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May 20, 2008

Producer Andy Wilman has just blogged about the new Series 11 of Top Gear (air date still unknown)… & he released some big titbits about Series 11.
Check it out here: Top Gear New Series Exclusive
I got that news flash via the newsletter. Haven’t subscribed yet? You are not a true TG fan then!!! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe here!

Summary of what we know for Series 11:
- There will be only 6 shows! :(
- Top Gear’s going to Japan for a car v/s machine challenge (possibly the Shinkansen).
- Jeremy “The Fox” will challenge the Ledbury Hunt (accompanied by Richard “The Hounds”).
- A challenge on how to improve a cop car - the trio will be making a “copsupercar.”
- Audi RS6 v/s Skiers (huh?)
- A war-related challenge taking place in Germany with Sabine.
- Owing an Alfa challenge (old car challenge?).
- New Evo X against the Impreza, CLK Black and hopefully the Mazda Furai.

& here are some photo spoilers…

70s luxury car challenge? Is it for S11 or S12???

Nopes, that’s not a spoiler! James IS NOT THE STIG!!! :P

Top Gear in United Arab Emirates!

I know you’ve been dazzled by such a unique sight… 3 Bugatti Veyrons & what’s more one of the Bugattis is the extra-exclusive Pur Sang Edition! But before jumping to any conclusions, let me destroy your enthusiasm by pointing out that this is TOP GEAR MAGAZINE & not Top Gear the show…. :(

Report from a local newspaper:

Psst, buddy, can you spare me a sports car? Yes, evidently, three of them. This weekend Top Gear, the UK-based car magazine, which is in the country for a photo shoot, sent out an urgent request for an unusual car, the million-dollar Bugatti Veyron.

It was hoping for one. Instead, it was offered three of the vehicles, which cost more than Dh4.4 million (US$1.2m) each. “No other place in the world could we have found three Bugattis in a span of 48 hours,” said a relieved Charlie Turner, the creative director for the magazine.

The cars were tracked down by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and belong to local owners who wish to remain anonymous. Built by Volkswagen, the 1,000-horsepower vehicle can reach 407kph. One car in the shoot, a gleaming aluminium-bodied model, is one of only five in the world.

The Corniche area and Jabel Hafeet were briefly closed off for the shoot, which featured the Stig, Top Gear’s mysterious, overall-clad driver.

Top Gear, paired with a BBC television show of the same name, sells more than a million copies a month.

Keep on drooling, I won’t stop you… Ferrari 599 + 2 Bugatti Veyrons + a Pur Sang + a Koenisegg CCX. Phew! (The black BMW to the right looks like an alien next to these monsters!)

I bet that’s a fake Stig coz the real one is filming in UK for S11!

You want more spoilers? Here's the followup to this post! Top Gear Series 11 Coming Soon...

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