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May 28, 2009


Man Utd Champions League Runners-up So finally, the 2008-2009 season is over for Man Utd with a 2-0 defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League final. Barcelona managed a historic treble just like Man Utd did 10 years ago.

etoo Man Utd started the match superbly with 5 shots on goal & total domination of the first 8 mins (their best performance throughout the match). Until Barça mounted their first attack & Eto’o scored on his trademark clinical finish.
Whichever team was to score first would gain an enormous advantage over the other to mount up counter-attacks. & that’s exactly what Barcelona did. & much more as the United players were totally shaken up by this first goal & provided a mediocre performance throughout the first half, with half-hearted passing & trying to contain the unstoppable Messi or Xavi.

Messi The second half resumed with the introduction of Carlos Tevez & of Berbatov on the hour mark. Man United did a much better performance but with no playmaker to feed the plethora of attackers (Fletcher?), United were left chasing shadows as Barcelona demonstrated their superior passing. United hopes for a 1999-styled comeback crashed when Lionel Messi headed in from a Xavi cross, a ball gained by Captain Puyol, to make the score 2-0.

silver The match ended in a 2-0 defeat for Man Utd whose hopes of retaining the title were crushed by a superior Barcelona side. Barcelona totally deserve their trophy as they were a much better team.

man utd But United fans should not despair – Man Utd did try to defend their title in the final & so finished runners-up of the Champions League at the end of an incredible season, despite United not playing at their best. Man Utd have won the Carling Cup, the FIFA World Club Cup, the Premier League for the 18th time & are runners-up of the Champions League. That is a incredible accomplishment! :)
I’m really looking to next season when Man Utd will try to make up for this season’s deficiencies & come far stronger than ever!
On a final note, I’ll just mention that next year’s Champions League final will be played at Bernabeu! Hope it’ll be an all-English final. ;) – United players reaction
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Rite$h said...

United out-played by a Barça team which plays exquisite football, and take their chances when presented to them, unlike Ronaldo who wasted opportunities in the early minutes... hope they learn a lesson from this game and try to lift their game to another level next season

carrotmadman6 said...

Ji Sung Park was doing the lolz on the pitch. :P

curiousEngine said...

Messi is a great player. Hats off

Joyshan said...


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