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Oct 18, 2007

Linkin Park’s single Shadow of the Day from album Minutes to Midnight has premiered on!
Watch it here :

Or you can watch it on! (I recommend watching it on LP’s site coz their server’s connection is amazing - I got full bandwidth usage - 10x better than YouTube!) Btw, LP's last single Bleed It Out got 4.7 million views on YouTube... & What I've Done 25.4 million.

Shadow of the Day is one of my favourite songs, being one that symbolises Linkin Park’s transformation to Alternative Rock. The video is great & conveys a very powerful image (but not as great as WID), showing the full extent Joe Hahn’s directorial prowess!

Chester wakes up at 11.55 (5 Minutes to Midnight)… & goes outside to find violence, riots, police, a car is set to fire & there are gunshots everywhere! I only regret the fact that the video only showed Chester, the rest of the band didn’t appear…

Download medium-quality WMV (9.96MB) here.
Here’s Chester’s intro to the video. (6.69MB)

Here’s the Web-rip from (74.26 MB - 720x352)

(I’ll upload the HQ links when it’s available)

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