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Jun 30, 2008



Spain conserved their unbeaten run in the Euro 2008 to clinch their 2nd major trophy, after a long 44-year wait. Yep, the last time Spain won the Euro was in 1964!!! But they did manage to reach the 1984 finals, only to be beaten by Michel Platini's France. Ironically, it was Michel Platini himself who handed the Henri Delaunay Trophy to Spain captain Iker Casillas.

The match promised to be explosive & it did indeed manage to live up to our expectations, although there was only a single goal.


The match started with Germany fighting to gain control of the game. But within 15 min, it was Spain who were gaining the upperhand. & they came close to score twice! Lehmann saved an own-goal with his fingertips & then Torres jumped higher than the tall German defenders to head the ball on the woodwork!


Spain kept up the pressure & they were finally rewarded at the 33rd min. On a quick pass from Xavi, Torres overtook defender Philipp Lahm to crucially lob the ball over the incoming Lehmann. Score 1-0 for Spain.


The game's tempo drastically changed as Germany started fighting back & they continued to do so in the second half. Germany didn't get many shots, but Spain wasted many chances to kill the game, specially through Marcos Senna. Spain held on till the end of normal time to achieve a historic win over 3-time champion Germany. Finally a final that didn't go to penalties!


Spain deserved the win as they displayed the perfect example of total football & it would have been a shame if Spain would have beaten on the ultimate stage. Bad luck for German captain Michael Ballack who went into the Champions League Final, the 02 World Cup Final & Euro 08 Final, & lose all of them...


Viva EspaƱa!

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