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Mar 14, 2009


Great news! Google have updated their maps for Mauritius!

Live Maps

If you've ever tried to browse Google Maps (& Google Earth) or Live Maps for Mauritius, then you must have noticed that most of the roads were wrong!!! Not only the labels, but the map itself is completely off-way. Like above on Live Maps!

Well, Google or the mapping company commissioned by Google have finally sorted things out, with so much precision that I'm certain they enlisted Mauritians to do it. :)

Map of Mauritius

So what we now have is the most complete Map of Mauritius!

Map of Port Louis

But the best thing is that this map is accessible from your phones. Say you want directions in Port Louis... grab your S60 (or iPhone), open the Google Maps app & off you go! With A-GPS, you can have your exact location & even turn-by-turn navigation.


Next time you're lost at UOM, you now know what you need to do...


Can you identify my house? ;)

Update February 2010

Google have once again updated their maps  with clearer photos from GeoEye taken in 2010.
Also note that Google have launched their Mauritius cache servers. Hence accessing YouTube content & Google Maps will be faster on My.T connections! :)

Update 2

If you want the map of Mauritius with the official names of regions/villages/towns, check out the official map of Mauritius on :)

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Neelesh Ramputh said...

to the right? to the left? the one in pink? is that it the pink one?

Anonymous said...

Very nice!! Gna try it ryt now!!!

Yashvin said...

lol, I noticed this too, while making the map for dhaneesha's blog post.
Even for Quatre Bornes, the names of all the streets have been mentioned!

Your house?
lol, you were the most awaited person in the meeting today.
You are now known as "The mysterious guy"!

carrotmadman6 said...

LOL :)

morinn said...

Those google maps are really useful, I remember being able to locate a garage in Phoenix a week ago, thanks to it. :S
It's amazing the impact google can have on our lives. :P

carrotmadman6 said...

Mauritians will become more Google-savvy now that the new Google Map is really very useful.
Dunno if it's really good to be so dependent on Google. :)

Anonymous said...

Great. Let me try locating my house now :P

Anonymous said...

last time i checked, my house wasnt visible, only the plot of land was there.. i hope they can make me surf inside my house too

Anonymous said...

Well i've already spotted a few mistake in the road names and there are street in grand bay which are in the see lol. a few mistakes there

carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah, I also notice that some of the roads were in the sea. LOL :P
But it was only on the map, the satellite view is ok. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anyone can contribute to the map. This can be done at Google Map Maker. You can also make changes if there are.

wassim said...

it great!!!
now i can use this as guide map.
still there are some mistake such as at Souillac, the road (bridge) that join the B9-B10 to the A9 road is missing.
At port louis there are some 'ghost' roads over the sea

given said...

And here is a tutorial for Google Maps made in paper :) (just for fun)
Pretty sure you'll like it.

Anonymous said...

Sadly most road names in rural areas have been omitted.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Is there the street names now? Last time I checked, there were no street names. Not very useful for navigation.

Seriously, we need to have a complete map/GPS map of Mauritius now. It's becoming a must.

A Cyber Island that's not on the map. Call that irony! :P

carrotmadman6 said...

Unfortunately the "lesser" street names in villages aren't included.

Yes, we do need a navigation map. But with a market as small as Mauritius, it doesn't make sense for the mapmakers to make one. :|

Unknown said...

Hey in port-louis, etienne pellereau is MISSING ;)

Anonymous said...

Hie everyone, i'm from mauritius.Can anyone tells me how to dounload the Mauritius maps on Google maps using internal GPS

Blue Eagle said...

Great stuff! However, I am still "patiently" waiting for the route calculation to be available in Mauritius to be able to fully appreciate the power of Google Maps.

carrotmadman6 said...

@Blue Eagle
South Africa recently got the additional features (link). Hopefully Mauritius isn't far away. :)

985M3rv|n said...

i want google street view :)

Anonymous said...

Could Garmin be also updated with good street addresses!

yassin said...

batman;great,,difficult 2 get lost nw

Blue Eagle said...

Route planning is now available in Mauritius :) Cool! I have it using the latest version of Google Maps for mobile (installed on my Nokia 5800 XM). Now, let's hope Google launches Street View soon for Mauritius... Haven't seen any Google cars around though. Don't know if that's part of their project list.

Anonymous said...

Street view ?? Ki pu trouver? ene ta marchant dalpuri, marchant mangue, plastic, trotoir bloquer, pe bizin marche lor simai. salté partout. Bis UBS so lafimé. Enfin dan PL sa meme mo trouver tou les zour.
zot sirman conner Moris p gagne reputation pays malang. movai hygiene.

direction lor google maps pa encor inclu public transport route ek so walking direction la fausse. pa tro suivre sa. pu perdi. lol

Mo tre content ena driving direction ek street names. useful on the mobile sometimes.


antraxx said...

but step by step we will be able to use our gps,maps n all that surely and above all accurately in the near future..koz when i bought my phone i took into into account these maps and gps stuff..

antraxx said...

hope in the near future we will be able to use maps and the gps accuratly and not servi sa kuma ene demonstration experimentale pu impressione zot ti copine..koz up 2 now maps tou ct preske useless..

Ian Norman said...

I (Aphelion) have offices on the 2nd floor of KL House, Motorway M3, Riche Terre. Where's the M3 on the map? :O)

carrotmadman6 said...

That's something that has always confused me.

According to some maps, the motorway from Grand Baie to Plaisance is the M1. So what's M2? & M3? :|

Anonymous said...

Hi, the google map is not updated, the road from Quartier Militaire to Wooton round about through Belle rive new road was there long time ago and still no road is shown on google map.

carrotmadman6 said...

Indeed, the Valetta road isn't indicated although it's clearly seen on the map.

Anonymous said...

hello how to download it to my nokia n8 ???? Thanks for replying

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