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May 11, 2008



Manchester United’s 0-2 away win at Wigan confirmed United’s supremacy over the English Premier League as they won their 17th Premiership title!

The game wasn’t as lively as expected, with both teams playing possession football. The turning point of the match came as Rooney was brought down (33rd min) & a penalty was rightly awarded!

Ronaldo calmly slotted in home the crucial goal, making him the EPL’s top scorer at 31 goals!

Wigan pressed on in the second half, with United solidly defending. A draw would mean disaster as Chelsea were leading 1-0 against Bolton! Wigan’s goalkeeper Chris Kirkland parried off some good shots from Tevez & Rooney. Ryan Giggs came in for Ji Sung Park, equalling Sir Bobby Charlton’s record 758 appearances for United.

& at the 80th minute, Ryan Giggs experience paid off as he held his calm against the two incoming defenders & scored his 10th goal of the season, finally promising Man United the championship!

As for Chelsea… well, they were held 1-1 (at HOME!) by Bolton. So United have won the EPL fair & square! No need to resort to any goal difference! :P


& don’t forget… there’s the Champions League final next week! Chelsea are bloodthirsty for revenge… while United hope to accomplish another historic double!

Read the Full Match Report on BBC News
More pics - Photo credits to BBC News & Getty Images.
Live Commentary (no longer live now!)

PS: I’ve reverted back to full RSS Feeds… because Google was boycotting me - none of posts were appearing on the search results, causing my traffic to drop by half! So that’s why I’ve switched to full feeds & submitted my blog for reconsideration. But I don’t think it’s because of the summary feeds… more likely, someone blacklisted my blog with Google. & I think it’s ~censored~ Apple!

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Anonymous said...

yeah yeah...manu rocks !!!
by the way, I am organising some sort of contest on
you can have a look when you have time...the prizes are quite interesting..;)

preetesh said...

man utd is z best!! 17th title...yupi!!! One more next year and Liverpool fans will shut up! Off to Moscow now for an historic night...come on United!

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