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Jul 21, 2009


In the June 7, 2004 special issue on technology, Newsweek asked Frog Design to design the Phone of the Future from scratch. & they came up with the petfrog.


Over a month, four professional tech designers produced the specifications for the "petfrog," a sleek, enticing prophecy of things to come. The phone's touch screen can display any interface, from keypad to keyboard to mouse pad or game console. Another higher-resolution screen can slide out of the unit for video chats and Web surfing. Thin, insertable cartridges can turn the phone into an MP3 player or camera, or add extra memory or a large keyboard.

Full article can be found here.


At that time, I dismissed the petfrog as the geek’s ultimate fantasy – it was too good to be true!

5 years on, we’re the Future… & ha! Except for the form factor, the petfrog is the modern smartphone.

Hard drives have been surpassed by the more reliable flash memory, allowing all smartphones to double up as music & video players and game consoles!

Email, Office document & PDF viewers/editors & voice recognition – we already have that!

Contacts & Communication
Friendster is so passé – it’s all Facebook & Twitter now & IM (with video chat). I should add VOIP as well. :)

High-res display? AMOLED
Cameras? Yep, up to 8MP. 
QWERTY keyboard? Yep, even on-screen ones!
Wirelesss? Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, HSDPA, Wimax.
Expanded media? MicroSD
Location-based services? A-GPS, compass, street navigation!


What hasn’t changed…

Jeremy Power Clarkson
Power. Electrical power.
Since the last 5 years, processing capacity has quadrupled, memory has decupled, network speed has increased substantially but battery life? It’s almost the same.

While I won’t say that battery technology has stagnated, it certainly hasn’t kept up with increasing demand for power. I haven’t come across any new technology that can replace the current li-ion/li-poly completely. So if there’s anything limiting your phone to replace your computer, curse the battery.


The Next-Gen Phone

… can have NFC, face & motion recognition like Project Natal, HD displays, installable OSes, pico projectors with virtual keyboards, well, anything you can imagine!
The point I wanted to make is that if you ever come across an article on some future technology, don’t shrug it off… You may well be using it tomorrow. ;)

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Sun said...

I'd love the "pen-like" phone with pico projectors for virtual PC.. and a holographic screen maybe! :P thats would totally COOL!!

When soz discovered the moon wasnt a big eye revolving around earth.. who would have thought human would set foot there..

more interestingly..

out of subject mayBe:

Which Armstrong covered the most distance? Neil or Lance?

Bruno said...

I dont pay much attention to these futuristic predictions ... most of them turn out to be completely off the mark e.g. the paperless office

carrotmadman6 said...

Neil, coz he was a pilot. :P

Yashvin said...

@Bruno : Dak-o-dak avec toi!

Bof, I guess it will be another 'iphone-like' craze? I doubt it since I dont think that it will be "Powered by Apple" :P

Anonymous said...

The Petfrog looks so ugly like its namesake so even I'd have shrugged it off.
I used to watch The Gadget Show in England and they come up with weird tech-toys too. You have to check it out, if you haven't already... :)

Yasir said...

hmm, when is carrotmadman gonna offer these phones for free???

Keshav said...

I'd have to say that Nokia's bendable mobile phones is how i see the future.

OT: When the hell is Transformers 2 coming out in Mauritian Cinemas? Next Year? :D

carrotmadman6 said...

I need to offer myself one first. :P

Great news for you!!!
Check this out -

Keshav said...

Cool. It must mean that public screenings will begin a few days after the 28th.

carrotmadman6 said...

I betting for a 31st July release coz most movies are released on Friday! :)

Kurt Avish said...

Nice..however am of the same opinion as Bruno above. I need to see to appreciate :P

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