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Mar 6, 2009

StatCounter Global Stats

I received a mail in the morning from StatCounter announcing their new GlobalStats site, having Internet stats or demographics of all countries of the world, including Mauritius. Perhaps, this might be the only publicly available Internet stats for Mauritius.
Given that StatCounter is used over thousands of blogs & websites, it can be considered to be pretty accurate. Internet World Stats reported 340,000 Internet users in Mauritius in Mar 2008.

Operating Systems

Mauritius Stats - OS - Bar Windows is by far the main OS at 95% with mostly XP at 79.09% & Vista 16.03%.
I'm quite disappointed that there are more Mac users than Linux users which is at a dismaying 0.98%.
0.98% of 340k... is only 3332 users!

Mauritius Stats - OS - Line XP's usage has been decreasing steadily to be replaced by... Vista. Will XP users move massively to Windows 7 when it's released?



Mauritius Stats - Browsers - Bar Firefox beats IE!!! *Youpie* But only slightly, with Firefox having 47.32% & IE 45%.

Mauritius Stats - Browsers - Line Firefox usage increased in July & August & ever since it's been in a neck and neck competition with IE.
Also note that when Chrome was released, it was only the tech-savvy Firefox users that tried it.


Browser Versions

Mauritius Stats - Browser Versions - Bar Firefox 3 wins hands-down here (35.37%), although I'm disappointed at the number of PCs still using IE6 (19.18%) & Firefox 2 (10.86%).
The high number of "Others" (4.94%) consists mainly of Chrome & social browsers like Flock.

Mauritius Stats - Browser Versions - Line It's clear that the media hype surrounding the release of Firefox 3 paid off in making IE6 users aware of an alternative dimension.
IE7 has had a fairly consistent marketshare & so has IE8 (which can't be attributed to recent enthusiasm with Windows 7).


Search Engines

Mauritius Stats - Search - Bar Google is king, no point denying that with 80.07%.

Mauritius Stats - Search - Line


Mobile OSes

Mauritius Stats - Mobile OS - Bar Nokia FTW!! As we all know, Mauritians have a clear preference for Nokia devices, more precisely Symbian S60 smartphones which has 61.12%. The Other OSes (20.52%) consists mainly of Nokia S40, Samsung, LG & SE devices. iPhoneOS (iPhone & iPod) has 15.83%, that's pretty impressive. But the funniest thing is that there are more PSPs than WinMo devices!

Mauritius Stats - Mobile OS - Line From the above graph, it seems it was mostly S60 users who switched to iPhone, when it was available officially at Orange.


Mobile Browsers

Mauritius Stats - Mobile Browsers - Bar Opera is the most popular here at 46.54%, especially with its optimized Opera Mini browser, indispensable at the excessive mobile Internet charges.
It's followed by Nokia browser at 27.85%, & Safari mobile at 15.83% combined. Netfront is a browser for S60 while Openwave is a…. mobile gateway!?

Mauritius Stats - Mobile Browsers - Line


Mobile Search

Mauritius Stats - Mobile Search - Bar Google totally crushes the competition, with only Yahoo getting a few shares time and again.

Mauritius Stats - Mobile Search - Line

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Anonymous said...

awesome... im a stats lover.. :P

had a nice time increasing my General knowlodge..

but im dissapointed with the number of PCs that still use IE6.

The should be a law that phrohibits its use. Frankly frankly tou!

Yashvin said...

I use stat counter too :-)

IE6? a real nightmare to work with it and getting your site cross compatible!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stats CM6!

It's nice to see increase in Firefox usage. (Seriously, IE needs to be banned! Kill that non-standards compliant thing and save hours for web developers! :/ )

It's interesting to note WinXP usage. I predict the Win7 migration, but I am not too sure now. There seems to be lots of DRM issues with it according to Slashdot.

Regarding Linux users, it's quite understandable. I am a Linux user too, but I rarely use it now since most of my games and programs are on XP. That's where I usually browse the net.

carrotmadman6 said...

That DRM article is fake... :P

Refer to this Ars Technica post:
Oh, the humanity: Windows 7's draconian DRM?

Saajid said...

Really nice article, as usual!!!
Firefox and Nokia FTW!!

Anonymous said...

Noticed that link on my statcounter dashboard but didnt chek. gonaa have a look now :-)

Anonymous said...

i have to re check this - yush

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