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Nov 24, 2008


I just wanted to inform all readers that I’ve moved from Blogger ( to a free custom domain –


So I’d recommend you to all update your bookmarks & blogrolls – but no need to edit links to posts, since Blogger will automatically redirect all traffic. :)
Feedburner RSS feeds has already been modified to reflect the new domain.
However, if you have subscribed to RSS feeds using the on-site default RSS feeds – then I would kindly request you to re-subscribe to the Feedburner feed –

& don’t forget there’s also the Comments Feed –


& you can also follow me on Twitter! :P



The reason I had to move to a custom-domain was because of Google! Google literally banned me from Google Search… & my traffic  fell down by 60% & Adsense earnings to nil. Apart from a few keywords, my blog disappeared from all other searches.


Ok, try searching for “HSC 2008 papers leaked” – nothing will come up… On the 13th of November, when I posted it, I thought Google had removed the ban as my blog was on the first result, but the very next day, it disappeared… the ban was back…


I have waited for more than a month for Google to remove the ban, but no matter how many times I submitted a Reconsideration Request, Google never stopped being evil… Enough is enough. The remaining 40% of my traffic is from Google Image Search, & if that’s gone, I’m done for. So I decided to be as evil as Google… how about a domain-change to “reset” my blog in Google indexes… is now a PR3 blog because I had activated that domain 5 months ago… But will it be enough to fool Google? Hmmmm…. :S

The Custom-Domain is a free domain service with no ads & full DNS control. If you’ve got a blog, even if you don’t want a custom-domain, I would advise you to grab up your blog’s domain name before someone else registers it. & setting up the custom-domain is really easy on Blogger. The transisiton from is seamless.

However, I couldn’t get to redirect to my blog, since I’m getting this error: “Another blog is already hosted at this address.” 
I’ve tried the Magical Custom Domain Form to clear it up & I’m still waiting for the 48 hours to be over.

Another problem I encountered with Blogger is that it won’t load up Blogger, Picasa & Google-hosted images anywhere except on the post. So I had to move all my template images to – their servers are quite slow, so the images take longer to load…

That’s it. Ok, I know this should have been accompanied by a new template (I hate the current one) but I promise I’ll work on it after the exams. ;)


Edit: now up & working!!!
Unfortunately, Blogger’s own redirection service wasn’t working, so I decided to get dirty with DNS settings over at & it worked!
What I actually did was create a new address record (A) for without the www & pointed it to’s IP - The TTL is set to 1 Day.
Also, I’m now using fumpr as my image hoster which claims to be the World’s Fastest Image Hosting – at least it’s faster than imageshack! ;)

Switch back to Blogger's domain after finding out that the domain is not free!!! It's only free for a year!!! After a year, make you pay for the domain according to the popularity of your site. :(

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Yashvin said...

Good luck on this new domain!

btw, I have to start working to make my PR rise :S

Anonymous said...

Google is really evil! They are a bunch of fanatics i guess who dont like mauritians :P Even my blog is somehow banned from some google search. Just some occasional visits for the search on Tote Lepep Football and other is from image search.

I am thinking of changing my domain name too. Hopefully I dont depend too much on google for the traffics and many are from facebook. But still there has been a drastic decrease at my place too. I still wonder about the reason! What did we did wrong??

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks. I will also need to work the PR on this new domain... :S

I guess we are on the same boat... :S
Frankly, I've no idea why Google banned me - I've already removed all paid links posts, kontera ads, PPP tracking code... but no use! :(

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Anyways, Google would have kept you on its Google blogsearch but here also you wouldn't have been really sure about that huh. Anyways, hope you get things going well.

Kurt Avish said...

Infact i dnt think your blog is banned.

Try looking for your indexed page here using the indexed page checker here

Try this too


Its that they are giving more importance to PR to display search results now. Concerning the HSC search result... I see that s4ndeep blog is first listed there... i checked his PR and his is 3.

However what i find strange is how come your's is low :S You are blogging since long. Try working on increasing your PR by getting more backlinks from high PR sites.

carrotmadman6 said...

Technically it's not a ban, since all pages are indexed. But apart from some keywords, they never show up in the Search results. Like only these two show up.

I had PR4 for a week, before Google brought it to zero, a few months ago.
As for the 'HSC Result' keyword - check the above graph, you'll see my pageloads jumped to 970 - that's bcoz Google "unbanned" me for 3 days & my blog appeared on all related searches. But they banned me the very next day & that my blog disappeared again... :(

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