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Jan 14, 2008

Today, when the postman came in, on top of my Newsweek, I saw a peculiar-looking envelope addressed to me from Sweden. (Sweden?!?)
On closer inspection, I saw that my address had a postal (or Zip) code: 123AB123 Since Mauritius doesn’t have any type of postal code, this was what I provided when I signed up for Google AdSense… So finally, my Google AdSense cheque has arrived!!

$115.53 = Rs. 3200
At last my efforts have paid off. The original purpose behind which I had opened this blog has been fulfilled. I joined AdSense on May 14, 2007 & I got my first AdSense cheque 8 months later.
For this amount, the number of impressions was around 24,000 & the number of clicks around 700… an average of $0.16 per click (which isn’t good at all!) The most I got in a single day was $6.48 with my 2nd (dormant extinct) niche blog (used for click exchanges).
Anyway, what matters is the cheque (or check) & I’m $60 away from the next one…

What next? Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to become a “pro-Blogger” & set up AdSense money-making blogs… so I’ll keep to this blog itself.

Top Tip: Keep your posts with original, unique content & you’ll get loads of traffic (& clicks!)
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InF said...

I made a request to ad-sense too.. Too bad my application got rejected. It says "Address incomplete" or something like that. I don't wanna try again! :P

Yashvin said...



rs3200 :P hmm hmm!

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks! :P

morinn said...

woooh! congrats congrats! :D Yup your efforts have finally paid off! :D

carrotmadman6 said...

w00t!! Thanks a lot! :D

Anonymous said... pas like me, cause of some google related stuff i blogged about no adsense ;)

Neelesh said...

That's awesome. You have been able to pass the $100 threshold.

I have got only $3 something. I am still waiting.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Man! I remember when I got my first adsense check! It made me feel like I was the richest person in the universe!

Anonymous said...

Congrats ;)

I got kicked out by adsense LOL

Silverhead777 said...

hi wat was your postcode?

carrotmadman6 said...


jason1smart said...

hi, i need help. i need help about blooging.. plz email me -

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