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Oct 24, 2007

First thing I want to say is that this hack ONLY works with Sagem F@st 800-840 USB Modem.
Open up your Sagem F@st monitor on the Taskbar.

Press Alt+D & you’ll get an advanced configuration screen.

Go to Config & select ISO BULK.
That’s it! Your modem will now restart & you’ll have a slight increase in download speed!

The Sagem F@st 800-840 was an ADSL modem that I got when I subscribed to a 128kbps Wanadoo ADSL connection. However, since I always get less than my theoretical maximum speed of 16 kB/s, average speed being 13 kB/s, I’ve constantly been on the lookout for hacks that will increase my internet speed. The first hack that I discovered didn’t work at all since I have only Win XP Home Edition…

Next I decided searching for hacks to increase my 128kbps bandwidth (don’t think it can be done with my current modem), when I stumbled upon this post:
& from that blog to the “source”:
I couldn’t believe what I read… finally I could increase my bandwidth! The euphoria was short-lived… since I didn’t get the promised 484kbps… :(

According to the original post, I changed the USB from BULK/ISO to BULK & I got a noticeable increase in download speed of around 1.2 kB/s. However, following my instinct as usual, I decided to try out the other ISO setting.
WOW! I’m now getting average speed of 14 kB/s!!!! It’s still a very small increment, but any increase is better than no increase at all. :P
Turned out my instinct was wrong, it's the BULK mode that is faster than the ISO mode. (Tried it out on torrents!)

Do try out the hack & please post your results. Only works with Sagem F@st 800-840. If you have another modem, try to find a similar type of settings on it…

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$€|v3n said...

well, you can't get more than what telecom allocates to you, you may try to boost up the receive send speed, but you can't go beyond what you are alloacated...assuming that you didn't got into MT :p

carrotmadman6 said...

Nothing is impossible... :p

Yeah, i knew that MT keeps a tight leash on our ADSL connections, using a method that physically restricts available bandwidth.

However, i've got a friend (whose friend works at My.T) & he's managed to obtain more than 256kbps on his Livebox!

InF said...

Hehehe! Didn't know about that one! Thanks mate. But it's not useful for me. I use a router.

I agree with Selven, and I've heard about people getting more speed on MyT, as Carrot said.

I wrote an article about Internet too. Check my blog and lemme know what you think! :)

AMJ said...

thanks for this tip. exki par hasard to conne moyen pu fer ki connection la dial automatically kan mo rentre dan windows?

carrotmadman6 said...

So far i haven't found any app that allows u to auto-dial.... except from download managers.

You can try to startup an app that auto-updates or requires an Internet connection on startup & then enable auto dial.

Anonymous said...

hey you want to really boost your connection witjout touching windows registry and have the full 2 or 4 mbps international so mail me won't beleive what youwill see

Anonymous said...

so you want to get full 2mbps with my.t for internatinal connection just mail me on dilaudid29-5 at hotmail dot will not beleive that such thing exist except you try it.BTW DON'T post hack on MT here as they look arond all blog concerning them

Anonymous said...

carrotmadman6 said...
Nothing is impossible... :p

Yeah, i knew that MT keeps a tight leash on our ADSL connections, using a method that physically restricts available bandwidth.

However, i've got a friend (whose friend works at My.T) & he's managed to obtain more than 256kbps on his Livebox!>

its impossible to get more than the actual bandw.. allocated on sagem as there is a lock not yet unlock international level as in france and any europe contries using sagem but on inventel you the freind of your freind don't know what he is talking about either he uses the my.t engineers logins.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if there's somehow a solution of that kind for nomad users :-p?

carrotmadman6 said...

Yes, there is solution & it's an easy one!

Drop Nomad for ADSL/My.T! LOL :P

LOL said...

Well mwa mone hack MT so server and bosst my net speed. IT is soo damn easy. The thing is wen u boot up your router; it connects to MT server and downloads a config file containing your download and upload limit; wat i did id i downloaded that file from MT and created a virtual tftp server to make the router take the file from my pc after i carefully increased the download and upload rates ; hihi

carrotmadman6 said...

Any chance of you explaining the hack in detail?
You can contact me via mail (on the sidebar). :)

LOL said...

YEah, bout the hack, google for "cable modem uncapping kits", you should get em with instructions; beware of trojans, find a clean copy. The problem is that to get the file from MT, some of these software such as the sniffer tools use trojans to work, so you gotta find out which trojans are the "good" ones which will actually help you and disable the antivirus just then.

Anonymous said...

Anuj:HEY LOL! I Wanna really know how you do that! That would be of great help! Can you tell me how to do! BTW i use namebench to find the current fastest local server and i use its DNS but there is only slight changes in the speed! So please help me!

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