internet. I cannot foresee any circumstances in which we would voluntarily disconnect a customer’s account on the basis of a third party alleging a wrongdoing.

Anyway, the campaign sucks. Post your warning email and letter if you receive one. Then, all bloggers will fight in your name - Save Carrotmadman6, Save the World. Ok, enough kidding. We should rally and truly fight the oppression for in order to enjoy true Web 2.0 experience, you need to be classified as a heavy user - paradox (from the point of view of Orange)


carrotmadman6 said...

You can check your logs at that ALWAYS tells you "You've exceeded your limit!"

No, no, no... Orange is NOT condoning downloading of ILLEGAL movies & mp3, illegal p2p sharing & illegal torrent downloads. What they want you to do is download less, but share more among your peers! :D

According to Orange, Web 2.0, YouTube, Google Maps, etc do not exist in Mauritius...

Lotus said...

Received the email today from MT/Orange... here is my initial response:

Re: Fair Usage Policy for more reliable broadband services
Wed, 09 Jul 2008 17:20:28 +0400

Thank you for your email.
Would you be kind enough to confirm that the contents below have been
vetted and cleared by both the legal departments of Mauritius Telecom
and Orange (France), with regard to the contractual rights of existing
customers, and the unilateral changing of conditions of use?

Sanjit Teelock

Anonymous said...

of course Carrot..we,users, need to surf on the site,{something like that}! !we need to surf only in our local pages.come on guys..we don't have to surf on international webpages..only local pages..
we can surf 24/24 and 7/7 on our local pages.they are so helpful and contain so much information.
{being being f**king sarcistic}

Anonymous said...

this can i xpress myself without!

Anyways again this sucks big tushuxx said we shud surf local!

Anonymous said...

I have not yet received such mail.I'm waiting for them so contact me.Come on guys..Stop being stupid..We need to surf in the whole day.Did you guys notice how useful and how important the page is?It is so important that I visit it once{only 1 min} every 2 months! !

carrotmadman6 said...

I wonder if they'll reply back... :P

@V!N$H! & Tushal
I've got the solution to FUP... use NetPC! ROFL :D

Anonymous said...

NetPC! ! !OMG..In one day i use 24hours of less than 2 days..My package will be over.And you do know that there are average 30 days per month! ! !

Yashvin said...

lol ! 30 days! dialog top!

Anonymous said...

Net PC????????? I use about 5 hours per day....dan un semain em pou fini sa lol....btw as far as my calculus is good...let me calcul...YEAAAA ena 30 days in one month...ena kiena 31 days tou...alor ban ceki servi 1 hour per day la...dan ban mois kiena 31 jour...zot pou bizin gard un jour carem et pa servi internet are net pc lol

Anonymous said...

ban p block MTML ASTERE
=> pas work

mais lors anonymous proxy li work

Orange ziste a bunch of loosers

Anonymous said...

Attention DIALUP, dans 1 future proche ORANGE pu mette FUP lors zot DIALUP pu ziste capav download 1 MP3 par mois


carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah, it certainly seems Orange is blocking MTML's site. I can only access it with proxy.

Anonymous said...

en sa mem ki appelle Oragne enne "movais perdant" :)

someone tried AZU? (get the 2.4 Mb speed in PL?)

carrotmadman6 said...


Check this article by L'Express...

Anonymous said...

Thanks carrotmadman6 but i already know abt this article...
Mo p envi conner si kikaine in abonné AZU.

carrotmadman6 said...

Yea, I don't know anyone who can provide us with a hands-on review of Azu. No one has dared taken the plunge yet! LOL :D

Anonymous said...

L'express est toujours en retard :P


carrotmadman6 said...


As usual... :P

Thanks for the share! :)

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