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Jan 10, 2008


A Russian site has just leaked a video of the upcoming Audi R8 V12 TDI supercar! While it may not appear to be sensational news… this is a diesel-powered supercar!

The probable Specs:
- 0-100 km/h: 4.2s
- Horsepower: 500
- Torque: 1000 Nm
- Top Speed: 300 km/h
- Mileage: 23 MPG (10L/100km)
For a diesel-powered supercar, these specs are truly INCREDIBLE! As a comparison, the 4.2L V8 FSI Audi R8 does 0-100 in 4.0s with 420bhp. & knowing that the Audi R8 FSI was awarded Car of the Year 2007 by Top Gear Magazine, Autocar Magazine, Autobild & Fifth Gear, we know what to expect…
The Audi R8 V12 TDI is to be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show 2008, which will be held from Jan 13 to Jan 27.

Check out the video:

The front & back have larger air vents… like the Reventón! (obviously both cars must be linked since Lamborghini is owned by Audi) Another thing I noticed is the fixed rear spoiler as opposed to the retractable spoiler in the R8. & as shown in the video, the spoiler moves upwards at high speeds. There’s also a roof intake that is part of the transparent roof!
[via Autoblog]

Another breaking news!
Bugatti is working on a track version of the Bugatti Veyron!!! According to reports, this $ 3 million super-supercar will feature a tuned version of the 8-liter quad-turbo W16 engine that will produce 1175hp! I can’t imagine what a monster will that car be??

The vehicle, currently rumored to be code-named "Project Lydia" after Ettore Bugatti's wife, would exceed the 400km/h top speed of the Veyron in pursuit of a Nurburgring (The Ring) lap time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
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