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Mar 2, 2009


Carling Cup_3

Manchester United have won their second trophy of the season by beating Tottenham in the Carling Cup Final at Wembley.

Gibson It wasn't a great first half, with both teams playing patiently & getting few chances.

Ronaldo-2 The match kicked to life in the second period with both opening up their games. Goal opportunities started raining, but they either lacked the final touch or the goalkeepers managed to save it. Best chance to finish the game came from Aaron Lennon for Tottenham with a clear shot on goal which Ben Foster punched superbly & Ronaldo hitting the post in the dying seconds!

So the match was to be decided in extra time... which was as frustrating as before. The introduction of Ryan Giggs brought some freshness to the rapidly tiring legs. But still Man Utd's passing wasn't on par.

Both teams seemed settled for the penalty shootout.

Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs went first & calmly put the ball behind the net, glancing it on the post.

O_Hara O’Hara went in next for the Spurs & surprise!! Ben Foster did a superb save! 1-0 United.

Blackout WTF!?! The power went out!!! That was a great timing by the CEB, at the most crucial, heart-wrenching moment of the match.
Power came back later for a few seconds & I just saw the referees collecting their awards. I still had no idea who won the match!?!?

Penalty I had to wait till the next day (today) to find out that Man United won the penalty shootout 4-1.

Ben Foster The man of the match went of course to the brilliant Ben Foster!

Carling Cup_2 So after the FIFA Club World Cup, Manchester United add the Carling Cup to a very promising 2008-2009 season.
With Liverpool's defeat at Middlesbrough, it seems now inevitable that Man Utd will go on to win the Premier League for the 18th time. Equally good chance in the FA Cup since they face Fulham in the quarter-finals. Even in the Champions League, they have the edge over Inter.
Watch out for a historic quintuple!

Photos from Zimbio

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morinn said...

Hehe! It makes me happy that United won. :P I remember hearing my father swearing at the TV last night. Probably because of the unsatisfactory 1st half! :P

Anonymous said...

manutd is on road for the quintuple...
Glory manutD!!!

Anonymous said...

wa.wa. match la ti bom en touka.. bizin al lor penalty pu bat 1 lekip kuma totenham?? pff..

Anonymous said...

World Club Cup, League Cup down, Premiership, FA Cup and Champions League to go!

Btw that was an awesome save made by Foster, best i've seen for a long time in a shoot-out.

@to liverpool and co. fans, dont get bitter now, you can still say that u beat manutd while we win the league :p

Anonymous said...

wehh man u won .... mai pa bon zot pe fer gaspillage, get kuma zot pe zet sa champagne la :D

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