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May 19, 2008


So here we go... the highly anticipated sequel of National Treasure (review here). Ok, I know that this movie was released last year, but I watched NT only in Feb & as for the NT2, the DVD is releasing on May 20th 2008.

NT2's DVD-rip was released a few weeks ago... but I preferred to wait for an HD-rip. & I was right! Click on the above screenshot. That's a whooping widescreen resolution of 832 x 400! Bitrate is 1466kbps. & the file size? Only a mere 1.4GB! That's the magic of x264! (& great thanks to team m-HD at Warez-bb for ripping it from 720p Blu-Ray release) Enough of warez talk - let's go straight to the review of the 9th highest earning blockbuster of 2007.

Benjamin Gates's (Nicolas Cage) great-great-grandfather Thomas Gates is accused of being the mastermind of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, due to the discovery of a missing page from John Wilkes Booth's (the killer) diary.

To save his family's reputation, Ben decides to investigate the PlayFair Cipher hidden in the page. This leads him to the Statue of Liberty... which reveals the next puzzle - a treasure hunt leading to Cibola - one of the seven Golden Cities. Ben Gates is accompanied by sidekick Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) & girlfriend Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger).

National Treasure 2 is just as exciting as the original one but contains much more action scenes! There are fewer clues, but they are as intriguing as never before. Did you know that there are three Statues of Liberty in the world & that one is found in Luxembourg? I resent the fact that less time has been devoted to the clues but producers don’t allow extended versions of movies (like LOTR). The plot revolves around how the American Civil War was won by hiding the Golden City of Cibola - the El Dorado of America - from the Confederates. You wouldn’t believe where it’s hidden. :)

A sequel for National Treasure 2? Definitely… & I guess the way’s paved for one… remember Page 47 of the Book of Secrets. :P

IMDB: 6.7/10

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Anonymous said...

1 mari joli film in bien cntntn sa film la

Anonymous said...

nari top sa plus bon que premiere film

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