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Mar 22, 2009


Last Tuesday, Apple previewed the new features & improvements that'll be available on the iPhone 3.0 OS when it launches in June.

The most important announcement of all. Apple made a ground-breaking invention... such an unprecedented feature that threatens to send a revolution in the mobile industry. After 2 years of immense hard work, extensive trying & testing in secret labs, Apple took the wraps off... Copy/Paste!


The really new features

New APIs


Yes, the new APIs give greater access to the iPhone sensors, allows more 3rd party devices & adds more interesting capabilities. Like Video & Audio Streaming, with the quality being adjusted according to the connection speed.

Peer to Peer
A much safer implementation of Wifi connection to prevent hacking your connections. The Bluetooth sniffs other devices via Bonjour, & then establishes an ad-hoc Wifi connection which can be used for multiplayer gaming, sharing music, etc.

In-app purchases & subscriptions
More ways to steal your money - app developers can now sell updates/upgrades/addons directly from their apps, without any need for accessing the App Store.

Voice Memo


Basically a voice recorder, but with editing. It can support input from mikes with adaptors. I like the interface.



Spotlight is exactly like Vista search or Spotlight on Mac, allows you to launch apps, search your mail, notes, calendar & iPod library (only native Apple apps). It would be great if they could add SMS as well.

Extended Parental Controls




The not-so-new features

Landscape keyboard for all apps


Apple have finally figured out that people have big, fat fingers in other apps as well...

Access to iPod Library
3rd party apps can now play your music. D’oh!

Turn by turn GPS


Turn-by-turn navigation only available on Maps application. 3rd party apps will have to make their own maps to use turn-by-turn.


- Send multiple images on mail.
- Contact & iPod search
- Tethering (using the 3G on your computer)
- A2DP (Stereo audio over BT)
- Transfer files via BT (all except music)
- Auto-login in Safari
My reaction on first reading each of the above - 'What!? It didn't have [insert feature here]!?!?'


S60v2 OS7.0 v/s iPhone
To find out how much Apple have improved the "new" features, I decided to compare them (wherever it's comparable) with my own phone, a 4-year-old Nokia 7610.
(Yes, most of these flaws can fixed by jailbroken apps, but I wanted to do a native capability comparison).



Copy & Paste is a core functionality for all smartphones. But for some obscure reason, it took Apple 2 years to achieve it. Nevertheless, they finally did it with a pretty simple implementation - double-tap to bring up a Copy/Paste bubble & then select.
To clear/undo any action, just shake your iPhone. I see that it's going to be a real fun using the iPhone while travelling in the bus...
My take:

FEscr(118) FEscr(119)

Nokia solved this problem by simply adding a dedicated Pencil key for copy/paste & selection. Although that key has since long been phased out, replaced by the * key.



iPhone 3.0 now officially supports MMS, but it won't be available in iPhone v1, because it has different radio frequencies (EDGE).
My take:
Unlike what many say, MMS is an absolute necessity for me... Why? Because I've configured Gmail to forward some of my mails directly to my phone inbox & I receive them free of charge. :)
One more thing I'd like to add is that if you have a 3G phone & the person to whom you are sending a message has MMS, better email him on his phone inbox. Sending a mail costs less than 60c (try it you'll see! It works using Nokia's built-in mail, other phones will probably work). Second reason is that there's no character limit on mails, only size in KB.

Push Notifications


Apple have been touting Push Notifications as an alternative to background processes. In Push Notifications, apps are closed, & alerts are sent across Apple's own dedicated servers, as a badge, pop-up or sound - which can be used to bring up those apps again. As I mentioned, Apple have full control over the notifications because all 3rd party servers have to send the alerts via Apple. One reason Apple has rejected background processes is battery life. Probably they've never heard of on-demand paging...
As BGR have put it, Push Notifications is the poor man's answer to background processes. Why do we have background processes - mainly for multitasking! Seriously... what Apple hypes as the most advanced OS doesn't have multitasking? Only Apple apps are allowed as background processes. Let's say you are on Safari & want to copy parts of text to a text editor, I would be certainly pissed off to open/close the apps each time.
My take:


Background processes if optimized do not decrease battery life - I have several mods that run in the background & they don't kill the battery at all.


Multitasking is the biggest asset of my phone. For e.g., while writing this post, I have the dictionary (& the screenshot app) in the background. Switching is as easy as Alt+Tab - hold down the menu key.

Spotlight as App Launcher


According to Apple, if you have more than 100 (useless) apps, your Home screens will stretch to infinity. The only way to launch them is by searching for them via Spotlight. Which is faster, type in a few words or tap through several screens? Probably the later, but many complain there's too much to remember on each screen. The solution is damn stupid & so obvious - it's called folders.
My take:


I've got over 80 apps installed. Do I put them all on my main menu?



Apple demonstrated the iPhone's PSP-like gaming abilities. A FPS?
My take:


Brothers In Arms: Earned in Blood. Take that Apple! :p


The Bottom Line
I've been wanting to do this comparison since a long time, to show how “pathetic” the iPhone v1 was (not v3). Most of the features should have already been there since 0day. Apple is just playing catch-up to the rest of its competitors.
Better late than never. The other innovations, especially the APIs are a welcome - much easier now for developers to make more powerful apps. Yes, most of the apps are useless, but it stokes the buzz, keeps the users happy & brings in the cash. So there you have it - what's now missing is the... badass hardware.

iPhone v3 Rumours
Rumour has it that there'll be 2 versions of the iPhone & iPod Touch & it'll have OLED screens... which makes sense coz Apple can't increase the size of the battery & its life.
But most important of all, it will have video recording, which means a better camera with perhaps flash.
Speaking of flash, the iPhone still doesn't have Adobe Flash & support Java apps! But IMO the biggest flaw of the iPhone remains... the lack of multitasking. have posted an excellent article on the biggest weakness of the iPhone - Look, everyone, Multitasking does work after all! And has been doing so for a decade and a half! -

Images are from Gizmodo, iLounge & AppleInsider.

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Anonymous said...

LOL. I already have all these on WM6.5. I only lack multitouch support which I don't need.

The APIs - sure?! I still need a mac.

"Speaking of flash, the iPhone still doesn't have Adobe Flash & support Java apps! But IMO the biggest flaw of the iPhone remains... the lack of multi-tasking. "

Take that Apple -

WM had gaming since a long time ago.

Pathetic attempt @ catching up - new motto for Apple.

What?! It still can't multitask. LOL. What a shame?

So, I can't type in a text editor while listening to an audio stream and having my web browser checking words at at the same time?

What about typing SMS while filming and saving the video off the camera? NO? LOL.

Anonymous said...

I use a nokia 6630. and seriously.. i love it. Especially for its multitaking. I can send messages, write notes, surf on opera mini, chat in ebuddy... all at the same time..

Seriously if an iphone doesnt support multitasking.. its not worth it..

I hope they are gna build something thats really Functional and not just eye-candy..

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks for the link. I'll FWD it to my WM-loving friend. :)
(Symbian users -> ;)

Anonymous said...

+1 for the 6630. Been using one since I lost my 6600.


Saajid said...

With jailbreak, all of these are possible: Multitasking, applications organized in folders, copy/paste and MMS.
I know you wrote "Yes, most of these flaws can fixed by jailbroken apps, but I wanted to do a native capability comparison" but it should be noted there are 1.5 million jailbroken iPhones :)

I agree with most of what you wrote but you're completely wrong on 1 point: GAMING
LOL If you had searched more thoroughly, you would have found that there is a "Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes" on the iPhone and it looks better than the Nokia one!! Some screenies(I took them on my iPod):

"Brothers In Arms: Earned in Blood. Take that Apple! "?? PWNED! :P

carrotmadman6 said...

@sjdvda *sigh* ;)
As you saw, I said native capability comparison, ;) 1.5M over 17M... :p

For the gaming, it's obvious that iPhone graphics will obviously be 10x better (iPhone has a more powerful chip with OpenGL engine), but the mere fact that Gameloft have managed to run a 3D game on 123Mhz ARM processor, without any 3D capabilities - that's a feat! :D

Anonymous said...

nice update but many of these stuff should have there in the 1st place...
btw wtf about the bluetooth wiw itouch??

carrotmadman6 said...

Beats me why they hid the Bluetooth on the first place - could have used it for A2DP. o_O

Anonymous said...

good that you switched back from the ..oops!
the iphone looks good catching up.. but im well off with my nokia5310 :P i have just what i need!

Bruno said...

Pas zordi ki mo pou capav afford un ca :( Btw mo pa pe mem utilis the GPRS feature of my k510i ... ki mo pou fer ek tou sa fonctions la :S

carrotmadman6 said...

@Yudz @Bruno

ashfaqblog said...

Iphone is not usable in mauritius!
and without internet, any phone would do!!e.g LG viewty,.. Rs5000 new one from uk !! :S

Btw.. what motivated you to change back to blogspot ..?? i have seen that when u changed back to , u have rocketted in afrigator listings from god knows where to 2nd position !! .. if that's not interesting !! ..

carrotmadman6 said...

Someone commented on a post & informed me that "free" domains become paid after one year usage... o_O
That's why I decided to switch back to Blogger.

As for Afrigator, that's because I just added back the tracking image. :)

PS. For the blogroll (:$), I'm indefinitely procrastinating my SuperBlogRoll... Looks like I'll be able to work on it only during the uni holidays... ;)

Anonymous said...

u look like experts.. and hope u can help me..
just bought an iPhone.. and was wondering how to download an application from iTunes, since it does not support Mauritius in its list... ur help pls.

carrotmadman6 said...

Check this out - link
It may help. ;)

NEO said...

At least there is someone who knows about jailbreaking.Yes, multi-tasking is possible.

I use backgrounder(downloaded from cydia) and i can download from itunes (videos,songs..)Im doing it right now,actually.

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