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Dec 30, 2009

2009 A review of 2009.


For the first half of this year, my blogging frequency was pretty constant. But as soon as UOM resumed, the post count started dwindling down & this blog was almost threatened with extinction... I had to make a choice between Twitter studies & blogging. Instead, I came up with a compromise - at least 1 post per month, & I'm barely clinging to that resolution.
This state of blogging lethargy is expected to persist for the next 2 years. :(

Total posts: 313
Total comments: 2207
Most commented – 110 comments: Orange ADSL & My.T prices decrease on 1st March 2009!
Only 1 post did not have a comment – Nokia N86 8MP ;)
According to Google Analytics:
Total visits: 411,300
Total pageviews: 628,800
OSWindows: 92.45%, Mac: 4.38%, Linux: 1.49%
BrowsersFirefox: 51.99%, IE: 31.87%, Chrome: 7.24%


Orange Mauritius


On the 1st of March 2009, Orange doubled the internet connection speed while maintaining the same price… & the same slowness - unusable between 6pm & 11pm. My 512kbps connection drops to 100kbps. It gets worst during holidays when speed drops during the day.
The only positive thing is that existing My.T users were given the choice not to pay for the additional TV channels.

A new fibre cable, LION landed in Mauritius, interconnecting Reunion & Madagascar for the time being, before extending to Mombasa in the future.
The good news is that the network of fibre-connected DSLAMs is already being laid by both Orange & Emtel. But there is no backbone to exploit its full potential - Eassy & SEACOM cables are expected to be connected to Mauritius next year.

28th September 2009 - Disaster. @OrangeMauritius joins Twitter & becomes massively unpopular. Check out some of the kind tweets that mention @OrangeMauritius.
In the wake of @OrangeMauritius's arrival on Twitter, a new Twitter meme was born. Following @OrangeMauritius is like ... manz mine bouille dans dipain. & so on...
& a hashtag as well, which has been used by almost all Mauritian tweeps - #orangemauritiusfail



Microsoft Desktop 1000

In 2009,  I received tons of freebies.
On the 1st of January, I won several Rapidshare accounts & gave away one of them. (No, I won’t be organising any contest next year. Sorry.)

My good fortune vanished on Friday the 13th of March, & I had my PC power supply fried by a lightning bolt.

In April, I received a USB-powered plasma ball from Rapidshare. A really stupid choice because that thing is utterly useless to me. :|

In May, I got the chance to participate to the Microsoft’s Qui Veut Gagner Un PC competition. I managed to clear the first round & was among the 10 finalists. I did pretty well in the semi-final until the last question. A simple binary to decimal conversion stood between me & a laptop. & my brain failed me. :(
All I got was a Microsoft wireless keyboard & mouse. (& Sun got a PC!)

On Twitter, I won a domain from @NameCheap & a T-shirt from @District_Lines.
I thought 2009 would be very lucky for me, but my personal record of loserness remains untarnished - I still haven't won any major contest, competition or giveaway. o_O



Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

My top 10 movies of 2009:
0. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
1. District 9
2. Gran Torino 
3. Star Trek
4. Up
5. 2012
6. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
7. Public Enemies
8. Fanboys 
9. Watchmen
10. X-men Origins: Wolverine

I had a mind-blowing experience watching Transformers 2 at the cinema - awesome CGI, massive explosions & Megan Fox gargantuan robots. But I have to admit that it had huge plot holes. That's why District 9 is the no. 1 film of 2009 for me. Star Trek fans will obviously disagree but D9 was the better sci-fi movie.

This list is quite constrained because I haven't had time to watch movies such as HP6, GI Joe, The Hangover, etc. & Avatar has neither been released in Mauritius, nor is there any decent rip on the web.

My track record with Hindi films is getting worst each year. I watched only 3 films this year!!



Linkin Park - New Divide

The king of Pop, Michael Jackson died from an overdose of prescription drugs. A reminder of how not to live your life.
Linkin Park released a great song, New Divide, as Transformers 2 theme track & Atif Aslam sung his way yet again to the top of the charts with Tu Jaane Na & Tera Hone Laga Hoon from Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.


Lance Armstrong & Michael Schumacher

TGS13E01 - The Michael Schumacher

The great Lance Armstrong was back in the Tour de France after a 3-year absence. Nevertheless, he still managed to finish 3rd, which means that next year's Grande Boucle will be a showdown between Armstrong & Alberto Contador.
The big news of 2009 - The Stig will be back in 2010! While he was unsuccessful in making a comeback for Ferrari as a replacement for injure Felipe Massa, Michael Schumacher will be racing under Ross Brawn for Mercedes. I can't wait for the 2010 F1 season to start! :D


Manchester United


2009 was definitely not a great year for Man Utd. While the team defended the Champions League title up to the final, the better team, Barcelona won it.

We lost Ronaldo to Real Madrid (bastardos!), Tevez to City (losers!) & bought Antonio Valencia & Gabriel Obertan. & the biggest surprise - of all strikers United could have bought, it was Michael Owen who joined on a free transfer.

The 2009-2010 EPL season hasn't been good so far. Only 1 defender, Patrice Evra (our best player this season), was not injured. With key midfielders turning into central-backs, United's performance has been mediocre. Hopefully, the January transfer window will bring in some much needed reinforcements. But given the inflationary prices, I doubt we'll be able to purchase the crucial creative midfielder.
The only consolation of 2009 - we won an 18th EPL title! (Which means that other club can no longer pretend to have won the most EPL titles, back in 1728.)

My top 3 goals of 2009:

Macheda vs Aston Villa

Ronaldo vs Porto

Michael Owen vs Manchester City


Climate Change


At the start of 2009, Barack Obama was sworn in as the US president. Big promises were made, some have already been fulfilled. In October, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, for reasons that are oblivious to most of us.
& at the Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference, he demonstrated his sheer incompetence at convincing world leaders for a united stand towards tackling global warming with drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. You could say that he had his hands tied by powerful lobbies & senators back in the US. But if Obama cannot lead the world by example, who can? For me, the epic fail of the year is Barack Obama. No, he couldn't.
In Mauritius, we have our PM happily proclaiming how he got more money at COP15 from the rich countries. Will that money save Mauritius from sinking? Fighting global warming seems to be a lost cause...



Ferrari Italia

There were several supercars announced this year – the Aston Martin One-77, the Ferrari 458 Italia, the McLaren MP4-12C, the Lexus LF-A & the already available Lamborghini MurciĆ©lago LP-670-4 SuperVeloce & the Lamborghini Gallardo LP-550-2 Valentino Balboni. Best of the lot? No doubt the Ferrari 458 Italia. :P


Top Gear

Top Gear Bolivia Special 1

Series 13 of Top Gear was pretty under-par compared to previous series, despite the unveiling of The Stig, Luckily S14 was much better & it was topped off by the best Top Gear episode ever, better than even Vietnam, Botswana & the Polar special.

Top Gear Bolivia Special 2

The Bolivia Special was truly epic. An incredible journey throughout the Amazon jungle, the Death Road, one of the highest roads in the world at 5000m & one of the driest place on Earth, the Atacama desert (where the smallest living thing was Richard Hammond).

Top Gear Bolivia Special 3

I did not even miss The Stig's South American cousin. Just one word - Wow! 10/10.


Windows 7

Windows 7 Wallpaper

The best Windows OS of all time launched in 2009. Speed, reliability & usability were the main focus areas, not to mention the little tweaks & add-ons like DirectX 11, Virtual WiFi, XP mode, etc. that paves the way for future improvements.
Although I have yet to install Windows 7 RTM, I've been using many such apps/hacks that make Windows 7 a powerhouse. The best one is Microsoft Security Essentials, a lightweight & free antivirus solution. I'll surely write a post on that next year. For the time being, there’s my review of the Beta 1:
- Windows 7 Beta 1 Review: Part I – The Performance
- Windows 7 Beta 1 Review: Part II – The UI
- Windows 7 Beta 1 Review: Part III – The Bugs



After the H5N1 bird flu virus, we had the H1N1 swine flu in 2009. Fortunately, the effects of this virus was no worse than seasonal flu. But the most worrying fact is that once a virus reaches pandemic levels, it becomes unstoppable. Even if you’re on an island in the middle of the ocean, you still can be affected. Now imagine if we have a deadly virus spread… :S


Mauritius - C'est un plaisir

Mauritius - C'est un plaisir

Hey, Mauritius is the World's Leading Island Destination, & this is what they came up with!? Whether we like it or not, it's done now. We'll have to live with it. :|




What can I say? 2009 was the year when I transformed from a mild-mannered helpful tweep into a Jeremy Clarkson-inspired noob-&-twoob-bashing vicious Twilight-hating @orangemauritius-thrashing ruthless twat. Wow!


The Mauritian Pyramids

The Mauritian Pyramids

Arguably one of the most entertaining posts I’ve ever written. Quoting:

-  This is a freemansory invention to bring mauritian people to a false religion and these pyramid are use for satanic ritual...

- Some spheres in Mauritius is now comparing the Great "Sphinx" of Egypt with the "LION Mountain" of Mauritius.
There is also the Amazing/famous Spiritual Park in Mauritius, which is near Pte Lascar.
The unbeileuvable "Energy Vortex" at Surinam.( which is now internationally recognised.)

- Let me also point out that Mauritius has high energetic spots. It has been clearly pointed out of the Energy Vortex at Riambel, pt lascar spiritual park, we got the grand bassin, pieter both mountain as well as corps de garde, among other points.

- I can't miss to add concerning the 2012 phenomena. Its the date for a global ascension and i could see that Mauritius contains lot of these spots to help us for Ascension.

- we do have a phoenician past. just because we dont have documents does this imply that the phoenicians were never here..

- ..and let me add that the existence of portals/stargates are reported to exist round the y not one here?? mauritius is a mythical and mystical place, this is what i believe..

Read more on these 2 posts:
- The Mauritian Pyramids
- The Mauritian Pyramids II: More Than Meets The Eye


I’ll end this post with this EPIC Xkcd comic & a Happy New Year to all readers, bloggers, twitter followers, well… everyone! xD


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P.T said...

At least you got a couple of giveaways! I got none. But then I didn't participate in any. I have no luck in those things.

LOL @flowchart...I should print it off for my FIL. Hehehe...

I downloaded District 9 and watched 20 minutes of it and went to bed...boring. Or maybe the copy wasn't good. The Hangover is not that funny. I've watched funnier. But go ahead and judge for yourself.

Happy New Year!

P.S: Don't stop blogging!!

carrotmadman6 said...

The movie starts slowly, & then speeds up. Most of the action is in the 2nd half. :)

I won't! :P

Yashvin said...

@PT : So, find your (illegal) copy of D9, move it some 45 mins forward and start watching it :P

@Carrot : Same cannot be said for you, you are active in only the first half of the year LOL. You got to make blogging a bit more serious :P Where's the guy who regularly wrote about new high tech gadgets? Perhaps you should think about renaming this blog? :P

Happy New Year once again!

Kurt Avish said...

Happy New Year. The pyramid news was indeed the most I prefered the most. And from a doc i read recently, they STILL believe The Mauritian Pyramids are Alien ones lol.

carrotmadman6 said...

I'm on a blogging hiatus! (whatever that means!) :p
I'll be back in 2 years time. :)

I came across this today.
Energy Realms - Pyramids in Mauritius.

Yadhav Deerpaul said...

Happy New Year! Don't forget the carrot beer! :P

Tarzan said...

Taheee. tou sa la ine ariver en dehors la jungle. Mo fine rate boucou.De mo coter, mo ressi touye ene pe zacos.Jane et mo mem souhete ou ene bon laner blier manz boucou fruits.banane zinzeli ki bonsa.Mo maron doctor floyd p dire toi kifer to ecrire mmix.Li p dire to p fer li rapel pentioum mmx.

carrotmadman6 said...

Carrot beer? Has it been invented? :p

Mo souhaite toi aussi en bon lannee 2010. Dommage pena petards dans la jungle. :p

rwishi said...

Nice Post Carrot, mais you havent yet seen HP6, The Hangover or GI Joe?? I already got them on dvd, dvd rip with menu(bought it ofcourse)... you should go out more often, and since your on a hiatus, take some time to catch up on your sleep(i know you never sleep but there is a first to everything!)

And a Happy New Year 2010, may your first achievement of '10 be reaching 10k tweets ;)

carrotmadman6 said...

Sorry for the delay to moderate that comment coz I was grabbing a few winks. ;)
These films are at the bottom of my download queue. That's why I haven't seen them yet. :)

Gaia said...

Happy New Year
All the best for 2010 :)

P.T said...

@Yashvin why buy when you can get it for free?! LOL

Tarzan said...

Mo dacor ar fartgirl(pt - li fart boucou)ki fer bizin acheter kan to gagne gratis?mentaliter payer la samem ki fer economy craser sa.ou besouin pran zafair gratis kan li presante devan ou.sinon, ou pou regreater apres.

samem mo dire kan ene banane fine tomber dipi lor pied, galoupe ale trap sa ou manser. pa laisse zaco pran sa et faire ou change ene pomme conte ene banane. banane gratis sa mem ki li.

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks for your wishes & Happy New Year! :D

Yashvin said...

@P.T : euh... "Why buy when you can get it for free"?
Because perhaps you are "ene dimoune droite" who cares for law and rights of authors, singers, and any other kind of artist.
Perhaps because you want to say proudly : "Mine is original" as simply as that ;)

carrotmadman6 said...

The pirate has no rules & knows no limits. :p

Warez(bb) FTW! :D

Manju said...

oooohhhhh sexy car!
and LOL at that flowchart!haha
happy new year to you :)
hmmm we'll see,i might come, just coz i've never seen a carrot man before and i'm curious to see what that looks like hahaha

Manju said...

carrotman carrotman, why can't i write on your facebook wall D: no fun!!!!
i wanted to ask, do you know how to blog from a phone?on emtel network? the settings? i don't even know how to work the email noob. don't laugh at me la. help???? :(

Manju said...

^ Ohhhh i just noticed that you changed this to emos can be used :D hahaha

carrotmadman6 said...

Alright, first of all, the best way to blog via mobile is to use the mail-to-blogger service (more here).

& then you can use Opera Mini/Mobile (depending on your phone) to write an email to that address.

carrotmadman6 said...

If you have not already activated mobile internet, you can do so at any Emtel showroom. They'll configure your phone. :)

Btw what's the make & model of your phone?

Manju said...

samsung GT-S5230C. i've already gotten the emtel ppl to activate the internet and i can browse from it, and i've already activated the blogger settings. but i need to put in the correct settings for email in the phone. and that's where i'm stuck. there's incoming/outgoing/IMAP4 etc settings >_<
it's okay if you don't know. i'll go bug the emtel ppl on monday :)

Anonymous said...

"2009 was definitely not a great year for Man Utd."

hey we won the league for a third time in a row :D You have been too spoilt :P

carrotmadman6 said...

Oh, that's the easiest thing to do.
For Gmail, the POP settings are here & the IMAP ones here. :)

Hey, we are United, we are expected to win everything. :p

Anonymous said...

hi, nice blog entry, we have lots stuff in common ; )


curiousEngine said...

Happy New Year!
I think you must not decrease your blogging rate

P.T said...

So Yashvin you have legit stuff only? Never crossed over to the dark side and be tempted by the torrents?! Hmmm...

Yashvin said...

only legal stuff? *cough* *cough*

But never tried torrents, thats for sure :P

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