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Nov 4, 2008

Top Gear S12E01

I'd bet you could find any other TV show more hilarious than Top Gear... & in the very first episode the TG trio have already set the pace for what promises to be a really exciting Series 12.

Top Gear S12E01_Preview

The first episode started off as usual with a preview of the forthcoming episodes - if the trailer revealed some spoilers, it's nothing compared to the preview which left me drooling...

Top Gear S12E01_GT2

Then Jeremy Clarkson moved on to what he does best... smoking (i.e. reviewing supercars). After doing a "massive" review of the Porsche 911 GT2, he decided to compare it to the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 which destroyed the Porsche GT2 in a drag race...

Top Gear S12E01_The Stig

Some say that he sleeps inside out... and that he once had full sex with Russell Crowe's answering machine. All we know is... he's called The Stig.
… & made the 8th quickest time at the legs of The Stig in the Power Lap – behind the Enzo, but in front of the 430 Scuderia, Nissan GT-R & the MurciĆ©lago LP-640! Btw The Stig’s favourite music is Morse coded... :P

Top Gear S12E01_LP-560-4 Dog

Hence Jeremy concluded that while the Porsche GT2 is a car that drives like a dog, the LP560-4 is one which can be driven by a dog!

Top Gear S12E01_Lorry

Finally it was time for the first of the series, ambitious but rubbish challenges... how hard can it be to be a lorryist?
With no lorrying experience at all, Jeremy, James & Richard were given 5000 pounds to get their own lorry. & it turns out to be very similar to the van challenge in Series 8 (transporting illegal immigrants, police chase, etc.), but twice more hilarious!!!

Top Gear S12E01_Lorry Powerslide

Power sliding trucks? You'll need to learn that from The Stig's lorry driving cousin.

Top Gear S12E01_Lorry Race

Racing trailers with precious goods around TG's secret Alpine test track...

Top Gear S12E01_Lorry_Hill

A year worth's of "gentleman literature" for anyone starting his lorry on a hill...

Top Gear S12E01_Lorry Crash

Of course, there was the usual news & SIARPC (Star In A Reasonably Priced Car) with Sir Michael Parkinson (Obi Wan Kenobi).
The first episode was great, & I’m really looking forward to more episodes… US muscle car challenge next week! Bring ‘em on! :D

Download Top Gear Series 12 Episode 1 here:

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