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Jun 28, 2009


Angels and Demons A review of the film adaptation of the popular novel, Angel & Demons by Dan Brown.

clue Angels & Demons follows on the huge success of The Da Vinci Code. While events in the film claim it's a sequel, the book is actually a prequel, to be followed by The Lost Symbol this September. & like all novel-adaptations, except for TLOTR, the book is better than the movie.

illuminati Angels & Demons starts off slowly, and then picks up pace with the usual mystery solving and action sequences à la Da Vinci Code (or National Treasure). As with all Dan Brown stories, the plot is simple at first sight, but in fact is convoluted - the Vatican is under attack from a secret society, the Illuminati. The Illuminati have stolen a canister of antimatter (powered by a battery, hence a time bomb) & have hidden it in Vatican. & the only way to find it is through the Path of Illumination.

camerlengo Tom Hanks is excellent in his role as know-it-all Robert Langdon, with Ayelet Zurer as his female sidekick. But it's Ewan McGregor who's undistinguishable as the Camerlengo (he played Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars I-III).

Scientific inaccuracies!
This one quite annoyed me because it was so early in the film. Retinal scanners don't work with dead eyes – the dead vessels decay too quickly upon death!
antimatter Antimatter is like a blue light-emitting particle-gas. That's impossible because no one actually knows how antimatter will look like - if it's not matter, how can you see it! (On a second thought, maybe the film-makers were right - the antimatter is interacting with infinitely small particles, causing emission of light.)
Finally, there's the explosion - it should have caused intense emission of light which would have blinded everyone.

air The film misses a few key elements from the book, but still manages to sustain the intrigue. Not as exciting as the Da Vinci Code, but definitely a great movie. If there is to be an extended version, it'll probably be perfect! :P
Rating - 7/10

X-men Origins: Wolverine
Wolverine Wolverine is my favourite X-men character, & thus my expectations were high for this film. & it certainly doesn't disappoint - it's a great action flick, but the plot has a few shortcomings. The scenes do not seem contiguous - I suppose it's because the film was re-shot in January.
explosion Otherwise some of the action scenes are pretty unbelievable - walking away calmly from an explosion in the background is so Bollywoodish! & the last fighting scene was quite ridiculous - controlling a mutant via commands! & what happened to Victor?
laser fight Overall, it's a good popcorn movie, but it could have been better!
Rating - 7/10

The Pink Panther 2
The Pink Panther 2 What would you expect from a sequel of a film like the Pink Panther? Yeah, it's the same jokes all over again. While some are utterly ridiculous, the others are outright lame!
Clouseau pope The faux-French is quite irritating & it seems Aishwarya Rai was uncomfortable in her role (or probably it's just me, being accustomed to see her in Bollywood movies). The bottom line is that the good laughs outnumber the bad laughs, so it's watchable. :)
Rating - 6/10

Gran Torino
Gran Torino One of the best movies I've seen this year so far. While I don't really like slow movies, Gran Torino is an exception. Despite his age of 79, Clint Eastwood is sublime in his role as a xenophobic war veteran & ideal American, abandoned by his children.
clint But more importantly it's the wonderful story of his transformation, owing to his Hmong neighbours, from an irritated old man to a local hero who ultimately sacrifices himself. :D
Rating - 8.5/10

FanboysAre you a Star Wars fanboy? Then Fanboys is an absolute must for you! The best comedy I’ve seen this year! & there’s a guy nicknamed Windows in it… :P
Rating – 8/10

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B-Razen said...

Aishawrya is an overrated actress. Minus her green eyes she wouldn't be as famous she is now.

I've read Angels & Demons and I just don't feel like watching the movie. It'd spoil it for me.

I'll check the rest sooner or later.

Thanks for the review!

Umar said...

the ending for angels of demons was kinda lame.

a big explosion that was supposed to wipe off vatican and rome from the map, but still when it exploded in the sky, the guy manages to survive even after hitting a few statues on the way. he could still walk even after such a landing...seriously????
*end of spoilers*

but even so, if you switch off your brains and go to the movies just to relax, its an entertaining movie.

Wolverine was just a waste of time. It doesn't even come close to explore the dark character that he is. Not even worth watching, even the special effects suck.

I saw Gran Torino a couple of months back and really enjoyed the movie. Not the kinda of movie you'd like to watch with your friends at the cinema, but its a really good drama. sad ending * tissues pleaaaseeee, sob*

i loathe steve martin and reckon he is not funny at all. Not the kinda movie i wanna watch, but im sure ill give it a try during the 3 long months holidays i have.

last movie i saw: "table for three". The usual american comedy-romance with the gorgeous jennifer morrison (cameron of doctor house). Worth watching if you are bored at night.


carrotmadman6 said...

If they had stuck to the book, it would be even more unbelievable - Langdon would jump from the copter without parachutes! :P

Rite$h said...

watched angels and demons, but i prefer da vinvi code to this one, yet to read the book thou :P

Keshav said...

Why do people keep comparing books with movies? If you're into books, stick to the books. :)

Btw, is now in creole. :D

carrotmadman6 said...

Because the comparison is inevitable if the movie is based on a book. :P

As for, around 7 bloggers have already blogged on that. :P

Anonymous said...

Da Vinci Code is essentially a shit book, it shot to fame just because of the controversy about Jesus Christ. My favourite Dan Brown has always been Angels&Demons, I mean the twists, the shocks, it's just amazing, compared to DVC where I knew who the villain was halfway through the book. I don't think anyone could see who was the ultimate culprit in A&D. But the movie was absolutely shocking for me, it's not bad for someone who hasn't read the book. The ending is ridiculous. That ruined the whole movie for me.

You were too kind to Pink Panther 2 :P Gran Torino is awesome, Clint Eastwood is arguably the most talented director in Hollywood. And a brilliant actor too!

Anonymous said...

Dear carrot, you are too generous with your ratings ;)
I would give:
angels and demons 3.5/10
pink panther 2/10
wolverine 6/10
and the last two i didnt watch yet.

Sachin said...

I happened to have seen Da vinci code before reading the book but my favourite Dan Brown book is Deception Point which could have even been easier to adapt than the other two. Its a bit "à la James Bond".

Gran Torino's ending wasn't as cool as that of other Eastwood films like Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, the 2 Iwo Jima films but still very percussive.

I won't comment on the Rai woman, she gets on my nerves and is a really poor actress.

On my coming list: rewatch all the 4 HIMYM seasons, Initial D again, 50 Gundam Seed episodes and a whole lot of movies waiting at home like Natural City and the last blockbusters.

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