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Jun 12, 2009

image The music video for Linkin Park’s New Divide, official theme song of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has premiered today on the band’s MySpace page. Check it out!

Linkin Park – “New Divide”

vlcsnap-371693vlcsnap-375301 Like all Linkin Park videos, this one is unique by its special effects, looking straight off like the visualizations of a media player with psychedelic distortions & negative image effects!

vlcsnap-375093vlcsnap-375780vlcsnap-375937vlcsnap-376351vlcsnap-377990vlcsnap-379831 The video was shot in the Tomb of the Primes (The 12 original Transformers).

vlcsnap-372434vlcsnap-373371vlcsnap-374865vlcsnap-380304vlcsnap-381176 New Divide’s music video includes what I believe to be key scenes from the film, especially revolving around the Fallen & the Transformers history with mankind.

vlcsnap-372692vlcsnap-373123vlcsnap-376635vlcsnap-376998vlcsnap-377430vlcsnap-378084vlcsnap-379368 Also included are scenes from the trailers & of Optimus Prime fighting Decepticons… including one new scene with his massive gun!

vlcsnap-377582vlcsnap-378304vlcsnap-378817 I’m also wondering if the girl in the video is… Megan Fox?

As usual it’s a superb video from Linkin Park, a fitting reply for the great song that is New Divide & the awesome movie that will certainly be Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! :D
As soon as the HD version is released, I’ll update the screens. In the meantime, here’s the flv of the music video – Download here (16.2MB)

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waz said...


Fiaf said...

Hi, lovely blog...
I was wondering, why are the mvids posted by group rippers always cropped?!

And by the way, do you know a piece of sofware for windows that can add effects/annotations and all kind of stuff to videos (avi,wmv and all the popular formats), one just like youtube remixer...

carrotmadman6 said...

Among the free apps, try Live Movie Maker & VideoSpin.
For advanced video editing, there's Adobe Premiere.


Fiaf said...

Re: I was wondering, why are the mvids posted by group rippers always cropped?

Fiaf said...

Windows Live Movie Maker doesn't work with Windows XP, according to Wikipedia.
Windows Movie maker 2.5 is not available anywhere for download and VideoSpin by pinnacle seems a bit confusing by looking at the different screenshots of the program + the size costs 162 MB, a bit heavy...
Any suggestions?, unless you've tried VideoSpin and found it very easy to use.

carrotmadman6 said...

I really don't know why they crop it, but I presume that if the vids have been ripped from TV, they crop it to remove the network logo or something.

If I'm not mistaken, Windows Movie Maker is built-in in XP SP2, but it's very basic.
While I haven't tried VideoSpin, it's the only good enough free alternative I've found.

Fiaf said...

In this post you talked about the HD version of New divide, do you know where i can acquire HD music videos (for free download of course)?
For your safety, you may post the link here and remove it after, lets say 12 hours, just before I have enough time to read it.

carrotmadman6 said...

My favourite is

Fiaf said...

Thanks, I'll try it out. You can delete it if you want now.

Fiaf said...

Hiii, I found some other places where you can get vids:

For my own safety, delete those links after you finished with them.

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