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May 2, 2009


The third theatrical trailer Transformers: Return of the Fallen was released yesterday…. Download HD videos on

sam-talking-to-bumblebee It starts off just like in the ShoWest montage, Sam telling Bumblebee he can't take him to college.

going-to-college Moves to college.

megan-foxmegan-fox2megan-fox3 Confirmed: Megan Fox is 76.3% hotter!

shard-of-AllSpark Sam finds a shard of the AllSpark in his bag, which reveals something to him.

the-fallen A vision of The Fallen.

symbols Makes him have hallucinations of strange symbols.

optimus-prime-talking-to-Sam Optimus - We have kept much from you, Sam.
Sam - This isn't my war.
Optimus - I fear it soon will be.

destroying-aircraft-carrier More footage of the aircraft carrier destroyed.

Demolishor The Constructicon Demolishor rampaging through the motorway.

unexplained-markings "What you're about to see is top secret."

unexplained-markings2petra "Archaeologists found these unexplained markings in ancient ruins all over the world."

constructicons-resurrect-megatronmegatron Constructicons resuscitating Megatron.

sam-fox-jumpsam-fox-jump2 "Megatron wants what's in my mind."

bumblebee-rampage Bumblebee fighting against Rampage.

optimus-prime-swordoptimus-prime-sword2 Optimus Prime's double sword!

optimus-prime2 "Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing."

sam-retrieves-object Sam picking an object which looks like it fell off The Fallen.

pyramid-sun-harvesterf16s-flying-over-pyramid Jets circling the Pyramid, which is probably The Fallen’s sarcophagus or a sun harvester.

devastator-climbing-pyramid Devastator climbing the Pyramid.

jetfire Jetfire.

the-fallen2the-fallen3 The Fallen

devastator2devastator3 devastator4devastator5 Devastator!

Although I’ve already written this section, I’ve decided not to post it since all the spoilers I have gathered will probably reveal most of the plot. :S
The only thing I can say – this film will be EPIC! xD


1080p Screencaps credit to

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Saajid said...

This one's great!! :D Really can't wait for the film :D

Anonymous said...

I promise.I swear..I won't download this movie in cam version. I will download it in 720p or 1080 only! ! ! !And I will watch it in Cinema! ! ! ! !No cam or ts or r5 download! ! !xD

carrotmadman6 said...

I never download cams... :D
But for this one, I'll go to the cinema (tweet it live) & I'll download every version that comes out as from the screener/r5... :P
Well, probably not 1080p, but 720p YES! xD

Sun said...

>>>>>>>>>I promise.I swear..I won't download this movie in cam version. I will download it in 720p or 1080 only! ! ! !And I will watch it in Cinema! ! ! ! !No cam or ts or r5 download! ! !xD<<<<<<<<<

This is supposed to be my comment... :S:S

carrotmadman6 said...

Tushal hijacked your comment? LOL :P

Yashvin said...

Yashvin likes your link... lol

Sleepoholic said...

lol... count me ine...another 720p downloader

p.s ti capav download sa par torrent..ti pou mari nisa( ek rapid) :P

carrotmadman6 said...

Yea, we would be sharing each other's bandwidth! :P

Unfortunately only Scene BR-Rips are available on torrent. :S

Rite$h said...

Watched this trailer in the weekend, must say the movie looks better with every trailer coming out... and Megan Fox as well ;)
Impatient for it to be released!

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