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Jan 6, 2008


Vodafone’s whole 2008 line-up has been leaked by BGR (, revealing some HP Windows Mobile & Nokia unreleased products.

HP Oak & Silver
These two HP PDAs really impressed me with that slick WM6 interface & touchscreen for the Oak. As usual, specs are top-notch with HSDPA, WiFi, GPS…

Oh yeah, these are the two Eseries Nokias that have just been caught in the wild & confirmed with this Vodafone leak… The Dora is the successor to the E65 while the Liam or E71 is the successor to the E61i. Specs are just like those HP PDAs… HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, MicroSD & 3.2 MP camera.
First photo at the start of this post was that of spy shot of the E71 caught by IntoMobile.

& here are photos of the titanium white Nokia N82… that keypad is awful!

There’s a rumour circulating around that Nokia is prepping a QWERTY Nseries, not Eseries… but Nseries!! So expect something like 8GB built-in flash, 5MP camera, GPS, WiFi… just like the N95 8GB, but on a QWERTY candybar! It should be similar to the above E71 rendering by mobile-review

How can two N95s be so similar & different at the same time?

The news: Chinese breakthrough in cloning!
Head over to to find out more…

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Anonymous said...


Sorry didn't know where else to comment.

But I love this new look. The colors are GORGEOUS!

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks! :D

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