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Jan 16, 2008

At Macworld 08, Steve Jobs keynote was as entertaining as any other year, but it lacked the “one more thing” gadget…

The first gadget on show was the Time Capsule, a 802.11n-equipped external hard-drive used for backing-up with Time Machine, available in 500GB & 1TB.

Next, Steve went on bragging about how the iPhone did this & that… & announced the new features available in the firmware v1.1.3… which everyone knew beforehand.

Faux GPS on Google Maps using Skyhook WiFi hotspots & cell phone towers to triangulate your position…

Home screen customization

SMS multiple people at once. Nothing new in there… All mobile phones have that…

Apple has decided that the iPod Touch will get those same apps that are available on the iPhone!!!

But unfortunately, Apple (as usual) will give away that “free” software at a price of $20 for existing iPod Touch users. No wonder, the hacked apps (pic above) are a better alternative…

Stevie then introduced the iTunes Movie Rental.

What’s amazing is that Apple has managed to grab up all those majors!

A normal rental is at $2.99, new releases at $3.99 & HD at $1 more… At the instant you start watching the movie, you have up to 24h to finish watching it… no matter how many times you watch it. & you can transfer those movies to your iPod or iPhone to continue viewing.

& then there’s the Apple TV.

Apple TV offers the same functions as iTunes… think of it as iTunes on TV... you can buy movies, songs, clips, shows… except that you can’t transfer any of those movies on your iPod or PC Mac. The price is down at $229.

& finally… the jewel in the crown.

The Apple Macbook Air

Continue on with the Macbook Air
This post is so long that I had to separate the Macbook Air part!

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