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Jun 9, 2009

iphone-3g-s-20090608 Every year, at around this time, the whole tech world will be affected by the frenzied hyping of one device - the iPhone.

title-iphone-3g-s-20090608 S stands for sucks speed. The 3G S features a faster processor (600Mhz) which should bring a much needed speed boost to the UI & apps. Games should also benefit from this along with the new 3D chip.
The 3G radios also got a speed bump with support for 7.2Mbps HSDPA.

Video Video recording - a much-demanded feature which has been finally implemented after a 2-year wait. The iPhone 3G S can record at VGA (640x480) at 30fps. Also included is quick trimming of videos.

Photos 3MP camera with auto-focus - A better camera with basic exposure, white balance, auto-focus, manual focus by tapping on screen & auto-macro.

Voice control Voice control - exactly like the voice control on Windows Mobile, it allows you to control apps like iTunes.

compass The magnetometer (digital compass), which will help in turn-by-turn navigation on Google maps.

Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating - having had hands-on experience of the iPhone's love for fingerprints, I can say this is a really great improvement.

iphone-3gs-key-014 The iPhone 3G hasn’t been phased out – Apple will be selling the 8GB version at a lower price while the iPhone 3G S will only be available with 16GB & 32GB capacity.

wwdc2009-822 Another improvement - the iPhone 3G S will have better battery life.

What's missing?
iphone_3gs Most predictions were wrong. There was to be no front-facing camera with video iChat (or video call) nor a new design with matte black finish (that would have been much better than the glossy black). & neither a back-lighted Apple logo. It’s the exactly the same design as the iPhone 3G.

No flash
The 3MP camera is good for casual photos but with the lack of flash, it’s crippled. A dual-led flash could have doubled up as lighting when recording video.
& Apple still haven’t added support for the other Flash on Safari.

Almost all smartphones have a MicroSD slot… why not the iPhone?

Bluetooth 3.0
If Apple really wanted to showcase the iPhone 3G S's speed, they should have included the much faster 3.0 spec - & possibaly becoming the first device to do so. With just Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, that's disappointing. Unless they add it via an update…

The iPhone OS 3.0 added MMS, Copy & Paste, landscape keyboard & Push Notifications. However Push Notifications is no equivalent to running multiple apps & you can’t switch between them. With no multi-tasking, the iPhone OS sucks – imagine using any OS without app switching!

The main reason I think Apple cannot add multi-tasking & other features is because of battery life. Comparatively, the N97 with its 1500mAh battery has 6h 3G talk time.
One possible solution is adding an AMOLED screen – better quality, less power but more expensive.
But fact is… lithium-ion battery technology seems to have reached its critical point. To really improve on battery life, Apple will need to optimize the OS, which it has so far procrastinated by adding faster processors. What they did with Snow Leopard, they should do the same thing with the iPhone.

wwdc2009-843 The iPhone 3G S will be available on the 9th of August in Mauritius… but given that oranges are oranges, I don’t expect the same price drop in the US as with the iPhone 3G. Currently the 8GB iPhone 3G is Rs 24k & the 16GB is Rs 32k.
The iPhone 3G S 32GB may be around Rs 35k.
3G users have no obligation to upgrade since they’ll be getting most of the features on the 3.0 OS, but for iPhone gen1 users, it’s a tough decision. Sure the hardware is better, but at that price?

iPhone v4?
The iPhone 3G S is no new product, it’s just a better iPhone 3G (a bit like what Nokia did with i versions of their phones, like N93 –> N93i). Evolutionary, not revolutionary.
Since some time Apple have been playing catch-up with other phone manufacturers by adding standard features every year… I was expecting iPhone v3 to be the version where it’ll finally level the playing field, but it’s not - no front-camera, flash or multi-tasking. Yesterday’s keynote was disappointing – it never stirred the buzz like with the iPhone 3G. If Apple don’t get it right next year, the iPhone is doomed. Steve Jobs should already start thinking of the next thing.

PS. Snow Leopard was also announced. Basically Snow Leopard is to Leopard what Windows 7 is to Vista. & cheaper Macbook Pros (courtesy of Laptop Hunters).


Orange are clearing up their stock of iPhone 3G (to make place for the 3G S), offering a 20% rebate.
iPhone 3G 8GB is now Rs 19k & iPhone 3G 16GB is Rs 24k. They’ve also included instructions on how to update current iPhone to OS 3.0. ;)

Update 2:
iPhone 3G S Prices
The iPhone 3G S is now available at a prepay price of Rs 34,000 & a post-pay price of Rs 33,000. :)

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Wez said...

It still doesn't appeal to me. :D Thumbs up for the review though.

Yashvin said...

*can hear someone swearing at you* lol

Anybody got an idea of the number of iphones in Mauritius? 5? 10? 100? 1000? lets stop here.

Apple has been revolutionary with its touch screen, but the question : "Will it be able to catch up with the other models on the market, while providing a competitive price?"

Till now, we have only witnessed the high price of any apple product...

carrotmadman6 said...


The iPhone is a premium product with a premium price. Add Orange into that, & you get one very expensive toy. :)

& I forgot to mention there's no iTunes store in Mauritius. So legally, your iPhone is crippled. :)

Sun said...

Great review!

Well.. i wouldnt spend so much money just because its called "iphone". I would prefer a Nokia 5800, with all the functionalities.. WIFI, 3G etc... and half as cheap/expensive(uhh... )

Great Review though! The first line was superb! :P

S stands for *sucks* speed.

curiousEngine said...

is eager for a Nokia N97 than an iPhone 3G S!

Rite$h said...

Nice review, though would prefer the Nokia 5800 to this one

Nitish said...

Great Review,

But you should read carefully whats the upgrade in 3.0 and whats new in 3G S.

I think the upgrade is just find for existing 3G users, I never knew Nokia or any company providing a great deal of upgrade as compared to what we are getting for the Iphone 3G for free.

By the way, Iphone is one thing and a Phone is another thing, Iphone is something much much more than a phone, as compared to any other phone.

I am a Mauritian Iphone user, and have a free Itune account, and I am happy to have all those free application, and by the way the problem of not having itunes in Mauritius is not the fault of Apple, its our security limitation in Mauritius and of course MT/Orange/Politics.

Live Iphone/Apple.
A piece of Art, the most revolutionary yet most user friendly system of the Universe.

carrotmadman6 said...

May I point out that all the features added in OS 3.0 should already have been there in the first place, leaving Apple to develop something much more revolutionary. :)

Unknown said...

Nice! and now I have to throw my iPhone 3G... Nice apple...

And for the os3 on 3g, it's slow....

NEO said...

Damn do you guys know about jailbreaking and cydia?

We dont need an itunes store in Mauritius to download songs off it? I already do it.

Anonymous said...

iPhone 3G S is now officially available..but the price is still very very high :(

carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah, I updated the post.

Neel said...

Great review.

Many people think the iPhone is just too expensive and that it lacks too much as compared to other mobile devices. Indeed, it is expensive, in Mauritius. I have more than 5 friends using iPhones in Australia and the US. The price they pay to buy and the price the pay monthly sums up to a grand total of US$100/month - Rs3000 in Mauritius while infact when adapted to the difference in economic value it is Rs1000/month. However, Orange kicks our nu*** with the prices. I take into consideration shipping and all that comes along with it but still it's indeed very expensive here.

What about the love for iPhone?
The same rules apply to the Mac family. It's a matter of beauty, simplicity in beauty, sleek look, aesthetism, powerful machine and VERY reliable. I used one and even compared it to an Alienware when I was in HK. Mac and iPhone has their negative aspects like PCs and Nokia/etc. But the certainly bring some another thrill to your experience. No viruses, no bugs, fast graphic for videographers and photographer and designers. I built up a PC with the same configuration of a Mac and the PC cost higher than the Mac.
Windows just released Windows Phone - HTC Pure with Mobile 6.5. Have a look at the review and you'll you still cannot get the smooth flow and graphic of an iPhone. The games, apps, experience are all freaking awesome.
However, I do believe some new stuff can be brought in:
Flash, front camera, multi-tasking(though I'm sure when you click the home button the app keeps on running), more than 5.0MP camera, flash integration, more powerful memory/processor, graphic, HD and sound. Content: a leather case won't be bad at all..:P

Afterall, it's also about marketing and business. If they give you full perfection, they are doomed!

So seriously, outside MU, considering an Apple product is worth a shot. Even here.

Neel said...

And BTW, I can put ringtones on iPhone, Unlock, etc etc.. Like NEO said, no need for an iTunes store. Anyway, when you purchase an Apple product, with the unique product's ID at the back you get a personal ID on online registration. Then you can do whatever you want.

Talking about Appstore and iTunes store... We have one at Curepipe. I talked to them recently.
They repair and provide Mac, iPhones and iPods, OS, upgrades, hardware, accessories and lots of stuff. They are certified Apple resellers and trainers. Yeah they teach how to use it if ever you're having probs. They are Apple Solution Experts - Education and for Adobe as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi, where is it at curepipe exactly? What is their name? I am in mauritius and I need to have my iPhone repaired :(

carrotmadman6 said...

Here's the link.

Anonymous said...

Just got my iPhone 3Gs

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