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May 26, 2009

Microsoft_Office_2010_New_Logo Two weeks ago, Somalian pirates unexpectedly leaked the Technical Preview of Office 2010, which will be released to testers in July.
Being an early (software) adopter, I just couldn't resist trying it... ;)

Office Professional Plus 2010 took around 8 mins to install on Windows 7.

Word 2010 Starting up any Office app takes only a few seconds, even on a cold start with the new 'spectrum' boot animation. The new boot animation has a cancel option to prevent you from opening the app if you have launched it accidentally.

The first thing you'll feel is that it's very very fast. Animations, menus, formatting options - everything is fluid, without any lag. Basically Office 2010 has been given the Windows 7 treatment, optimized to the hilt. Even memory usage is much lower.

  Office 2007 Office 2010
Word 22 MB 11 MB
Excel 15 MB 8 MB
PowerPoint 94MB 14 MB
OneNote 15 MB 30 MB
Visio 15 MB 18 MB

Word 2010_2 A quick look at the interface shows no major change from Office 2007. The Ribbon (aka Fluent UI) is here to stay, albeit now with Aero blended in & an arrow button to hide it. Icons are no longer outlined, giving a sleeker Ribbon.

Word 2010_3 The Office button is no longer a menu, but a whole new page with the same standard options – New, Print, etc.

imageWord 2010_4 You'd probably be disoriented at first, especially with the new Print options.

Word 2010_5 Bored of the dull white skin? No worry, there'll definitely be more options in future releases including a matching blue Windows 7 theme.

Word 2010_6 This is probably one of the most important improvements of Office 2010. Office 2007 was much hated for its Ribbon that decreased productivity as compared to customized toolbars. Office 2003 users can now rejoice - Ribbons are now totally customizable! You can make your own custom tabs!

Word 2010_10 Security has been given prominence in Office 2010 with a 3-tier protection – DEP, Document Validation & Protected View.
Protected View kicks in when you open downloaded documents - it essentially opens it as read-only, with one more button to click to access editing.

With the lack of a change-log & the Help file being that of Office 2007, it's hard to identify all new features. So I just focused on new Word features. (A few more features are on

Word 2010_7 Insert Screenshots from opened windows in the background.

Word 2010_8 Artistic effects similar to Photoshop.

Word 2010_9 Remove background from picture! Great for removing simple gradients, but not recommended for detailed backgrounds.

Word 2010_11 Open Type Ligatures – whatever that means…

Word 2010_12 Powerpoint-styled Word Art can be applied to any piece of text.

Word 2010_14 The new Search sidebar

Send-a-Smile& finally Office 2010’s Feedback program – Send-a-Smile. :)

The Bottom Line
In all, a very fast Technical Preview, very much worthy of being a successor to Office 207. But it’s still very much incomplete – missing icons are replaced by a red dot! & it has bugs – I couldn’t make AutoConnect work on the Basic Electrical Template for Visio (it worked on my first try).
If you are thinking of downloading Office 2010, I would suggest you wait until the public betas because many leaked versions are being distributed with trojans, mostly botnets & mainly because this TP is a 30-day trial.

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Sun said...

I love it already.. when it comes to memory optimization! bring it on!

Learn ADOBE! LEARN!! you filthy ram sucker!

I would like to know the performance on XP as well! :) fcuk vista..

carrotmadman6 said...

I tested Office 2010 on Windows 7. So it should be equally fast, if not faster on XP. :)

Yasir said...

Haven;t tried it yet.As far as windows 7 is concerned, it still has got issues specially the 64 bit version.Can u believe that my PC won't shut down?? Had to get rid of this os and get windows vista x32 back..

concerning office 2010, I can see that it's an improvement over 07 since hd space has been reduced

carrotmadman6 said...

Driver problems? o_O

sailesh said...

@Yasir , i have been using 64 bit OS for the past few years & never got such issue, infact WiN7 is my main OS now & its 64BIT which runs without any prob :)

keshav said...

Microsoft are trying to milk the cow again. Windows 7 is not a radical change from Windows Vista. They share the same source code.

Ditto with Office 2010 and office 2007.

carrotmadman6 said...

Same source code but difference performance - & that matters. :)

Rite$h said...

has nice looks and the memory usage comparison shows it will run smoothly on any system. And keshav said it right, be it office 2010 or Win7, they share same source code as their predecessors, except for some bug fix and removal of unused options to make them lighter

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