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Jul 4, 2008


I'm participating in the initiative/competition by Blogger Buster to make a better Blogger service. More here.

Like every other blogging platform, Blogger has its pros & cons, & I've come up with my wishlist of features I would like on Blogger.

But before that there has been some major additions to Blogger in Draft.
- A comment form beneath your posts (finally!!!)


I seriously think Blogger have some mind-readers... Just when I thought I would rant about that awful comment form... Blogger releases it in Blogger in Draft! Yay! Finally the Holy Grail of comment forms has come to Blogger.
The new comment form is Ajax-powered, & instead of listing the different commenting options, Blogger adds everything in a drop-down menu that popups the required forms. Even the captcha popups! Unfortunately for me, the first time I used it, I got this nasty Captcha...


The only thing I regret in the new comment form is the removal of the Author icons & profile photos. I hope Blogger is working on adding them back...
Check this tutorial by BloggerBuster on how to add it to your custom template.

- Backing up your blog.
Yes, you can finally back up not only your theme, but also your posts, comments & settings. I haven't tried it yet, but I guess that would be a big file to download...

blogger-star-ratings- Post Rating
Yeah, 5-star ratings for your posts.   
Check this tutorial by BloggerBuster on how to add it to your custom template.
Note: Check BloggerInDraft for more about the new additions.


My Wishlist
- A better Post Editor


Believe it or not, but Blogger's post editor is the worst of all platforms.
Yeah, I know Blogger just gave it a facelift on Beta, but the only new thing is drag-&-drop pics. It's really too basic! The only good thing with Blogger's post editor is that it forces you to learn html!
I'm not asking for a Google Doc clone... What we really need is an offline Blogger post editor. The most appropriate solution would of course be Windows Live Writer - best blog post editor ever! You can grab the Tech Preview here. It has loads of features & it supports Blogger perfectly.
But one powered by Blogger would be more appropriate! I suggest Blogger use Adobe's Air platform to make the post editor, which is perfect for small web-apps. Or else they can go the Live Writer way by adding a plugins functionality! :P

- Label Cloud
Blogger should add a label cloud option coz the Json label cloud by Phydeaux3 is not a perfect solution - the code is very lengthy & it increases page loading time.

- Built-in Trackback ping
Blogger trackbacks work great in displaying other posts linking to you, but when it comes to you pinging other blogs, you are forced to use external sites like this one. Well, it's high-time Blogger corrects this by adding a trackback ping.

- Template Builder
Ok, I admit I'm a noob at building templates from scratch - I'm more into modding & customizing templates. It would be awesome if Blogger could provide the required software to build your own templates. A GUI builder to be precise, where you drag-&-drop things, change the graphics, widget behaviour & the app chucks out the code! & it should contain a debugger as well because most templates are not W3C valid.

- Blogger Web Hosting
I know it's kinda far-fetched but don't you want your own free hosting webspace along with your Blogger blog. I'm suggesting this mainly because it's really very hard to find free hosting for your scripts, PHP files, database, etc. Accounting for the millions of blogs that Blogger has, I would say 25MB would be reasonable enough. :)

- Emoticons
Who can forget these… smile_wink smile_regular smile_teeth smile_tongue smile_shades smile_sarcastic smile_whatchutalkingabout smile_eyeroll smile_confused 
Please, please, please, Blogger, add E.M.O.S!!! :P

That's it. Of all suggestions, I would prefer if Blogger could really work on improving the existing post editor - it's the only remaining big dark spot on the white sheet that is Blogger, the comment form black hole having been filled up.

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Anonymous said...

cool! :P
Happy to see Blogger is listening to its users' requests, I think this can help blogger in the long run :)

enfin fwiw some time ago some of my
friends were trying to improve blogger with some hacks. (am mainly thinking of ex bloggers Nym who implemented smileys in post / comments, or Lost wanderer who implemented a comment form very similar to the one am typing in right now :) (unfortunately atm both blogs have been closed by their respective authors though))

carrotmadman6 said...

It seems that recently that the Blogger have been actively working on "really" improving the service... Something they'd been stalling for years! :P

Amanda Kennedy said...

Hello Carrotmadman6,

Thank you for your entry post for the Blogger WIshlist competition :)

I'm still validating all entries, though I hope to announce the winners later today.

Best wishes and good luck!


carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks Amanda. :P

Yashvin said...

best of luck for the competition!

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks Yashvin. :P

Kurt Avish said...

Great post...and good luck for the competition. Am a fan of blogger myself...btw wooo am tired of blogger today!!! I spend the whole day trying all sort of template for our (Yusha and Me) new personal blog...and I am tired lol.

Our new blog is at

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks! :P

Congrats for your new blog! That's one heck of a template! WOW! 8D

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